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Millions Of US Tax Dollars Have ‘Knowingly’ Gone To Terror Groups In Syria From Charities Since Late 2017: Pentagon

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Millions Of US Tax Dollars Have ‘Knowingly’ Gone To Terror Groups In Syria From Charities Since Late 2017: Pentagon

ILLUSTRATIVE IMAGE: Lance Cpl. Hernan Vidana/U.S. Marine Corps

Since late 2017, there have been “numerous instances” in which US aid was “knowingly diverted” to terror groups in Syria, including Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian brach of al0Qaeda), a Pentagon Lead Inspector General said in a report on November 12.

Since late 2017, USAID OIG investigations have uncovered numerous instances of possible or confirmed diversions to armed groups in Idlib Governorate in northwestern Syria, including Ha’yat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS), a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization.

One investigation found that an NGO’s employees knowingly diverted thousands of USAID funded food kits worth millions of dollars to ineligible beneficiaries (including HTS fighters) and submitted falsified beneficiary lists. The investigation resulted in USAID suspending the program and the NGO terminating the employment of dozens of individuals from March to May 2018,” the  report said.

The aforementioned food kits were part of a $30 million relief effort for Syrians displaced from their homes and the relief effort was operated by the US charity Catholic Relief Services, according to Irin News.

It should be noted that while the Pentagon Lead Inspector General report shows the aid delivery to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other radicals as something “unexpected”, this situation is an open secret for any expert following the conflict in Syria. In fact, multiple US-backed humantiarian programs has been for a long time just a part of the wider effort to support terrorists in the war-torn country.

“USAID OIG also investigated diversions of assistance to HTS in another NGO’s programs, which OIG suspected was perpetrated by NGO staff affiliated with the terrorist group. Although the investigation is ongoing, the implementer voluntarily suspended portions of its programs, adapted its program to the changing risk environment, and terminated some employees. In response to these findings, USAID has suspended certain programmatic activities, added additional language in all new awards requiring prior written approval from USAID before programming in HTS-controlled areas, and is undertaking a systematic review of ongoing programs in the region,” the report added.

The investigation also pointed “risks” associated with the funds ending up in the terrorist group’s hands and allegedly prompted a series of changes to aid provided to the region.

“These risks included systemic coercion by HTS of NGO employees to assist in diversions; imposition of taxes, duties, and fees on USAID implementers and beneficiaries; HTS control of local councils and IDP camp management that assist USAID implementers in identifying eligible beneficiaries; and implementers failing to adequately mitigate the threat to USAID programming from these armed groups,” the report noted.

Formal steps by the USAID to halt at least a few of the existing channels created to support terrorists in Syria are an important signal that may impact the conflict positively. However, according to experts, the USAID “investigation” and the following decision are mostly linked to the changing military and political situation in the country. Over the past few years, Washington has lost most of its influence on terrorist groups in northwestern Syria and is now focusing its efforts in the northeastern part of the country, which is controlled by the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The middle Euphrates Valley, the US military base of at-Tanf and the nearby refugee camp are now the only areas where the US-led coalition has a direct contact with various “democratic activists”, including ISIS. So, most of the existing “aid programms” are not needed now.

US-held Area Of At-Tanf Once Again Appears To Be ‘ISIS-Welcome’ Zone In Syria

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This isn’t news, it’s common knowledge.
The US runs most of the global terror networks and has been doing it for 50 years.


The country that uses sanctions as a weapon should itself be sanctioned by the rest of the world, along with it’s NATO and Gulf criminal sidekicks.


Sanctions are always a weapon, so you can’t fault the US for that. What you can fault them for is coercing others to go along with its unilateral sanctions.

Jens Holm

Assads use sanctions on syrians by taking food and medical care and even make fire on fields. Isnt that sanctions too.

Zionism = EVIL

You seriously need a lobotomy :)

Jens Holm

You dont have internet ?


… linking the sh|thole ABC, are you a complete moron?
Since tony abbott sacked the managing dircetor of the ABC and installed a typical submissive western sheep the ABC has completely lost its balls and will never give you the truth, will never do investigative stories into anything like corruption, war crimes of the west etc etc etc etc etc and even perpetuates outright propaganda… just listen to john faine on 774.

fcuk the ABC, SBS is a little better but still a jew shrill media outlet.

Jens Holm

It was a random link. I dont get paid by You as teacher or consultant do I. Its also is no childcare center, if you are a child.

Luke Hemmming

You smoking crack again Jens? Links to your accusations please?

Bigaess Wangmane

LOL! The GUARDIAN is your source?


