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Miroslav Lazanski: ‘The State’

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Miroslav Lazanski: 'The State'

Originally appeared at Politika, translated by Igor exclusively for SouthFront

I have always taken the concept of “The State” seriously, maybe it is because of my romantic and institutionalised memory of a past time, but “The State” is a term that has an extraordinary thought. And it is not accidental that our politicians often say that no one is stronger than the state. That is why, when they first began to talk about an Islamic State, I thought it was a joke. A state of terrorists. It collects taxes, has its own currency, it’s capital is based in Al-Raqqah, it has very decent daily income from selling the stolen oil through the Turkish port of Ceyhan. In spite of the existing UN Security Council decision to such sales are prohibited. True, the price per barrel is below $30, but no matter, because it mainly affects Russians and their economy.

Well, this Islamic State for over a year, has been subjected to bombing by modern fighter jets and drones by the Americans, the French, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, with the help of all possible means of satellite and aircraft reconnaissance and identification. And after a year of such bombing came in the Russians – and now they are bombing what the Americans bombed heavily in recent months. It turns out that the Russians are bombing rubble. And when it’s, full complex terrorist training camps, hub connections, warehouses, hangars, bunkers on several levels, controls, watchtowers, tanks with fuel depots with 50 tanks, artillery positions, workshops, factories, mines and explosives. In fact, anything relating to military forces of a state. In this case a terrorist state. The late Mladen Delic would have said: “People, is it possible!”

Really, how is that possible? How is it possible that no Western media hasn’t questioned this? The Yugoslav Army in Kosovo in 1999 could not start the engine of a single tank, without immediately a drone flying over, followed by the hunter-bombers of NATO. And all this in the rich vegetation and terrain of Kosovo, which allowed for clever camouflage masking. In Syria forces of the Islamic State reside in the mountains, but even more so in desert areas, where the Air Force has the perfect conditions for striking. So, how is it possible that the Islamic State for a year was stronger than the United States? Not according to postage stamps, although for a stamp collector, Islamic State postage stamps undoubtedly would be much higher priced then US postage stamps. Because even the post office in the US is government owned, it is not private.

Russian aircraft now have to shoot probably the mail in the Islamic State, all in order to preserve the value of the US postage stamps. And still at the same time the American media is denouncing it at all and ask how dare they bomb what supposedly they successfully bombed a year, and in the territory of the Islamic State of everything else stayed intact. Even the post office. And in 1999 they were destroying our post offices. Thus, the only group that has exclusive right to bomb are the Americans and their coalition. That would be called the Immaculate Conception …

Written by Miroslav Lazanski

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