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‘Moderate Opposition’ Deployed 30 Suicide Bombers, 2000 Fighters for Aleppo Battle

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'Moderate Opposition' Deployed 30 Suicide Bombers, 2000 Fighters for Aleppo Battle

The Western-backed ‘moderate opposition’ have deployed over 30 car bombs (mostly suicide car bombs) for the Aleppo battle, according to local media activists and pro-militant sources.

Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and other ‘moderate opposition’ groups have already used at least 2 suicide car bombs (also known as suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive devices) and one ‘remote-controlled’ car bomb since today morning.

Pro-militant sources believe that the suicide bombers should allow the ‘opposition’ to overcome the Syrian army’s firepower and to break the Aleppo siege.

In total, Jabhat Fatah al-Sham and its allies have concentrated some 3,000 fighters, up to 30 artillery units and unspecified number of heavy military equipment for the ongoing advance in western Aleppo.

The pro-government forces in the area are a deffensive position now, responding with massive artillery fire and air strikes.

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Terence Silvestre Jr.

That I spoke in my previous comments. More actions and less wasted time in humanitarian pauses and unilateral truces that only terrorists exploit to strengthen and undo achievements in the field, exactly what we see now. While I can only wish them luck and best in this situation.


This isn’t just more signs that the “moderates” are nothing more then fanatics jihadists and radical Islamic terrorists. The US government wants to call them freedom fighters and rebels when these guys will fill APCs up with tnt to go blow theirselves up. Since when does doing a suicide bombing make anyone “moderate?” This isn’t beyond insanity that CNN and the Daily Beast are trying to normalize suicide bombings as if it was moral. The American people have to be beyond brainwashed to not know their own government is supporting terrorism. This is like the 1980s all over again when the US sponsored Osama Bin Laden. So many innocent people are dying and unneccessry lost of lives being wasted because the US government is an evil greedy regime. The US must be extremely heartless satanists if killing tens of millions of people means nothing to them. It’s estimated they murdered over 30+ million people around the world since WW2 ended. The world has gone mad. I swear humans are so destructive. There will never be world peace as long as the US government is around. Jesus needs to come back soon. These evil people will be punished in hell with Ronald Reagan, who is already there

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