What rubbish. Syria is a Baathist-socialist state – meaning they have legacy of state owned public health institutions. However, since 2012 Syrian based terrorists have systematically looted public state owned hospitals in occupied areas, and trucked off contents to be sold on cheap in Turkey. These public hospitals have been stripped off everything – down to the door and window frames. NATO/Gulf/Israel have sponsored these terrorist factions – well aware that they have sponsored the systematic looting and destruction of Syrian state public institutions and assets.

Jens Holm

Parts of that is correct, but I do remember the other way too. Assads many times has destroyed many hospitals down to clinics.

And steel is a relative. Recycling is normal fare in war to repair. So Your steeling often has been from ruins made by Your artillery, barrels bombs and jets.

You should clean Your own house first. Baathists are famous for corruption and theft already, so it might be the thieves are inspired by You as a religion and culture.

I see that too. Who else fx systematicly has bombarded fields with food even with farmers on – Yours ever…

Assads also systematicly has stolen incomming help in food as well as medical care brought in by UN as well as NGOs until it today has been reduced very much acting hard.

Those things were for all in Syria and the Assad Syrian got their % as well as we by UN with Unicef feed half of the population of Syria or more.


You justified foreign sponsored militants as criminal syndicates looting public hospitals and infrastructure and selling the material in secondary country – at cost of the primary country and its citizens. Fail.

Zionism = EVIL

No surprises there as US is the world’s biggest funder and sponsor of headchopper Wahhabi terrorism.


The US created terrorism and it was first used by jewish invaders against Palestinians, David Ben-Gurion was in a terrorist group (completely funded by the cia) murdering, bombing, knifing and burning Palestinian women and children in their homes before he became isisraels first prime minister.

Norm Chomsky calls america the “worlds leading terrorist nation”.

Zionism = EVIL

The first thing the Zionist scum did was to kill every woman, man and child in the village of Dier Yassin to terrorize the Palestinian population into leaving their thousands of years homeland. The IRGUN, Stern Gang, Haganah and IDF are the worst terrorist organizations on earth. Most Zionist leaders are their graduates. They even blew up the King David hotel but got a pat on the back from the British demons who created them and the US useful idiots who sustain with billions of tax dollars. Terrorism is a western construct to destabilize the world, especially the oil rich regions.


Now Pentagon flees from their own crimes. LOL. CIA and Pentagon are two well known terror organizations in the whole world. They are the only childbutchers.

Jens Holm

I dont see Pentagon flee. I see things has changed a lot during time.

One, which You can see from the moon is, that SDF have a territory and they protect that.

And You do forget, that Obamo did stop the minority group having Hillary as the most prominent one sooner then Hillary wanted. After that they also stopped Saudis supporting ISIS with modern weapons as well as money.

People here deny to see, thats a main reason for Americans took over Al Tanf to make free transportation between Iraq, Saudis, Jordan, Syria and even Lebanon.

Who wasnt there ??? The Damaskus regime. So now Tanf almos only block for Iranian missiles.

Luke Hemmming

Does anyone else here understand what the hell Jens is talking about cause I sure as hell don’t. Rantings of a mad man maybe? Seriously you talk shit sometimes Jens. Here is some toilet paper to wipe your mouth with, your dribbling shit againcomment image

H Eccles

Jens is a jewbot.. in desperate need of a software upgrade..

Jens Holm

I probatly like sekular jews better then I like both of You.

Even links compared to Your selfconstructed and infected illiterate orgasmes wont help.

H Eccles

First up there’s only one of me..

Secondly, and I quote here.. “Even links compared to Your selfconstructed and infected illiterate orgasmes wont help”… yeah, for sure you need a software upgrade.


“People here deny to see, thats a main reason for Americans took over Al Tanf to make free transportation between Iraq, Saudis, Jordan, Syria and even Lebanon.”
How is this statement not total BS? Tiger spam:
comment image

Jens Holm

A simple map shows that well. Tanf and the main road was a main transportation hub for ISIS as well as some hope for their semi-FSA(not the Dara ones).

Now its importance is reduced and probatly mainly block Iranian missile transport.

Assads wasnt there at all. Were they. And USA by that even has helped Assads reducing ISIS by that even for Pamyra and the oil and gas there.


But free transit for who?
FSA that have a change of uniforms to become Daesh!
Cat spam.
comment image


You are really dumb, for real.

Jens Holm

I take that as a comliment.


Wow… you literally deep throat western propaganda.
“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”… thats most westerners mate… not China or Russia or Iran but my countrymen and those of ‘our’ ‘allies’…. time to wake up Jens.

Jens Holm

Yerrh as usual. All sober information about anything is only propaganda if it dont fit into the propaganda picture, Your are raised with since before birth.


