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Mission Accomplished: M5 Highway Completely Secured By Syrian Army

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has secured the entire M5 highway accomplishing the objective of its large-scale military operation in the northwestern region, the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV and several other sources confirmed on February 12.

Army units imposed control of the last militants’ positions along the highway over the last two days. The army cleared the district of Rashidin 4 as well as the town of Khan al-Asal and a nearby hilltop.

The M5 highway, which passes through Homs, Hama and Idlib, links the capital, Damascus, with the city of Aleppo, the country’s industrial hub.

Mission Accomplished: M5 Highway Completely Secured By Syrian Army

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While advancing along the M5 highway, the SAA secured town of Khan Shaykhun, the gate to southern Idlib. Later, the army liberated the cities of Ma`arat al-Nu`man and Saraqib, the biggest urban centers in southern Idlib, as well as the al-Eis hilltop, one of the highest points in southwestern Aleppo.

Russia and Turkey reached an agreement in 2018 to reopen the M5. However, Ankara didn’t fulfill its commitment and the road remained under the control of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). Due to this, a military operation to open the highway was inevitable.

More work is need to secure the areas to the north of the M5 before the highway could be reopened for public. This will not likely take much time.

The SAA is still advancing in western Aleppo. While, the advance appears to be aimed at securing the M5 highway, the army could be seeking bigger targets.

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Time to march on Anadan plains!


I wait for this moment for long years.


Congratulations, Syria! I hope that it won’t take many more year to completely free your country from areas occupied by terrorist groups of or enemy countries illegally occupying it.


Great victory for the brave Syrian Army and allies.

Al Balog

Now Syria needs to go after Idlib city. Strike a stake into the heart of the terrorist province. Once Idlib city is taken into full SSA control, the terrorists will massively lose their ground. Do it ??.

Tim Williams

Create the buffer zone for the M5 … Russians move their observations points along the M5, then finish clearing out the rats along the highway north of ALLEPO CITY …

After this is done … then encircle IDLIB CITY … and choke it off


NO, mission NOT completed. This reads like SF wants us to prepare for the event that Russia and Turkey now make a ceasefire, saying that SAA operation is now complete and all is well. M4 still not open, terrorists still not disarmed, Turkey even invading and breaking all terms. No. its NOT completed. Sadly.


Boy, this is already done.


Still advancing yes, looks like they are going to cut the road 420 at Batabu-Hazzanu area, to prevent further Turkish armed convoys and shipments reaching the Nusra occupied Idlib city and its region.

Tim Williams

This maniac needs to be put down like a rabid infested dog



Idlib City next ?, although prepare for conventional fights with the Turks , no doubt they will intervine when SAA is in Idlib city.

Tim Williams

execute ERDOGAN

Jens Holm

Thats not enough. All Leaders has to be killed, before they make so many people killed for own kind of bizar fun …

I dont like Trump, but in these matters, he only need to loose a hand and a foot.


Go ahead, Syrians, free your country! Congrats and support from Croatia!

Jens Holm

Syria has to take Turkey and make Syrians whipped to Syra by force:)


Good work, men.

Bill Wilson

That won’t happen anytime soon since that’ll require retaking Afrin, eliminating the extremists in the southwest that also hold positions in Lakita and Hama and being able to provide assistance to the millions of displaced Syrians that are stuck there.


Good work the Allies.

Liberal guy

Mission accomplished

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