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BREAKING: Molotovs against Saudi Arabia’s Embassy in Teheran


BREAKING: Molotovs against Saudi Arabia's Embassy in Teheran

BREAKING NEWS: Iranian protesters broke into the Saudi embassy in Tehran after launching several Molotov cocktails into the building. The rally in front of the embassy follows Riyadh’s execution of a prominent Shiite cleric.

Iran’s security forces had cordoned off the area around the embassy earlier.

Protesters gathered in several cities across Iran angered by the Saudi Arabia’s execution of a prominent Shiite cleric, Sheikh al-Nimr, who was put to death along with 46 other prisoners.



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  • Gambeir Bay

    Jewish State Error 404, House of Saud fatal 404 error.

  • The Swan

    GOOD , why didn’t they also catch those crypto jew- suadi spies so called diplomtas and burn them in their own brothel building..?
    Boycot Divest and Sanction all of those zio- puppet gulf states.. suadi , uae , Qatar , Kuwait and bahrain..