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Military Situation In Yemen On July 23, 2019 (Map, Video)


  • Asnar Allah targeted Malik Khalid Airbase in Khamis Mushait with several Qasef-K2 loitering munitions;
  • Clashes between Saudi-led forces and Ansar Allah continue in the Baqem area;
  • Asnar Allah fired a Zilzal-1 missile at the Saudi-led forces positions at the Wazeiyah crossroad;
  • Artillery duels and firefights between Saudi-led forces and Ansar Allah are ongoing on the Hayran front;
  • Saudi coalition warplanes struck Qatabah district 2 times;
  • Ceasefire violations were reported in Al Hudaydah province.
Military Situation In Yemen On July 23, 2019 (Map, Video)

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  • Rob

    Saudis bombing and fighting against Yemen on request of US and UK. Abdu rabu mansoor Hadi is just a pretext.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, I never stop to be amazed by the level of idiot propaganda regarding the Yemen war, Iran backed, so what the f…. I back em, unconditionaly with my hart and soul, if I could I would send them everything they needed, from weapons to medical, and aid, because their fight is 100% just and legale, to then drool something about Iran is just bullshit, and like Norway, our MSM lies constantly, they never ever tell the facts, nor why this war came to be, nope, not f…. once.
    Because, Norway makes an massive killing from this war thru weapon sale and drones, etc, etc, and probably have people aka Mercs on the ground, eh….. fighting the eh….. ISIS eh….. terrorists, right Trumpstein and Co.
    Yemen is an war based upon false claims, the truth is largly ignored, when the sham election, with just One candidate, I am not joking, and that person was eh…. elected by the Whabi scums aka Saudi-barbarians, why then on earth shoul the people of Yemen take that, because of what, and to then drool something about Iran while saying nothing about Saudi-barbarians, should tell us everything, even the HumaNazis in Norway is dead silent about the Whabi rats, the African scums, the Mercs from various shitholes like Georgia, yeah, christians right my ass, and so on, nothing, slaughtering civlians, bombing everything that moves, killing children, bombing funerals,bombing schools for diableled children, in fact they bomb everything, and what do our ZioNazi suckers in the MSM say, buhuhu its Iranian backed, so thats why we slaughter Yemens, like its an Ok cause, while its to me an sign of utter evil, pure unblemished evil, and yet the same ZioNazi MSM whines about me been eh….. hatefull, yup, derailed of course but I cant do anything other than watch, since the MSM cencures everything else.

    And again, I back em, 100%, and like the Palestinians, the west just watches, drools something about anti-semetism if we say anything else than whats been aproved by the ZioNazi MSM.
    May the lord have mercy upon us all, this, is genocide, nothing else than total slaughter.
    May the scums rot in hell.