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Military Situation In Yemen On November 3, 2019 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Yemen On November 3, 2019 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Yemen:

  • Saudi-led coalition warplanes struck Majaza and Rabua 17 times;
  • Saudi-led coalition warplanes struck the districts of Zahir and Shada 50 times in the past 24 hours;
  • Ceasefire violations were reported in Al Hudaydah;
  • Clashes between Saudi-led forces and Ansar Allah continue in the Malahit area;
  • According to Yemen’s Armed Forces (loyal to AnsarAllah), since the beginning of the Saudi invasion, more than eight thousand Sudanese fighters have been killed or injured.


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Jacob Wohl

USAF joins this war, it would be over in 10 days TOPS. houthis wouldn’t stand a chance


Afghanistan? Vietnam? :)
Jacob, Look! There’s a HUGE mass growing on your face! What can it be? Oh wait, YOUR MASSIVE KOSHER HONKER :==========D

Chris P

What did they accomplish in Vietnam. Look at the Terrain. It is impossible to to stop the Houtis without Boots on the ground. To mountainous. Low sharp mountains that make it to hard to hold without a large number of troops. Hand held missiles are hard to spot, and this is where the Saudis are losing. The battlefield has changed since the first Iraq war. The enemies of USA are getting much smarter, have Cell phones and hand held missiles. They even have support from Iran too. A long way from home. Airforce are as good as the men on the ground. Look at Raqqa. One year to take, only 300 Isis terrorist their too. Rethink this idea, it will get you into trouble, LOOK at Israel. A police state too. Is that Victory?

Chris P

What do you care about Saudi Arabia? Nor do the Saudi Soldiers care about there Princes and their 30 dollars a month pay check. The Houtis fight for free. The Jews believe in Israel, The Houtis believe in themselves. You get it. They will fight to the Death. That is hard to defeat. 12 year old kids with nothing but hate for USA, Saudi and Israel. Why? Stay out of this. Get out of Israel, your American, not Israeli. You choose. Endless Israeli expansion or American?Don’t believe the TV, Israel and Saudi Arabia are just as guilty of War Crimes as Iran. War is where the Rich get the poor to fight for them, usually nothing more. The middle east is this. OIL WARS.
I thought Syria was about fighting Isis, then it became about Iran, now it is about the Conoco Oil field, Another mess by American/Israel now. The true colours come out. Are we here to protect Israeli interest or American. Israel also took another Chunk of Syria in the Golan heights again. Israel is larger now. America helped them with this.

You can call me Al

Just block the fucker & do not waste you time.

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