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JUNE 2023

Missile Attack of Houthi-Saleh Alliance Destroys Saudi Military Base

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Missile Attack of Houthi-Saleh Alliance Destroys Saudi Military Base

Photo: alalam.ir

A Saudi strategic military base, located in Najran province in the southwestern part of the kingdom, was struck and destroyed by the Zalzal-2 missile, launched by the Houthi-Saleh alliance, according to pro-Yemeni sources.

The alliance launched several Katyusha rockets on the Saudi Rajla military base and then totally destroyed it with the Zalzal-2 missile. There are no reports about the number of casualties, suffered by the Saudi side.

On Monday, the Houthi-Saleh alliance launched missiles and artillery shells on the al-Shabakeh and al-Fawaz military bases of the Saudi Army, located in the provinces of Najran and Jizan in the southern part of the kingdom. As a result, the bases were destroyed.

Meanwhile, the al-Beit al-Abya, al-Sudanieh and al-Jabaneh military bases, located in Jizan province, were also hit by the alliance’s missiles. Saudi troops suffered heavy losses in the attacks.

At the same time, a Saudi border guard lost his life at the al-Hanjar military base, located in the province of Assir in the southern part of Saudi Arabia.

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Kim Jong

Yeaaah :-)


WOW, how small was this “base”? And it was TOTALLY destroyed, including the plumbing! :)


This is how I imagine it:

The rockets started exploding, the saudis and their sudanese loverboys gathered around to hold hands in a basement until it is all over and then the ballistic missile struck and buried them inside. The emergency services waited a few hours for the flames to go out by themselves because they were afraid of another strike, so the whole base burnt.

Meanwhile some saudi retards were pressing random buttons on the control panel of their Patriot system, trying to figure out why they didn’t work.




Lmao…. but seriously how big is the radius of these zelzal and skuds? Not even airstrikes do that. And the saudis with all their billions …. where are their own missiles?


Hehe That is probably what happened.



hehe. Are you a 9 year-old girl? Peace, scum bucket.

El Diablo

Good job :D

Douglas Houck

I’m beginning the think that the Houthi-Saleh alliance has either figured out how to build or been given inertial based guidance systems for these old rockets as their accuracy (originally poor) has markedly increased.

Jonathan Cohen

Death to Saudis!

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