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Modernized T-72B1 Battle Tank Fell From Trawl In Saint Petersburg (Video)

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Modernized T-72B1 Battle Tank Fell From Trawl In Saint Petersburg (Video)

A screenshot from the video

A modernized T-72B1 battle tank fell from a trawl in Saint Petersburg on May 15.


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Dick Von Dast'Ard

Looks like the tank was so eager for action, it decided to have a mind of it’s own.

Concrete Mike

Oh fuck, 2 chains didnt do it that time LOL.

good american

I hope the road was ok.

Jens Holm

I am sure its much better then the Armata. Russians have 7 Amatas in a big bankbox. Before Putin it was filled with gold and dollars and named Fort NOX and same constructions as the Bolsjoj Theatre.

good american

Cripes, Jens! You must use Mad Libs to build your comments!

Jens Holm

Mad lips? Why not.

Just before this I was toldin big æetters that USA should not have nukes to protect us against Russia and it was more then assumed, that we spend a lot of Our money on arms against Russia.

Danes use less then 2% but from an income several times higher then the Russian one. Its not Our fault Russians are so unproductive, that they have to spend som mnay more % of their GDP.

We are even blamed for old F16s and and bad old Leopolds.

So I think its allowed to write this, when I see upgraded tanks and fx compare stupidities as the American F35 and the Russian Armata.

But one thing for sure we cant let our pilots use too Old F16s – BUT Russia have so many tanks worth upgrading in stead of Armata.

I do have written a lot like Mad comment and also as cartoon, but its only on this low level.

I felt inspired ysterday and repeated that Westbankers actually also are Syrians and also are spendable, so why cant Assad get them back to the REAL SYRIA and maybee get Golan too and let the Israelians have the Westbank.

I also did an alternative. If we made Golan to one big pigfarm neither the muslims and jews would come there anymore.

Thats how I feel about things when I read here.

I started here because several moreor less danish muslims told me, that I didnt know, what all the fighting are about.

So far I am confirmed in I know much more about things in ME and the rest of the woorld then them.

AM Hants


Is Denmark a nuclear triad, super power nation?

Does Denmark stay loyal to the US or are they an independent nation, with a mind of their own?

What does Denmark export, besides wind turbines and exports? An economy dominated by the service sector, rather than industry.
Exports that bring in €113 billion.

How much does Denmark need to import for her people?

Russia, thee 11 time zone, creditor, nuclear triad nation, which has minimal debt and is self sufficient. Doubt they are too threatened by Denmark.

Jens Holm
AM Hants


Remind me why they cannot be used in academic papers?

Jens Holm

You are upside down. It should remind You, what Wikipedia CAN be used for.

Wiki is the best helper for knowledge in the whole world.

Wikipedia can be used in academicpapers, where You also refer to source and comment the source as well.

AM Hants

Wiki cannot be used in academic papers owing to the fact all and sundry can edit the posts.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I blocked Jens months ago, so i dont know what he wrote.
But with my knowledge of the “quality” of his comments, i, without reading them, thumbs up your reply to him :-D

AM Hants

As usual, he was running Russia down. I seriously should not feed the trolls, but, never follow good advice, haha.


I think Russia takes the cake for “incidents involving armoured vehicles”

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