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Military Situation In Yemen On June 28, 2018 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in Yemen on June 28, 2018. The Saudi-UAE-led coalition and its proxies are still attempting to seize the port city of al-Hudaydah in western Yemen from the Houthis.

However, their military operation is ongoing not well. The Houthis have carried out a series of successful attacks on the coalition’s supply lines along the western Yemeni coast thus stopping the coalition’s advance on al-Hudaydah. MORE HERE

Military Situation In Yemen On June 28, 2018 (Map Update)

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Karsten Hartog

Lets hope the Saudi block won’t do anything too extreme


the wholw fucking war is extreme..from their torture techniques to the bombings…bomb wait for the helpers..bomb again….starvation strategy…..but that all just shows who their masters are…satanic jew israel……and for the battle itself….lol….and the havent even scratched the mountanous homeland of the houthis were heavy military hardware is a no go.so let them attack and attack and attack….maybe the prince is on coke, maybe he will put his own future on line here…the longer this continues..the more dangerous it gets for prince salman life…as seen with the prvious attack on him at the royal palace by his own people in the military….since then the prince is protected by western/us mercs..unbelievable really and definetly will add to the bad grievances that so many have against him specially the formerly inprisoned billionaire,millionaire princes and military people……and please dont believe those saudi bs stories of ballistic missile interceptions…..LOL…just like the israelis bs stories on missile interceptions during the last lebanon war….when the truth came out a meager 20% were intercepted by israel…..during the big SAA missile attack a month ago on israeli golan targets a meager 11 missiles out of 55 were intercepted…stated by israeli press and military…….thats 20%……just for the notes…the us military hit percentage of ICBM´s is a meager 15%….SM-3 BlockIIA Aegis Test of hawaii jan .2018.. failed…june..2017…failed test……RAND corporation stated the “limited effetiveness” of us anti ballistic missile shield…LOL…so take a wild quess how the saudis are doing lol


The maps of Yemen don’t ever fully show the ambiguous nature of the eastern parts of Yemen. While the main fighting goes on in the west a myriad local militias control the streets and have various affiliation. Some are loyal to local governments while others are in rebellion against the Hadi government and others claim ISIS or Al-Qaeda affiliations. In any case many towns are de facto mini-states that make their own policies and fight their own battles while others are fractured by gang wars.

S Melanson

Here is an interim update on the situation as well as what really happened in Al Fayza.

The Houthis assaulted the Al Fayza region approximately a week ago and cut off numerous units including Blackwater mercenaries from the US and the leader of Blackwater in western Yemen. After several days the besieged units surrendered and the Houthis took into custody the Blackwater leader.

Unfortunately for the coalition, a UAE relief force arrived to lift the siege but the forces had already surrendered. Worse, the Houthis learned of the impending relief effort and waited to ambush. I suspect the Blackwater mercs tipped off the Houthis of the relief force on its way – fickle mercenaries indeed.

The relief force was completely taken by surprise despite air cover from Apache Helicoptors and was decimated. The Houthis having completed their mission melted into the country side leaving the remnants of the relief force to declare Al Fayza cleared of Houthis (but not the mines) and once again in coalition hands.

A glorious victory for the coalition.

The status of supply lines remains precarious and the coalition is unusually silent on the supply status of its troops in advanced positions near Hudaydah Port. I think the cessation of offensive operations tells us all we need to know.

I had previously commented on the coalition reports that presented operational progress in reverse order of time – airport liberated, then entrance to airport taken, then assault on airport on verge of ejecting Houthis, followed by report of advancing coalition forced on airport with assault imminent and Houthi defences expected to quickly collapse.

Well now it has gotten even better. Coalition leaders are in agreement that the Houthis must vacate Hudaydah Port without conditions or face a MILITARY SOLUTION! Apparently, the coalition offensive has not yet begun and the generous and kind coalition leaders are offering the Houthis a final opportunity for a diplomatic solution (total capitulation that is). Coalition media actually reported that ‘according to coalition sources’ the Houthis have agreed to their demands and will hand over the Port to the UN (because the Houthis have complete faith in the UN…).

I do not know what alternative timeline this reportiing is coming from but it has no relation to reality in this time line. In fact the Houthis are now engaged in a major counteroffensive that is seeing early success. Expect coalition announcements to be increasingly surreal and disconnected from facts on the ground. I have determined what might explain the, now desperate, delusion of the coalition in control and winning the fight. The new Saudi Prince has staked the legitimacy of his rule on achieving a major military victory in Yemen, reversing the setbacks his predecessors endured. If the coalition had delivered, it would have definitely strengthen the Prince’s hand. Unfortunately, the Prince chose the port because it is flat land and so could be taken, forgetting the problems of a narrow supply corridor and attacking along a narrow front. I think this is why the coalition kept trying when they should have retreated when it became clear the supply situation was untenable and their troops exposed in a confined corridor.

To wrap up, I think the Prince has passed the denial stage and is in the anger stage of acceptance – coalition air strikes are now almost exclusively striking civilian targets. Please say prayers for the Prince so that he gets to the grief stage of acceptance and also send him a crate of tissues to show our sincere concern for his well being. Meanwhile the western media has shifted into full let’s end this conflict mode with reporting that the coalition are responsible for more than half the deaths of innocent children in Yemen based on the NEWLY released UN report! Well once you involve children, you definitely want to move to diplomatic solution.

They better hurry up as the Houthis are not slowing down and I feel more surprises are in store for the coalition, and they will not be pleasant

Jonathan Murray

Yes – hope what you are saying is true but sounds good!

S Melanson

I will try to provide an explanation of how I research and assess reports to put together a summary like this one as well as others I have posted in the past. Prior summaries have proven to be correct so far although that does not guarantee ones to follow will be correct.


spot on

chris chuba

My prayers have been answered. The part about the Houthis evacuating Al Fayza rings true to me. After ambushing the mercs, they have to put a premium on getting back into secure territory against air strikes. There is no need to hold a city because the threat of ambush gives the Houthis fire control over the Orc army’s supply lines.

I would love to see the failure of this operation lead to the downfall of MbS but this is mostly a UAE operation, isn’t it? A plague on all of the invaders houses.

S Melanson

Many would like to see the fall of MbS. I would say UAE and KSA are equally invested in Yemen, although it would seem MbS has gone the extra step of making it personal and this may be his downfall.


all my previuos posts regarding attack on hudaydah were spot on..lol…lol…when most were bs around.. i wrote numerous times the all in situation for the invading pricks….i wrote about the different mercenaries from western states getting 10,000-30,000…then the columbians with 3000-5000 dollars a month and the nigger sudanese making 300-500 dollars…a continuoes downward spiral….i wroteaboutthe difference of fighting will between mercs and their money and natives that defend their country….and i wrote about the battle of the hudaydah area….the way the houthis goaded them into hell….making them attack and attack and attack…stretch and stretch and stretch …make them go allin..i wrote how anybody with military experience can see the strategy that is being played out..and finally i wrote…..if this invading jew slave force cant get hudaydah this war is over…..and it pretty much seems so….and how brave,steadfastness the houthis are.
so again i bow my head to these brave young men who are defending their home country against an international satanic jew slave army, which by amnesty international and red cross accounts uses the most barbaric torture techniques including the south african special branch technique used during apartheid…The grill…were a human being is grilled like a chicken on a roast

S Melanson

I can see you get it.


south african special branch technique? I can’t seem to find any evidence of the Israelis or for that matter the saudi coalition using this technique. Did you pull that one out of your ass?


You are great my dear
Houthies are pride of Yemen people and saudi led allies will be defeated soon because they are 100% jews slaves

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