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Military Situation In Yemen On May 11, 2019 (Map Update)

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  • Ansar Allah captured Qatabah city and continued advancing in the Sanah area south of Qatabah. Clashes are ongoing;
  • The humanitarian crisis is worsening in Durayhimi town, al Hudaydah province. The Saudi-led coalition has been preventing food and drugs delivery to the town for 9 months in a row. This violates the terms of the reached ceasefire agreement;
  • Heavy clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces were reported in the eastern part of Nar mountain;
  • Clashes continue in the Alab crossing and Rabua area;
  • Saudi-led forces shelled the 5th Street and the Hudaydah Airport with mortar shells.
Military Situation In Yemen On May 11, 2019 (Map Update)

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You can call me Al

Looking good Houthis.

klove and light

lol…… man o man… are These Saudi, UAE and mercenary scumbags(Sudan+columbia) getting their asses kicked lol and that with 100% air cover …lololol……and not to Forget… british scum Special Forces “working” in jemen…… fucke ém all those Evil US,british, Saudi, UAE scum of the earth

S Melanson

So the Coalition made a concerted effort to defend Qatabah and what do they have to show for it? All they managed to do was delay Ansar Allah by one day. The delay was probably mostly due to Ansar Allah taking the time to collect the large amounts of abandoned equipment – Well at least the Coalition is good at something – resupplying Ansar Allah.

Meanwhile, back at Ronald McDonald’s Playhouse (Coalition HQ), the mood is so bleak that not even playing with their magic barbie dolls can cheer up the generals. An officer arrives to report to General Fayyadh Ruwaili (nicknamed affectionately General Smegma) on the preparations to defend the (fake) capital of Aden.

Officer: General Smegma, I return from Aden

General Smegma: Good, what do you have to report? Is morale good and the heroic defenders prepared to repulse the terrorists?

Officer: Uh… Well… Morale is good and preparations are well underway to uh well…

General Smegma: Well…Go on… Are they behind schedule? What preparations are completed?

Officer: On schedule I think. So far preparations to welcome Ansar Allah as liberators of Aden are nearly complete including many signs saying Ansar Allah are our heroes and the Coalition a bunch of zeros. I have been asked to help organize the ticker tape parade and with your permission I would love to…

at this point, a magic barbie doll whizzes by, just missing the Officer’s face.

Officer: I take that as a ‘No’.

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