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JULY 2020

Military Situation In Yemen On March 7, 2019 (Map Update)


  • Ansar Allah fired Badir-1P precision-guided rocket at a gathering of Saudi-backed forces in the Midi desert;
  • A Zelzal 1 rocket launched by Ansar Allah hit positions of Saudi-led forces in Asir province destroying 3 military vehicles;
  • At least 15 Saudi-backed fighters were killed in a recent round of clashes with Ansar Allah in the Hurib area, Nihm province;
  • Army units loyal to Ansar Allah carried out a series of raids against Saudi-led forces in Al-Jawf province;
  • A vehicle belonging to Saudi-led forces was destroyed in Jizan province;
  • Pro-Ansar Allah sources claim that the Saudi-led coalition violated the al-Hudaydah ceasefire up to 100 times during the last 24 hours.
Military Situation In Yemen On March 7, 2019 (Map Update)

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    On the topic …. for SF and everybody, if you have not seen it – https://yemen-rw.org/

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