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Military Situation In Southeastern Syria On July 10, 2017 (Maps)

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On July 10, Syrian government forces made large gains against US-backed militants seizing a number of points in the eastern Damascus desert.

This map shows the military situation in southeastern Syria, according to pro-government sources:

Military Situation In Southeastern Syria On July 10, 2017 (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

A less optimistic look at the military situation in southeastern Syria:

Military Situation In Southeastern Syria On July 10, 2017 (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

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Gabriel Hollows

Wait, wasn’t there a ceasefire?


Not there. Further south around Daraa. It’s free for all shitshow in the Syrian Desert – and ragheads are catching lion share of cr@p lately…

Gabriel Hollows

Good. Only good zogbot is a dead zogbot.


FSA trash are losers ! Time for them to run away. HAHA


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Solomon Krupacek

this should happen 1 year ago. 1 year late is no heroism.

and btw, we are waiting third month for big operation in direction suknah, DEZ city. we mast wait until next eastern???

Manuel Flores Escobar

we are waiting that ISIS terrorist flee from Suknah to Raqqa to fight vs USA and SDF…meanwhile SAA will have free highway to DZ!

Solomon Krupacek

you are joking, but it could be reality. reality of saa generals, whoi play wargames on playstation instead of doing their job.

Balázs Jávorszky

” reality of saa generals, whoi play wargames on playstation” and then liberate vast territories, especially when outside meddling is eliminated.

Andre Lopes

In fact, the Syrian army is being very smart about the use of their resources against so much enemies around. The SAA is using the same tatics that the rebels did use, to attack in various fronts, to distress the logistics of the enemy and at the same time keeping their forces strong and inflicting huge damage to the areas that the rebels control. This strategy has worked and the HTS is already in a bad mood with the Turks, while Saudis also is fighting the Qatar´rebels. So the rebels are vying for power in the ares they control and the Syrian army is strong enough, together with Russia to inflict great damage to the rebels, if they don´t want to negotiate.

Solomon Krupacek

In fact, the Syrian army is being very smart about the use of their resources against so much enemies around.

not smart. cowardss! lost al bab, manbij, tabqa, will lose 60% of syria. losers, losers, losers.

Eezy Green

Solomon you Joo cunt, how’s the weather in Tel Aviv? Not hot enough? Not to worry, soon it will be very hot.

Andre Lopes

All these areas you talk about are in the control of the Kurds. In other words, they are in control of the enemies of the Sunni Turkmen and Sunni rebels. If the Government lost it, the rebels also lost it as well. So it is a win win situation for the Government. The rebels will have to face two armies to gain back these cities, the Kurdis army and the Syrian Army. I see the Rebels loosing these territories, not the government.

Andre Lopes

The rebels traded Assad Government for being puppets of Turkish empire. So what has the rebels accomplished?? All they got was to fracture their own contry and ended being puppets of a foreign country, Turkey. And, yet, the Rebels are killing themselves in those areas they “conquered”. So what advantage the rebels got?? To be invaded by thousands of armed jihadists that kill the syrian people at any minor disagreement??? What kind of Victory is that for the rebels to have foreing jihads dictating their lives????


SAA stands on nothing except Russian support and the fact that all other factions wanted to stop ISIS.

ASSAD, Hezbullah and Iran already lost the war against the rebels pre-Russia and if the US and Russia withdraws tomorrow militarily SAA will be defeated very quickly by HTS, AS, FSA, and Faylaq Rahman. They would rip through them faster then you would imagine.

They are really not a highly trained or suitable army fighting the rebels except heavily russian support. Hack Russia might go bankrupt due to the support they gave them and replacing the trillions of tanks they lost and if anything this war have been ridiculously costly for Putin.

I however believe that they represent great denger to Israel due to their numbers and weaponry and I also realize that the next war will happen inside Israel as Nasrallah said but if Russia withdraws I have no doubt the Rebels will beat them 9 out of 10 times


exactly….poorly equiped…but brave as hell. take a look at Iraqi soldiers. bulletproof vests, clean uniforms, state of the art weapons….they have done well with ISIS but they were very well equiped. Syrians have a couple of tanks available at each front only because they fight in 100s of fronts.


Here is why Israel is in great denger of an actual invasion within the next 10-yrs from mainly SAA, Hezbullah, Iran, Lebanon, and their palestinian allies + the large foreign militias they have gathered.

I know most of you are thinking ”Hell no” Israel has modern army but the question is who don’t have modern army nowadays and Tanks are a thing of the past and it’s basically a funeral place for 3 ppl nowadays. Israel don’t have ground advantage against them except air advantage and even that won’t be a factor with Iran there hence I reckon they will just shoot the Israeli airforce down and another factor to consider is the fast growing technology have made things to even up.

So if your Ground advantage is gone plus airpower advantage then what kind of advantage do you have against an army more motivated then you plus 5-6 largere then you. They will bombard from Lebanon into Tel aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa hence Israel is tiny and once they enter into Israel ground the war is basically over. Many of you may think this is going to be a dogfight or what not but this could actully end very quickly realisitically thinking and looking at it from a logical point of view. Once a battle hardened army in the 600.000 numbers enter Israeli ground Then it’s all over hence the civilians will flee automatically


This is a great advance by SAA. Forget the angry troll below !

Gerhard Pleyer

Syrian fighters must attack zioNazis israelis. As long as zionazi-israelis survive, there will be war in Middleast.


I think after the war against ISIS, then the one against Kurds which I think is very likely, The Resistance (Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, Iran, Palestine) will finally gang up on Israel.


Today FSA claims they recaptured everything?


great military tactics from SAA there..they are closing the ring slowly…if the ‘rebels’ are smart they will run close to US support or they will be encircled…..and run to Russia for an cease fire agreement


Very good keep the rebel/daesh casualty count coming :))))

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