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MAY 2021

“Moderate Rebels” Attack Aleppo City with Chemical Weapons. Casualties Reported (Photos)

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UPDATE: The fresh nubmers say that 107 civilians suffered asphyxiation, including many women and children.


At the late hours of November 24, unknown militants launched several rockets containing chlorine gas at residential areas in the northern part of Aleppo city, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

“Terrorist groups fired rocket shells containing toxic gases at al-Khalidiye and al-Neel Street neighborhoods in Aleppo city,” the SANA said in a press release.

The reporter of the Syrian News TV in Aleppo said that 75 civilians, including at least 14 children, were intoxicated as a result of the chemical attack. The injured civilians were reportedly transported to the hospitals of Aleppo University and al-Razy.

Few hours after the attack, local sources said that a group of experts had arrived in Aleppo to examine the attack site and the victims. This indicates that the Damascus government is planning to call for an international investigation into this incident.

Russia and the Damascus government warned earlier this year that radical militants in northern Syria have received chemical materials, including chlorine, from Western countries. Furthermore, two days ahead of the attack in Aleppo, a report by the Russian news outlet Sputnik warned that French militants-experts have armed several rockets with chemical warheads in southern Idlib.

In its first response to the chemical attack, the SAA shelled several positions of the militants in the western Aleppo countryside and the southeastern Idlib countryside. A much more serious response is expected in the upcoming few hours.

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  1. MH370 says:

    i guest this is it. the pretext for a full idlib campaign

    1. Gary Sellars says:

      Pretext is not the word I would have chosen. Justification is a better one.

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        ‘False Justification’ would be better wording I think as it is a FUKUS plan.

  2. Hassadnah Abraham says:

    The chlorine was supplied by CIA. NATO should bomb White House

    1. Gary Sellars says:

      Their time will come. End of Empire will bring deep and lasting retribution.

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      All reports from Idlib terror zone point to the obvious fact that US and NATO headchoppers are in real trouble as the noose tightens and SAA special forces are knocking off the terrorist leadership with special operations. The CIA is supplying chemicals to their headchopper freaks so that a large false flag can initiate a wider conflict and attack on Syrian infrastructure. The US losers will fail and Russia, Iran and the their regional allies are in far stronger position and can really make life hell for US and NATO occupation forces in Syria. A Danish puppet special forces unit supporting the Wahhabi headchoppers in the Eastern Euphrates had to flee when the Iraqi PMU locked on to them. The US is moronic and arrogant and simply does not realize the cost of occupation in a region, where everyone hates the US morons and their Zionist scum masters.

      1. Joe says:

        The coalition forces are so weak that even Assad alone can defeat them all.

        Assad only need to give the word….

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          If the US morons and NATO puppets suffer a dozen dead, they are gone as their home populations are fed up with endless lost wars while streets of Paris are burning and EU is in meltdown. US has suicidal policies under its Zionist asters and no wonder it is the only country where male life span is decreasing and is less than most developing nations.US is losing the trade war with China and its debt in now $24 TRILLION and largest trade deficit in history. If the Americunt racist violent savages gun down a few unarmed poor Hispanics at the Mexican border, it will destabilize many US states with large Hispanic populations which were stolen from Mexico anyway. US is headed for a major civil war.

          1. FlorianGeyer says:

            The civilised world NEEDS the US to engulf herself in a vicious civil war so that the sane Americans can oust the Zionist and Jesuit scum.

        2. SG says:

          They’ve really come down in stature over the past 3 years.

      2. Stevart says:

        You should be like, uhm, like totally afraid, Meghan McCain, would like totally, uhm, like beg with all due respect to like differ with you, dude.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Stay off the drugs and they are not helping with your communication skills :)

      3. Brother Ma says:

        The pmu should have rained fire and lead onto the Danish commandos. Oh sorry!! We didn’t know you were there! We thought there were only malicious headchoppers there! Oh .. by the way? What were you Danish doing close to the headchoppers?