Needless to say, by occupying the northern provinces of the Syrian Arab Republic with military and brute force, ethnically driving out arabs, siding with the initiator (with is seen as a dishonorable move) of this not so civial, but outside war, the kurdish people hinder a peaceful coexistence massively.

If not solved by constitutional, but military means, perpetual peace only exists in the graveyard, sadly.

Jens Holm

Hardly none arabs are driven out of that territory at all. Almost all went out before SDF(YPG+J) existed as something.

Its true many has been displaced. Else SDFs could not make a controlled area.

But of course if You were an Assad, Kurd or Yasedi You would prefare to have ISIS and FSA in the next house to You…


You would prefer to have rightful, constitutional servicemen – not us-funded scum as by any means.

Jens Holm

I would prefare there was no reasons for the uprisers and SDFs did not participate in that at all, because they did not exist and hardly had any weapons.

USA came in to remove, replace pr reduce Assads as enemy number 1. But they took a chance by arming ISIS, which went out of hand.

So I see SDFs as very morivated to fight back that part. ISIS made those 2 mio. refugees. SDFs maybee max up to 50.000. And who are they. Dont forget whos those are mainly being supporters for ISIS as well as FSA.

To me SDFs by PYD should have a chance. Their way of acting is much better then Assads and Jihadists. Both has shown what they are well and are no future for the poor leftovers not being members of the Baathist party.

And USA will stay and not because of some communist look a likes. They keep Assads reduced by that well, and of course USA and the coalition treat SDFs relative well and pay them for being feet on the ground.

Scum is a relative. The scums to me are in Damaskus as well as Ankara. Even some kurds should be scums too, they at least are smaller and behave better too.


You are talking for the child butchers Israel, Daesh, Al-Qaeda, England and Washington. The Mideast is the place of all decent Muslims. Separating Muslims will be now too expensive for these child butchers because their economy has collapsed. Now they want to end war every where in the world but they cannot do immediately because of shame.

Jens Holm

Highly biased. It might be parts of mine is, but I do live in west and are one among many.

The descent Syrians are the majority and those 12 millions, which support none of the agressive ones. Only 7 million support Assads, and thats not even true: Who are in Idlib, who are in the SDF zone and even ISIS are there. So You have to subtract some from the 7 millions.


I am not talking about that anybody support Assad or not but the butcher party should not be there in Mideast. This is a hieighest crime on this land that they dividing nation by nation in the whole world and then the morons like you loyal to them.

Jens Holm

The highest crime is You dont correct the colonial structure made for and by France and Brits mainly at WW1(and Turks by sevres ir Lausanne).

Balfour 2 was meant to make own states. But You dont. Your structures are simplified and probatly well for old Emirates and Dictatorships, where the local longbeard can see all corners himself.

A big example is, that from Hatey ro Mosul never should have been split up to 4 countries, where half of Aleppo and half of Raqqa should be no part of the artidicial states of Syria, Iraq, Turkey and partly Iran as well.

Its very strange for foreigners You accept and still fight for those borders made by France, Britts and partly Turks for own purpose.

The needed changes can be 2.

One is dividing into several small Emirates like Aleppo and Raqqa as they were. Exact same time for all north of old Mesopotamia – Diybakir, Mosul,Kurdistan and one more.

Another is to make a sekular sector having a lot of local rule or a strong state structure for devellopment in all corners.

WW1 divided Ottomans not USA. Wilson hardly was there. But a lot could have changed by Yourself during the last 100 years by seeing the partly neocolonial one actual named as protectorates was wrong i several datal ways.

There was no Kurdish (and partly Turkman) problem, if Syria wasnt there but where the Syrian region is as a landscape. And who do You think You think You are telling those people comes to You making trouble. The were not asked.You were not asked, but You are the ones. Syria at that time not even had a coastline – not even Aqaba in Jordan of today.

It was an Inland state.

So I agree we should be at You but in a different way. Very strange You blame USA. Any can see Ottomans many ýears before any others was there had many internal problems. That of course include uprisers and deportation og highest degrees.

Did USA and we make the different genosides. The worst for Armenians was in 1914 exterminating Armenians. Did they have american flags. Kurds deported to the borderlines or fleeing to Afrin to around Mosul have american flags.

Greeks had support for invading Anatolia. NO, they had not. They mainly was meant as a stopper for Russian expansion and to make Ottomans weaker. Were those allowed to take Konstantinopel in Balkan war 2. No, they were stopped ny others but insisted after WW1. And after You killed the rest of armenians in the Ismir Region.

