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Monsanto Pays Out $10 Million For Spraying Toxic Chemicals On Hawaiian Crops

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Monsanto Pays Out $10 Million For Spraying Toxic Chemicals On Hawaiian Crops

Written by Mac Slavo; Originally appeared on SHTFplan.com

The embattled biotech company Monsanto will have to pay a hefty fine of $10 million for spraying a dangerous pesticide on “research crops” in Hawaii.  Over 160 lbs if the pesticide used was stockpiled and sprayed even after it was banned by the US government.

Monsanto admitted that it used the pesticide containing methyl parathion, the active ingredient in Penncap-M, on corn seed and other crops on the Hawaii island of Maui back in 2014.  The company also did this knowing that it was prohibited by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the previous year. The controversial company told its employees to go back into the sprayed fields seven days after the toxic Pennicap-M was used, whereas the area should have been closed off for 31 days.

The US Justice Department, which investigated the case, said that over 72 kg (160 lbs) of the chemical was illegally stored at a company facility, endangering “the environment, surrounding communities and Monsanto workers.” Methyl parathion is fatal if inhaled and hazardous if swallowed.

Things are not looking up for Monsanto.  The company has agreed to pay $10 million, which includes a $6 million criminal fine and $4 million in community service payments. The payoff is part of a deal by which federal prosecutors will dismiss felony charges against Monsanto in two years if it abides by the law.

This news comes as Monsanto faces a flurry of lawsuits over the potential hazards of its products. Just yesterday, Canadian lawyers launched a $500 million lawsuit against Monsanto and its owner, Bayer of Germany. It says Canadian plaintiffs affected by weed killer Roundup have been diagnosed with different forms of cancer, including brain and lung cancer. -RT

Last month, a lawsuit put together by Maui residents blamed birth defects on chemicals from Monsanto cornfields. The plaintiffs believe that multiple toxins were heavily sprayed to test the seeds on Monsanto fields near their homes, local media reported.

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Hasbara Hunter

They should stuff Pesticides through the throats of the Monsanto Board of Directors…to eradicate the Filthy Vermin…

Pave Way IV

Oh my God… we gassed our own people! WTF is wrong with us?


Multinational companies love people, anyone who question their good will are antivaxxers and conspiracy theorists

Hide Behind

Woods born, woods raised and found out at early age man versus man is the most vicious predator of them all, as he is the least predictable as to when and how they strike each other, and it has little to do with survival. Long time since I left that patch of woods , and time passed through those woods leaving mans destruction in its wake, making it unrecognizable to my mind. Years ago one book by Rachael Carson was published in US, “Silent Spring”, and from that one book detailing how chemicals used in food production to increase profits were destroying birds, animals, fish, insects and also man himself, began what today we call Environmental Movement (s). Years later US and it’s Military allies invaded Vietnam, and sprayed an estimated 15 million South Vietnamese, and hundreds of thousands of US military personnel with Agent Orange. They did this knowing full well that it was a highly carcinogenic chemical brew upon humans, cancers and genetic defects with long term generational effects upon chromosones. Two of largest US based Chemical firms Dow and Monsanto, not having large enough manufacturing facilities of own sub contracted it to over 10 smaller interest, were never penalized, because there were far too many political and military personalities who knew it’s dangers. So what happened , in Casons book here boogy man was SET and it took years before it was outlawed here in US so they shipped it out to every nations food producers. Agent Orange was much the same, outlawed in US but shipped overseas to same agricultural interest. Not realy outlawed in US Monsanto changed from orange to purple, kept its main ingredients, added new more potent ones, and all were still carcinogenic to humans. Reloads in US spayed the Purple along every inch of every railine, and power company’s under powerlines. US Environmental Protection Agency is not in place to eliminate all dangers to human health, but instead sets “Permissable Levels” , and it’s research has to pass muster of those Politicly connected to firms such as Monsanto. One must also think of other financial concerns as well, where do the elements used in Roundup come from initially, the oil and gas industry, and is there any need to point out those interest in politics. Also one must take note that a huge percentage of Monsanto’s and GMO products initial research does not take place in company labs, but is funded in major part upon every Major College and University through Department of Education grants. If S an ordinary citizen we willfully allowed a dangerous chemical to be dumped on neighbors lands that kill part of family we as individuals would pay penalty. Yet the corporate manages, scientist employees and hundreds of working drones will not pay one cent out of personal pockets, lose their job, and continue researching new products that have Permissable levels of danger to life itself. In US justice is defined by monetary conciderations, you kill my wife or kids you owe me money. In order to get that money I must share it with a lawyer, and in US courts those with the most money own the judges and their political appointees. 10 millions has not stopped round up from being on shelves of damn near every hardware and farm or plant goods stores. Someone must still be buying. Environmental activist today are no more than yuppy children and have no real vested interest unless on payrolls of Environ groups, groups who depend in most cases by donations of those who think Permissable levels of human suffering is just cost of doing buisnesd.

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