        Get what i mean? Then….. ok. We will help you bury the Danish bodies. Here get a shovel!


      The Jews behind this need to be exterminated.

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Hollywood will make up some new fake numbers and totally fake narrative of the Holohoax :)

        1. SG says:

          I once saw reports a few years ago claiming that not 7 million died in the holocaust, instead of the usual six million. In fact, a New York times article in the year 1906 claimed that Russia had a ‘final solution’ to exterminate ‘6 million jews’.

          1. Zionism = EVIL says:

            While records of European countries in 1939 showed less than 2.7 million so-called “Jews” in all of Europe, but somehow 6 million died :) However, no mention in Hollywood of the 26 million Russian and Soviet lives lost in WW2.

    4. Hasbara Hunter says:

      The West is a Bunch of Massmurdering Psychopaths…. they have it comin’…We Europeans & Americans should Drag them to Court and have’m Executed for Warcrimes & Crimes against Humanity…. Hang them ALL… Carpetbomb IsraHell….

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        Only last week there were reports of French chemical experts in Idlib who were assisting the priming of chemical shells.

        The question is What do FUKUS hope to gain by shelling a Government liberated area with chemicals and Why Now ?

        1. Hasbara Hunter says:

          They are Idiots… trying to Provoke a War or a Revolution….

    5. Xanatos says:

      If it’s the same chemical weapons that russia has been tracking, then they were sold by France to saudi arabia. The saudis are in syria, but their troops built a base on the eastern side of the euphrates, working with sdf. They have ways to smuggle weapons to idlib, turkey is still a sieve for terrorists.

    6. slayern2 says:

      NATO = White House. Eurovassal clowns are irrelevant.

  3. Well deserved, SAA keeps violating the idlib DMZ

    1. Gary Sellars says:

      Go feck yerself, filthy Wahhabi terror c_nt. The lands of Northern Syria will flourish once the soil is soaked in Turkomen blood.

      1. Tell us more about your conspiracy theories. :)

        1. Gary Sellars says:

          We’ll all be laughing when the last of your Turk terror gangs gasp their last breath while bleeding out in ditch…

          Northern Syria welcomes a Turk-free future.

          1. SAA can’t fight Turkey, nor can Iran. else they would’ve not signed the Astana agreement. :)

          2. Gary Sellars says:

            Interesting you declined to include Russia… Stoopoid terrorist fluffer…

          3. Because Russia couldn’t join the idlib battle because of Turkish presence. nor can iran or syria. pathetic s0b

          4. Gary Sellars says:

            Laugh it up, takfiri street trash… Your karma account is WAY overdrawn.

          5. Cry more mother f*er lol

          6. Gary Sellars says:

            I’m not crying. I’m laughing as I anticipate the imminent immolation of Turkish trash.

          7. That is what you wish, unfortunately SAA is trash like Iran. blown 150 of your trash in afrin. was good times. :)

          8. Gary Sellars says:

            Afrin were Kurds, who were too stoopid to allow the SAA to enter in force. They paid the price, no Rohava for those back-stabbing ingrates. You however are too stoopid to realise that Afrin and Idlib are but temporary gains, and the history books will record this as a giant broken bottle up the arse of Neo-ottoman failed attempts at expansionism.

          9. SAA did enter, and iranians too, they all blasted away. and your russia watched lmao

          10. Gary Sellars says:

            You’re deluded. There was no combat between Turk and SAA/Iran troops in Afrin. You’ve been listening to too much self-pleasuring from Sultan Erdie

          11. HAHAHAHA, Hezbollah entered afrin together with NDF/AKA SAA lmao you should follow what actually happened. they DID enter all got airstriked by TAF :D

          12. Gary Sellars says:

            That’s just a Turk fantasy dream, like having a harem of 13yo boys to molest.

