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JUNE 2023

Military Situation In Yemen On July 1, 2019 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent develeopments in Yemen:

  • Al-Hudadah ‘ceasefire’:
    • Saudi-led forces shelled the Awadi compani in Kilo16 with mortar shells.
    • Saudi-led forces shelled the July7 area with 5 mortar shells.
    • Saudi-led forces shelled the Al Jah area with 22 mortar shells.
    • Saudi coalition warplanes struck the Abs district 6 times.
  • Heavy clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces continue in the Najram area.
  • Ansar Allah fired a Zilzal-1 missile at positions of Saudi forces north of the Midi desert.
  • Clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces continue in the Qatabah district.
Military Situation In Yemen On July 1, 2019 (Map Update)

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Icarus Tanović

Keep on going, Yemenis. Keep up against saudi wahhabi zionistic imperialistic snake. I admire you.

You can call me Al

Now 2 x small green blobs up North….. NOoooo

S Melanson

Information is hard to get but this much we do know:

Ansarullah have enveloped Najran City from the West and South Reports of Ansarullah operating in and around Al Sudais means Ansarullah have positions east of Najran City. The North flank is unclear but clearly Najran is in a stranglehold. Najran is former Yemeni so I doubt the plan is an assault but to let the City switch sides. The ground work for that to happen is what I think is happening to convince tribal elders Ansarullah can repel Coalition attacks and have staying power. I think Ansarullah setbacks in Dhale Province are in the minds of elders although Ansarullah did retake the provincial capital Qatabah.

So far, Ansarullah have repelled the Coalition and are keeping ground gained in Najran area. Dhale is currently stalemate as is Ta’iz.

However, a number of factors weigh in on side of Ansarullah. First, the success of drone and missile attacks and overall impotence of Coalition is increasingly evident. Two, the UAE foreign minister is speaking openly about ending war at the same time UAE is withdrawing forces from Yemen. We can put 2 and 2 together here. UK has suspended licenses to sell weapons to Coalition states and Congress is in a war with Trump to do the same.

The wars days are numbered, If Houthis make a another significant and successful advance against Coalition and hold the territory while holding out elsewhere, this will seal the deal.

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