Yesterday I saw Turks dont learn Armenians had their own Kingdoms for many centuries, bjut was just Roman colonies. I also learned Turks learn in school that the Greek Catholic Empire was an Italian one runned by Rome.

I am sure we would be less where You are, if You were nicer and lied less about Yourself and neigbors. Your history books are nationalistic and all very infected new constructions. No wonder Turks dont like Kurds, Greeks and Armenians as most of them was not at all. The other way around is same thing. They learn all Turks are in AKP control and bad people. Well Erdogan confirm it all the time and Turks has less friends then ever.

You seny all Your local conflicts as well as the reasons for them. By that we mainly just want some oil and gas. People like me like people from the region less and less.

When I started reading about it here, it was because I in Denmark were blamed for “knowing nothing”.

Now I dayli is confirmed that writers here often know less then me and most of them not even try to know more. And who are You. You are supposed to be the entlightend part of people living there having internet for facts checking as well(even some has reduced acces).

And You know hardly anything about us. All comming from You are totally infected and You make the strangest lies and accusations, which anyone can chech. We have several million emmigrants in Europe. Why dont they as a minimum explain how our systems are. It semes they are not allowed and dont dare.

A few days ago I was blamed that Iranian secret police could not operate free in Denmark and kill anyone they wish. Thos is not Iran. If we have criminels to Iran it has to go by official danish channels. Iranians here are here as refugees, but the main thing is if they have done crimes here as well as we dont send people “home” for random torture, jailand executions.

Is it allowed to send Danish killersoldiers of ours to kill danes as we wish. I dont think so.


Balfour declaration is just $3 paper. That has no value. What are you talking about. Can I buy any country by $3 paper anywhere in this world tell me? What Israeli butchers are doing is completely bull shit. I wish to put them all in acid to defuse them all at once.

Jens Holm

As written nothing is new. We do see the private donators as expected like in white helmet.

But fine to get the level and more details. Tks.

H Eccles

Surely the billions sent ‘knowingly’ to scum-state Israel should be equally alarming..?


“The 30 M relief effort was operated by the US chairity, “Catholic Relief Services” according to Irin”.
The Knights of Columbus, have also been caught supplying the Islamic jihadists.
The Catholic Church has more money than the bankers. Rothschild was hired to manage their funds. In Syria and Iraq there are problematic Christian sects that are original but did not follow the 323 AD. Council of Niccea, they have different books in their “Bible”.
The “Office of the Inquisition” was never abolished, they just renamed it.
Looks like they are still at it, heretics are so embarrassing.


Every organisation that sends aid to Idlib province has to pay ‘duties’ to al Qaeda as they control the only operational border post with Turkey. And then there are the many roadblocks under way before reaching the final destinations. This is known ever since the war started. The only thing surprising is the fuss they now suddenly make about this.


The US has been funding the regime change terror operation for the entire war:

“The Syrian Train and Equip Program was a United States-led military operation launched in 2014 that identified and trained selected Syrian opposition forces inside Syria as well as in Turkey and other US-allied states who would then return to Syria to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The programme reportedly cost the US $500 million.[1] It is overt program, run by U.S. Special Operations Forces, separate from a parallel covert program run by the CIA.”

– Syrian Train and Equip Program –



“The United States spent at least $12 billion in Syria-related military and civilian expenses in the four years from 2014 through 2017, according to the former U.S. ambassador to the country.

This $12 billion is in addition to the billions more spent to pursue regime change in Syria in the previous three years, after war broke out in 2011.

This striking figure provides a further glimpse of the exorbitant sums of money the U.S. spent trying to topple the government in Damascus. It also bluntly contradicts claims by Syrian opposition supporters that the former administration of President Barack Obama “did nothing” in Syria, or that it supposedly did not seek regime change fervently enough.

Former U.S. ambassador to Syria Robert S. Ford disclosed this information in written testimony prepared for a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on February 6.

“The cost of US military operations in Syria between FY 2014 and the end of FY 2017 was between $3 and $4 billion,” Ford said. “In addition to the cost of those military operations, the FY 2017 budget request included $430 [million] to build local security forces and the FY 2018 request was for $500 million.”

The former ambassador did not distinguish what proportion of this spending went specifically to fighting ISIS. Although he made clear that some of it was directed at the Syrian opposition.

Ford also reported that the U.S. spent $7.7 billion in humanitarian aid efforts in Syria in those same four years. This figure cannot be excluded from the overall cost of the U.S. regime change mission, however, because U.S. spending on humanitarian aid in Syria has often been explicitly politicized.”

– US Ambassador Confirms Billions Spent On Regime Change in Syria –


Tom Tom

They practice witchcraft in the upper levels of CIA and the puppet masters are satanists.

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