          13. Valerianus Maximus says:

            Either he’s a Tenth Fleet cyber-borg, so he’s pulling NCO pay to spout his propaganda, or he’s hasbara and pulling (((troll pay))). There’s no reasoning with that scum.

          14. Brother Ma says:

            Haha. Did he just say turkish airforce attacked Syria troops and Persians! It seems this pederast listens to broacasts from His Gay wolf cub party headquarters only.

          15. Brother Ma says:

            Haha. I could not gave said it better.

          16. Concrete Mike says:

            They signed the astana agreementbti save civilian lives. Stop proclaiming things, its incredibly misleading. Quiet footstool.

          17. Brother Ma says:

            Can’t wait till the last Turk dog is out of Syria. Serial troublemakers unpunished because they were Israel and amrikkia ‘s pets for so long!

    2. PZIVJ says:

      I guess the Turks are too busy hiding in their “observation posts” to do their dam job in the DMZ zone !

      1. Gary Sellars says:

        Turks probably supplied the chlorine, or turned a blind eye to the rat line that supplied it.

      2. Why would we care. kill each other lol. the chemical bomb on aleppo was done by iranian terrorists

        1. Gary Sellars says:

          Iranian “terrorists”? Operating in Wahhai-held territory and firing CW against the city of their allies?

          This sort of insanity is what happens when you get syphillis from repeated shagging the local dogs.

          1. Hilarious coming from you, the Iranians bombed themselves in order to find a reason to attack idlib, let’s be real. :)

            Issue is, Turkey is there so they’re just trying to justify a way. lmao

          2. Gary Sellars says:

            Methinks your mother squeezed you out after being raped by her brothers… then dropped you on yer head.

          3. When facts hurt they tend to insult you, this is the definition of a dumb American in general. f* off as they say. :) hahaha

          4. Gary Sellars says:

            You think I’m a seppo??? Hee-haw… stoopid Turk donkey fondler.

          5. Turkey is in idlib, and afrin and albab, Aleppo cornered by 3 sides, and your Russia can’t back you up, nor can Iran. lmao

          6. Gary Sellars says:

            Care to make a bet, serial molester of small goats?

          7. SAA cant beat Turkey, nor can Iran, nor can Russia they all signed Turkey’s Astana agreement, that is our agreement which you’ve signed onto. trash.

          8. Gary Sellars says:

            Turks are not kepeing up their agreement, no separation of Wahhabi jihadi from civilians. Moscow & Damascus will lose patience, and Ankara will lose face. Then the vermin eradication campaign repeats.

          9. Gary Sellars says:

            Barking is for Turk dogs…. Bears growls, and dogs piss themselves in fear and slink away

          10. You won’t win. mark my word, Turkey is there, its over for you :)

          11. Gary Sellars says:

            Begone ye insignificant Turk intestinal worm… Your destiny is to be dislodged and rot in an outhouse pit.

          12. Potato Potato says:

            SAA and Syrian civilians = Iranians apparently.

            Turkish Gaywolf.

          13. Valerianus Maximus says:

            Those gay wolves are experts in rear area penetration tactics.

          14. Sinbad2 says:

            I would bet a few bucks that Turkish Greywolves real name is Israeli Gayboy.

          15. Brother Ma says:

            Well they are the same . Kemalists who were israels pals for seventy years are all donmeh;crypto jews anyway.

          16. Brother Ma says:


          17. Sinbad2 says:

            And they speak English with a British accent.

          18. Mustafa Mehmet says:

            To create excuse to attack’ IDLIB won’t work.

        2. northerntruthseeker . says:

          This one is absolutely JIDF/Hasbara…. Only a Jewish idiot would make such an outrageous comment!

        3. FlorianGeyer says:

          That script was last months US propaganda.
          Do please up your game if you want to be a Turkish troll here :)

          Your remarks are always rather silly.

        4. Brother Ma says:

          Hah. Another Neottomanist dog barks!! Woof woof!

