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Military Situation In Yemen On July 27, 2019 (Map, Video)

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Military Situation In Yemen On July 27, 2019 (Map, Video)

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  • Clashes between Saudi-led forces and Ansar Allah continue in the Baqem area;
  • Ansar Allah artillery struck Saudi-led forces near the Qays mountain;
  • Clashes between Saudi-led forces and Ansar Allah were reported in Astar and Mahashima areas;
  • Firefights between Saudi-led forces and Ansar Allah were reported at the Wazeiyah crossroad;
  • Saudi-led forces shelled Jablaiya area with 20 mortar shells;
  • Saudi-led forces shelled Hays area with 11 mortar shells;
  • Saudi-led forces shelled CityMax, Waha hotel and Hudaydah airport with mortar shells.


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Zionism = EVIL

Zionist scum, Saudi pimps and Americunt child killers the worst even according to UN report

The United Nations has for the third year put Saudi Arabia and its allies in their military campaign against Yemen on the world body’s blacklist of child killers,

According to a report by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, in 2018, the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen killed or injured 729 children, nearly half the total child casualties of the year.

The UN chief’s report, which was presented to the Security Council on Friday, also states that Palestinian casualties caused by the Israeli regime, mainly its military, hit a four-year high in 2018.

The report shows that 59 Palestinian children were killed – 56 by Israeli forces – and another 2,756 were injured last year.

US indiscriminate drone and air attacks on civilians from Afghanistan to Syria have killed the most children officially totaling over 3,756 fatalities and over 12,485 serious injuries. Most of the US victims have been in Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq and Syria.


Yup, its become an insane freak show, when the Houtis is fighting an enemy completelly backed by the west, the UN is so bloody hideous its unpresedented, UNCHR is corrupt to their core, where they are one of the large players, hiding facts like why we have this war and blames eveything on the victims, the children and the people, silent is complyance when the UN is backing saction regimes as the one in Yemen, and yet this scums drools about me been an Nazi for not wanting millions of sub-saharan into our lands, its so far out its jaw dropping, the UN is nothing but an cover for the west to continue enternal wars, and in Yemen they are behind the Wahabi scums, and so in countrys like Norway, dead silent, nothing of this actrocitys is ever in the News, nothing, only when they write something or in any form can relate this to Iran, witch again is something that have nothing to do with the war. The hypocrasy is mind boggling and nothing but pure evil. But hey, Norway is making an killing in weapon sales, yeah, humanising the Yemens back to the stone age, and whines about me been an nationalist. Never forget this, this targets, incl schools for disabeled children, was/is painted by someone, mostly British specs but could incl others to (Norwegians specs, etc, etc), this targets are bombed with purpouse, this targets arent done by accsident, and we all know by whom.

huh But what really pisses me off, the reason I hammers Russia and now China, is that they should do better, its not enough to mumble something in the UNSC, that is an cowards stand, while they also, like Norway is selling weapons to the Saudi-barbarians and washes their hands with bollocks. But bowing and crawling infront of the Tribe and Saudi-barbarians for an fist full of Shekles, you cant fall any lower.

The Muslim world, yeah, humm… you are much, much worse, the willfully ignorance, the refusal to do anything while your neighbor is burning is something I will never forget, and have shown, while they claim they are Muslims, is hypocrasy, an complyance, witch you never will be released from, this Arabs, is pissing Allah in the face and claim its raining, you are scums, rotten scums, makes even scums shine brightly, because to me, Hypocrasy/Complyance is much worse, your souls will one day discover that, and I know you think I am joking, or something like that, and to that I say, you know nothing, nothing about Allah, nothing about Islam, nothing in fact about reality, that incl most of you. There is nothing more foul, nothing so evil, than killing children, the new borns, given the light from our creatore, our Lords children as much as humans, and you slaughter then and thinks you are protected because you claim you are an Muslim (this goes to the rest to incl Jews and Christians, etc), that, is pure evil, no sin is even close to that, killing Gods light, because of some few silver coins.

You all, everyone of you, will burn in hell.


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