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‘Moderate Rebels’ Executed Hostages before Leaving East Aleppo (Graphic Photo 18+)

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According to some reports, the number of executed victims reached 100 people.

‘Moderate Rebels’ Executed Hostages before Leaving East Aleppo (Graphic Photo 18+)

According to reports from the field, the so-called ‘moderate’ opposition massively executed captured soldiers of the Syrian Army before to leave the last neighborhoods of the city of Aleppo this week. Various pro-government sources claim that the number of killed Syrian soldiers reached 100 people. However, this information still has not been confirmed. At the same time, pro-opposition sources do not comment on the situation.

Reportedly, the massacre was committed by the Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki and Jaish al-Fatah groups in Sukkari and Bustan Al-Qasr districts of the city. The victims were mainly young men between the ages of 18-25.

A video, published online, presumably shows a Syrian soldier, captured, according to the voiceover, by members of the al-Din al-Zenki group. We also can see the same soldier in one of the photos, showing killed servicemen. So, it is clear that namely al-Din al-Zenki committed the murder of this soldier, as well as of others people in the picture.

The photos below were published by pro-government journalists, reporting from eastern Aleppo. The soldiers, presented in the photos, still have not been identified. According to some reports, a large number of the executed soldiers were beheaded by jihadists. However, there is no confirmation of this information.

‘Moderate Rebels’ Executed Hostages before Leaving East Aleppo (Graphic Photo 18+)

Photo: twitter.com / Gjoene

‘Moderate Rebels’ Executed Hostages before Leaving East Aleppo (Graphic Photo 18+)

Photo: twitter.com / Gjoene

According to some reports, the High Command of the Syrian Army demanded to free these soldiers before jihadists left eastern Aleppo. However, militants denied the fact that they have any hostages.

Meanwhile, the Sputnik news agency also reported that Syrian servicemen discovered bodies of people, executed by terrorists, in one of the schools in Sukkari district. According to attorney of the Syrian military police, Samer Yousef, there were children among the killed people. Reportedly, characteristic traces of an execution, “including severed heads and poked out eyes,” were on the bodies of the victims. Some of them were shot dead at close range. Yousef added that soon, the DNA samples will be taken in order to identify the victims. According to the attorney, the execution occurred about 4-5 days ago.

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Photos of all those in videos of such murders should be posted and those committing the murders and those who helped should be captured, tried, convicted, and executed – that’ll teach them to record their atrocities in public media!).


These so-called moderates should be all shot just like the extremists (the trials would be a waste of time and money) – they are NOT people. So sad for the families of these poor men and boys.

agostin deubrique




Disgusting revolting pictures. But my real revulsion is not for the subhumans who did this but for the journalist of the BBC and other western media who treat them as heros.


Agree Paul. To not cover this heinous crime is to be complicit as well. I piss on our “objective” Western media.


RIP, brave young men.


Amazing how the media has the nerve to put white hats on terrorists and declare them the good guys.


Well done obama, kerry, netanyahu, erdogan, saudi arabia,qatar, france, uk, eu, nato, msm. you happy now? proud?may you get what you deserve!


Obambomb is clearly responsible for these Atrocities along with UK and France.

RIP young soldiers of God. You have sacrificed yourselves for saving your nation. God will take your revange.


I request to Russia to use nukes against those Western sponsord terrorists and save civilians from those animals. God will protect you if you protect innocent civilians in Syria and in Palestine.


An insult to animals. These are degenerates.


what about the russian bombings of civilians and the gas attacks of assad? they are all guilty so nuke ALL including putin assad isis, islamists rebels


FUCK off you terrorist bastard!!


If pro-opposition sources do not comment on the situation, we can be sure it is true, or at least not in their favor to report on it


You are right but please don’t refer to these terrorist mercenaries as “opposition”


Western backed terrorists must be nuked.


And the Syrian-Russian side still lets these jihadis go, when they have them surrounded – even when they capture them! The current military operations in Eastern Ghouta, for example, will probably end once more with surrounded jihadi savages being allowed to retreat through a “safe corridor” – in exchange for “voluntarily evacuating” a few bombed-out, destroyed neighborhoods that already look like a lunar landscape.

Hell, stupid Putin even deliberately puts the lives of Russian servicemen and women in danger in the middle of warzones, in order to save jihadi families and try to look “good” and “humane” to the Western MSM.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: The Syrian-Russian side cannot win fighting like this. Even if they do “win”, it will be a “victory” little different from defeat in terms of its human cost to their own side – and it probably will not last long.


This is what America and the West are backing and supporting! Shame on them! May heaven punishes for this stupidity and evil!

Gary Sellars

Filthy goat-fucker murderers…. they will ALL drown in a sea of blood before this is over.

chris chuba

I hope that the SAA and are the Russians requesting that the U.N. investigate eastern Aleppo to document the actual dead bodies found their so that this does not become another Srebrenica hoax. Clearly, mutilated corpses cannot be blamed on Russian and Syrian airstrikes.

Also, if there were large numbers of civilian casualties then the dead would have to be buried somewhere. If U.N. inspectors could not find dead bodies this would refute that claim as well.

Heiko Demonus

I really hate these extremists and “moderate” rebels for this action. To execute unarmed hostages (like ISIS does) is a most unhonorable and unhuman act at any war.


And where are the UN observers? Will this process take another 3 months? If Jihadist killed their prisoners because they could not take them with them. This would be a major (heinous) war crime! They run back to Idlib province, but justice is coming!! 500KG

gfsdyughjgd .

Where is UN security council,EU,France,British,USA,Nato,Australia,Merkel, Sarkozy,Kerry,Power and all evil rulers with their moderate head choppers Because This is Atrocious.Fake imperialist iluminatis.This Allah and Obama’s work Not Jesus.

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