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Military Situation In Yemen On June 5, 2019 (Map Update)

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  • Yemen’s Armed Forces spokseman (allied with Ansar Allah) stated that 26 new points in a total area of 40 km2 had been liberated during the large military operation in Wajf front, Jawf province;
  • Ansar Allah captured a large number of guns and ammunition during the advace in Wadi al Wajf in Khab and Shaaf from Saudi-led forces;
  • Clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces continue at the Alab crossing and in the Rabua area;
  • Heavy clashes were reported in Dhale, Jawf province;
  • Saudi-led forces shelled the Airport square, Mobile square, CityMax, Sanaa Street and Kilo16 with mortar shells;
  • Saudi Coalition warplanes targeted Hidan 5 times;
  • Saudi Coalition warplanes targeted Baqem 4 times;
  • Saudi Coalition warplanes targeted the Jarban camp in Sanhan;
  • 2 civilians were killed and 2 others were wounded in a Saudi strike on the Thubakh area in the Hisha district.
Military Situation In Yemen On June 5, 2019 (Map Update)

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klove and light

lol….. Saudis are now in “Vietnam mode” .. bombing the shit out of jemen…..with no strategic value…wont Change a Thing on the Ground….the Momentum is clearly on the houthis side…….


I don’t know, in the war of attrition the Houthis seem to have the upper hand. But any time they leave the highlands for lower terrain the Saudi’s and Friends still seem to do better. Which seems understandable because in low terrain the Saudi’s and Friends can bring their material advantage to bear against Houthi light infantry. So I still think the stalemate will continue. This war will not be decided by the Houthis defeating the Saudi’s and Friends on the battlefield but by the Saudi’s and Friends not being able to defeat the Houthis.

Concrete Mike

The battle for Rabua Alab border crossing has been ongoing for a while.

If the saudis lose it, Midi could be liberated.

The yemeni army is doing a fine job this spring!

To misquote our favorite zionist lawyer, christmas in Riyadh

chris chuba

The Houthis need anti-aircraft weapons. Pity Yemen didn’t have them before 2014.

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