    3. Concrete Mike says:

      Quiet foot stool

  4. BlueInGreen says:

    Cowardly act all together. Targeting civilians with chemical weapons of any sort no matter whose side those civilians are on is just horrible. Wish those affected to have a speedy recovery.

    Not much else to say about the situation that hasn’t been said already. SAA, Russia, Hezbollah and Iran will continue to consolidate as much of the Syria as they possibly can, US will continue to use the Kurds as leverage to keep Syria in a state of war, Turkey will continue to support it’s own militants in Northern Syria all the while trying to prevent a unified Kurdish front. Soldiers and people with die regardless.

    Its gonna be a slow burn from here on out unfortunately. If the US is adamant on staying in the Kurdish areas, then logically then Syria, Russia, Iranian, Turkey side will have to reconcile with this one way or the other. US could leave on it’s own volition but that’s unlikely given as the US wants Syria to remain in Pieces.

    Just have to wait and see.

  5. Carlos Correia says:

    go figure…. they only nation using chemical weapons on modern warfare is the US, in Vietname

  6. cant figure that french poddle out… he was so close to ditching the yanky trade for chinese/russia/central
    asia…now its shooting rockets at syrians…..maybe davy rothschild changed its mind

    1. You can call me Al says:

      The French only delivered the rockets (allegedly).

    2. slayern2 says:

      Macron is 100% globalist. His ‘antiamerican’ rhetoric is against Trump only. And only for show. But he is an obedient vassal.

      1. Brother Ma says:


  7. Andrei says:

    You see World this Mother fuckers……, ho do you think has the power and the means to actually deliver or supply directly or indirectly chemical weapons or chemical agents ?? Let me put them on a possible list of country/s:
    Saudi Arabia
    I wish all wars to stop……think about future of our kids….
    Can y ou imagine to be born in a country in which is WAR ????…. i cant and i don’t want to imagine

    1. Lena Jones says:

      Hey leave Lebanon out of it! Does NOT belong on this list at all.

      1. Andrei says:

        I hope no country to be on that list..my man
        I hope only PEACE in this world ..
        War is a devastating human made disaster which sometimes can cause totally human extinction.. if you look at the history War World 1 and World War 2 …have killed hundreds of million of people let’s not repeat the mistake made by our humankind

        1. Ronald says:

          Andrei; lets see out of your list we have left;
          Saudi Arabia
          London ( Britain )

          However the One you forgot is the most likely suspect; France
          Now these agents of theirs, these self proclaimed “warriors of God” have been

          raping Syria for seven years, and showed no mercy.

          Ask the Druze down in Daara, when Al Qaeda lost, they kidnapped 30 Druze Women and Children.

          These animal agents have now only Idlib left, and only now they call out for peace. If these animals are not exterminated they will endlessly wage war on Syria and there will be no peace.
          War is the biggest Crime of all, but you don’t end it by surrendering.
          No Fear , “A Change Is Gonna Come”.

          1. Brother Ma says:

            Kill every one of the rats ,turco or otherwise! Rain fire and Brimstone on their heads. We will get no peace till they are all exterminated like the pests they are.

      2. Mustafa Mehmet says:

        agree and turkey ??

      3. FlorianGeyer says:

        Neither does Russia.

        1. Lena Jones says:

          Absolutely not Russia neither! The rest of the plonkers reek to high hell of craptonium and other chemcraperies.

          Yes, INCLUDING Turkey!

    2. Hasbara Hunter says:

      The United States, Great Britain, France, the rest of Europe and their Elites, Freemasons, Black Nobility, the Vatican & ZioNazis started almost Every War in the Last Centuries

