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MARCH 2021

Missile Arms Race, Hybrid Warfare And Surprise Nuclear Strikes: Russian General Staff Outlines Threats To Global Security


Missile Arms Race, Hybrid Warfare And Surprise Nuclear Strikes: Russian General Staff Outlines Threats To Global Security


The goal of the US deployment of missile defense systems near Russian borders is to obtain the potential to deliver a surprise nuclear strike on Russia, First Deputy Chief of the Russian General Staff’s Main Operations Department Lt. Gen. Viktor Poznikhir said on April 24.

“The deployment of missile defense systems near our borders creates a powerful strike potential for the US enabling it to deliver a surprise missile and nuclear strike on Russia,” the general stressed during the Moscow Conference on International Security.

The general staff deputy chief added that Washington seeks to gain the potential to deliver such a strike without a response against any undesirable country.

Lt. Gen. Poznikhir noted that the US has a concept of pre-launch interception and planned to destroy intercontinental ballistic missiles of Russia, China and other countries while they are still in launchers.

He warned states, which host or will host elements of the US missile shield, that these facilities will become priority targets for destruction in the even of the conflict.

“Therefore, the countries taking part in implementing the Pentagon’s anti-missile plans may suffer,” he said noting another issue – the usage of missile defense systems against missiles with nuclear warheads is linked to threats of a long radioactive contamination of the territory.

Moscow has to take “adequate counter-measures” in response to the deployment of offensive armaments near Russian borders.

“They, primarily, include arming the strategic offensive forces with cutting-edge missile systems with the increased capabilities of overcoming the missile shield, such as the Avangard and Sarmat weapons,” the general said.

In a separate statement, Chief of the General Staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov said that the Russian relations with the US and NATO are on the lowest level in history.

“It is noteworthy that in order to justify their policies, Western countries classify the Russian Federation as a threat to national and coalition security,” Gen Gerasimov said. “This serves as a strong argument for justifying the unleashed arms race and contributes to the deterioration of Russian-American and Russian-NATO relations, which are already at the lowest level in history.”

“The internal political struggle in the United States disallows an opportunity to start a constructive dialogue between Moscow and Washington, provokes the development of anti-Russian hysteria and returns the world back to the Cold War era of confrontation,” he added.

The Chief of the General Staff further warned of a “new missile arms race” should the pair prove unable to strike new nonproliferation accords.

He also recalled that Western special services have been using hybrid war methods against Russia for long.

“It is not us who have developed hybrid warfare methods. The West’s special services have for long been using them, in the first place, against Russia,” he said.

According to Gen. Gerasimov, Western countries are accusing Russia of such methods to camouflage their actions. However, “”the number of those who are ready to believe in this lie is becoming increasingly less,” he noted.




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