Military Situation In Syria On January 12, 2018 (Map Update)


This map provides a general look at the military situation in Syria on January 12, 2018:

  • Pro-government forces, led by the Syrian Arab Army’s Tiger Forces, are rapidly advancing against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies in southern Idlib and southern Aleppo. Government troops have liberated a large area and liberate over 19 villages since January 11. MORE HERE
  • Clashes are also ongoing in Harasta district in Damascus’ Eastern Ghouta where Ahrar al-Sham still continues attempts to capture the Armoured Vehicles Base.
Military Situation In Syria On January 12, 2018 (Map Update)

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  • PizzaPineapple

    The Syrian army has been steadily advancing from southern Aleppo towards the airbase which resulted in several villages liberated today. There are still some villages contested west of Sinjar but these will be under control of the SAA in a matter of time.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Well things in Harasta are going as planned as they continue to take more territory in securing the base and adding a new route to the base. They will continue to secure the base as they have regained all the area lost there 2 weeks ago and have added more areas as a buffer to the Vehicle Management base.

      • Astar Roth

        There they are playing with wahabies cat and mouse. Just distracting them from real stuff up in Idlib and Halepo.
        But wahabies loosing man power day by day because of artilery, mortar and aerial attacks. And they’re not moving forward. And these idiots doesn’t get and learn the lesson, they’re dying in large amounts.

    • Irebukeu

      I notice the rebels have been creeping back towards Aleppo. They are near the 1070 projects again? The front line looks like somewhere near the Hikmah school. Whats going on here?

  • Feudalism Victory

    They should also put in some pressure from latakia if any reinforcements even a few squads to launch mortars. Id bet any rbeel offensive against the syrian salient will strip their other defensive lines for the troops

    Even a push north from homs might be far enough.

    • Irebukeu

      Any push on any frontage creates a movement of reinforcements to the area. A reaction. These reactions are picked up by cameras ready for the moves, having studied the situation for days or weeks, knowing the regular patterns the drones can do terrible damage. smaller areas means more cameras per square KM. Rebels are done like dinner.

  • Astar Roth

    How someone be that stupid? They’re SAA using situation in Ghouta to distract idiots from Idlib and Halep. Today they’re going forward, tomorow just doing nothing, and aerial attacks taken its toll on wahabies day by day.

  • RichardD

    Looking Good!

    • Carole

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