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Modernization Plans For Russia’s Tank Troops

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Modernization Plans For Russia's Tank Troops

The T-90M battle tank. Click to see full-size image

The Russian Ministry of Defense has set out plans for the development of the Russian tank troops, Vedomosti reported.

The Armed Forces will begin to receive T-90M battle tanks for service in 2020, some of them will be newly produced, but mainly they are modernized from the T-90A battle tanks, already active in the Russian army.

Director General of the Uralvagonzavod concern Alexander Potapov stated on Thursday: “I think that we will see them [T-90M battle tanks] soon this year.”

According to a person close to the Russian Ministry of Defense, between 2017 and 2019 three contracts for T-90M battle tanks were concluded a volume of over 160 vehicles.

The first two contracts included the supply of 60 battle tanks in 2018–2019. (of which 10 had to be built from scratch, and another 50 units of the T-90 early modifications were upgraded to the T-90M level). The leftover contract included the modernization of the 100 T-90A in service to the T-90M level.

There have been delays due to objective reasons, says an industry employee.

First of all, it was necessary to refine the fire control system and target tracking, as well as test the tower module with a new dynamic protection, which is the main difference of the T-90M, significantly increasing its security.

Now that the issues have been resolved, the battle tank is considered to have been green lit for mass production and is already being mass-produced, the Vedomosti source claimed. In 2020, the military will be able to get at least 15 T-90M, he said.

The plan is to have 400 T-90M battle tanks in the Russian Armed Forces by 2027.

It is expected that the T-14 Armata battle tanks will begin their state trials in 2020.

Modernization Plans For Russia's Tank Troops

The T-14 Armata battle tank. Click to see full-size image

If they are successful, then in 2021 the Russian Armed Forces will receive a completely new tank, for the first time in a while. 500 of the new generation of T-14 battle tanks will be delivered by 2027.

This figure corresponds to the financial capabilities of the Ministry of Defense and the state of the platform itself, said Viktor Murakhovsky, editor-in-chief of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine.

But neither the purchase of the T-14, nor the purchase of the T-90M will allow replacing the T-72B3 main battle tanks of various modifications, already delivered in the amount of about 2,000 units, as the basis of the tank fleet of the Armed Forces of Russia, the expert said.

In total, by 2027, according to an unnamed source in the defense industry, according to the Defense Ministry’s plans, the Russia tank troops will have about 900 truly modern T-14 and T-90M tanks.

By that time, the T-72B3 without major modernization can hardly be considered a modern tank.

Modernization Plans For Russia's Tank Troops

The T-72B3 main battle tank. Click to see full-size image

Modernization Plans For Russia's Tank Troops

Click to see full-size image


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Ashok Varma

Russia has the best and most easily operable tanks in the world. India has won 4 wars against US supplied Pakistani tanks and we are getting 450 most modern T-90 now. The Russian anti-terror war in Syria has shown Russian T-90 as indestructible.
comment image .

Tudor Miron

While there’s no such thing as indestructible tank on this planet, I do agree that T-72B3 and T-90A are very good, versatile machines. T-90M – I just love this piece of equipment. T-14 is on another level than anything present in NATO counties including merkava (not nato).


Russian military equipment is built for real war fighting conditions that do not allow for a gaggle of manicured technicians to get an over complicated machine to work.

Western vehicles are all about image and do not stand up to rugged conditions very well.

A fancy NATO vehicle with all the bells and whistles is not much use when it has to spend most of its time in a fully fitted workshop.


yeah that’s right in the west it’s all looks and appearance and in the east it’s all performance and endurance and the worst is the disunited states of A.


Great a tank just like T-34 and IS

Tudor Miron

IS-2 was a great tank.




At the time, it was in terms of characteristics, but it was not tried militarily, unfortunately.

Tudor Miron

Really? Facts tell a different story http://otvaga2004.ru/tanki/v-boyah/tank-is-chast-2/


This is only the deployed. I mean, he wasn’t in hot combat.

Tudor Miron

I suggest that you use google translate. Than you can learn numbers deployed, operations where they were involved, officers commanding, enemy losses, our losses etc., etc. IS-2 did participate in hot combat and proved very very well.


Plenty of T-90’s have been damaged, destroyed or lost when Jihadis captured them in Syria. It has not proven itself to be invincible. Because no tank really is invincible. The thing is, if you have chimps operate very good tanks you will still get poor performance, if you have good trained troops in lesser tanks using combined warfare tactics you will still get good performance. I reckon India’s performance with Russian built tanks against Pakistan has probably more to do with superior Indian combined arms warfare, logistical support, numerical superiority and maybe, just maybe, the Indian army not getting sidetracked with the Pakistani Army’s favorite hobby of overthrowing elected governments.

Tudor Miron

Yes, I agree that no tank is indestructible but saying that plenty of T-90s were destroyed is a bit of overstretch. SAA didn’t have many to start with and I only heard of 2 destroyed T-90A’s


so, 50% of them


Nah, your slovakian puny army has 4 tanks (and 50% are broken) ?


i am not slovakian, but i think slovakia is much less country and it is not at war :P


tow is nothing

javelines easily eliminate all tanks


Did I just see the Russians make a little about-face on the T-90? Seems they’d rather have a real tank that works than the T-14 which seems an untested proposition

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