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“Moderate Rebels” Threatens Russia with “Second Afganistan” (Video)

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After 4 years of war, the US propagandists at least found 3 “moderate” rebels to make a video with them. Press CC to see English catpions:

Also, we want to point out WDEMMEL’s comment below the video on Youtube:

If the boys in the shiny, new uniforms are for real, do they not realize that they are smack middle in an international conflict. At least they show good taste in their choice of weapons, which are also fresh out of a show room. Somebody needs to tell them, that civilized people talk and don’t level a whole country because they didn’t get out of a democratic process what they want. The US investment of $500 Mio is not paying off, and without it, Syria would not be a war zone. Syrians strike me as intelligent and civilized people, with a very rich culture. Looks like every society has its share of idiots that will make war and even shoot at their own people for a paycheck.

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