  8. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    Someone asked me the other day if I thought there’d be any more CW attacks in Idlib and I said I don’t think so, I said I think we’ve seen the last of false flag CW attacks in this war now, but I wasn’t expecting these morons to drop themselves in the poo, talk about excellent candidates for the world’s dumbest criminals videos. They just used the very evidence the morons have been accusing the SAA of dropping on their heads, with the same chemical signatures probably, and used it to bomb civilians in SAA held territory, that’s going to be hard to explain isn’t it. The whole world is about to find out who really behind all these CW attacks.
    Does anybody out there really believe that French experts would have anything at all to do with this particular attack, a false flag CW attack I’d believe, but this sort of stupidity never, this is the work of total morons, the French are probably shitting themselves right about now worrying about the stuff being traced back to them, that’s if they were the ones who supplied it.
    I would have thought the rebels would have kept this stuff until they were totally desperate before they used it UNLESS, maybe it’s HTS that’s responsible. Erdogan seems to be separating his forces from HTS, he seems to be consolidating his forces in the north and leaving HTS in the south and west at the SAA’s mercy. Maybe HTS has realized what’s going on and desperate to stop it, this sort of provocation is the sort of thing that could cause the SAA to attack Idlib before Erdogan separates his forces from HTS and cause a free for all, they’d prefer that to facing the SAA all alone.

    1. Brother Ma says:

      I think the french are decidedly stupid. Israel either purposefully made them look like the guys who shot down the illushin plane or actually got them to go along with it. It seems the French are cannon fodder for the zioamrikkians. No israeli or Ami puts his life in danger. It is always stupid Danish or French. Hahaha . Idiots
      The French probably think that amrikkia will let the Frogs have Surya back as a colony! Hahah! Yeh right!!

      1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        The US has special forces fighting on the ground at Hajin now, not just providing intel anymore, they weren’t in danger before but they are now, Isis would love to capture them and make some videos.
        I’d prefer to say that Macron was dumb, after all how stupid does he think we all really are, pretending to be a straight married man, he hasn’t got anyone fooled.
        I think the French will be manning the new US OB posts being built on the Turkish/Syrian border, I think they’ll be there while the US is here in Syria [after they get rid of Isis], and I think they’ll be there too after the US leave, but I also think Assad’s going to agree to it. Cheers.

        1. Brother Ma says:

          I hope not! It is galling (haha) to have the French resurrect their colony there. I want them out just like the Amrikkian and Turco dogs!

  9. R Trojson says:

    Thought you could just buy chlorine at the corner store for less than $3 per gallon. Why do we need the CIA to supply chlorine? Will probably run the cost to $1000 per gallon. This sounds like more Russian propaganda.

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      You don’t know much about chemistry do you?
      It might be better not to display your ignorance to the whole world.

      1. BMWA1 says:

        HCL concentrate plus CaCO3, I would guess the acid is not impossible to get, the carbonate, very easy.

        1. Sinbad2 says:

          That would give you Calcium chloride and CO2.

          1. Sinbad2 says:

            But even if you made chlorine gas, how would you collect and compress the gas, then put it into a warhead?
            Getting a drum to belch chlorine is easy, creating a gas warhead is not.
            This came from the arsenal of a major power.

          2. FlorianGeyer says:

            A French one I suspect.

    2. Felix D (TUPPERWARE PARTY) says:

      Good ole Trojan Horse Son. Always shilling for his FUKUS and Zio paymasters!

    3. Promitheas Apollonious says:

      I am beginning to admire you, as to how effortlessly show what an ignorant slut you are kid. Do they pay you to be stupid or you doing it for free?

      1. Stevart says:


    4. Brother Ma says:

      Yes of course! Because America sits at the Right Hand of God.

  10. Lazy Gamer says:

    They want the fight now

  11. Felix D (TUPPERWARE PARTY) says:

    This will, of course be ignored by FUKUS puppet media. Unless, of course they can spin it to blame Assad.

  12. Joe says:

    Ohhhh launched by their own proxies… it is ok. No problem.

  13. Fernando Silva says:

    Assad responsible

    1. Gary Sellars says:

      … for destroying Wahhabi terror gang filth.

  14. Brother Ma says:

    Time for the Russians to “accidentally” bomb a few French advisers of these pricks ,who are you know ” not really there”.

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