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JUNE 2023

‘Moderate Militants’ Seize Large Areas From ISIS In Eastern Qalamoun

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'Moderate Militants' Seize Large Areas From ISIS In Eastern Qalamoun

The Free Syrian Army’s Ahmad Abdo Forces, Faylaq al-Rahman and Jaish al-Islam have made significant gains against ISIS terrorists in eastern Qalamoun in the Rif Dimashq province.

The joint ‘opposition forces’ captured, Jabal al-Naqab, Jabal al-Sharqi, Bir al-Afa’i and the nearvby areas, according to pro-militant sources.

The advance became possible due to a deep involvement of the ISIS manpower at other frontlines and didn’t take many time for Jaish al-Islam and its allies.

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Trustin Judeau

The rebels there are on good terms with the goverment


How, didnt HTS also partipacited, SAA should seize theme before they go futher east

Trustin Judeau

They wont go further east.And HTS have largely left this area. Disagreements with other rebels.


is this good for SAA?

Solomon Krupacek


Solomon Krupacek

i told, if SAA does not take road 9+0, will the opposition. only several kilometers are between this group ant the other, which controls area up to jordan border. there are lot of british soldiers. if they unite, will be created 1 area up to damascus city.

John Brown

There is no battle here. ISIS members just join the FSA as many in the FSA have joined ISIS. They are the same, just changing flags which only takes seconds. The FSA could take over all ISIS territory in Syria in 60 seconds but that would be to obvious a scam for even the most stupid not to understand

Trustin Judeau

No they cant .

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