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Military Situation In Yemen On January 31, 2019 (Map Update)


  • Ansar Allah shelled positions of Saudi-led forces in the Harad district in Hajjah province;
  • A Saudi soldier was killed by sniper fire in the Jabal Jafan area in Jizan province;
  • Two vehicles of Saudi-led forces were reportedly destriyed in Jizan province;
  • A civilian was killed and four others were injured by Saudi-led forces’ shelling in the Durahmi area;
  • 10 airstrikes by the Saudi Air Force were reproted in the Al-jarahi district;
  • A civilian was reportedly killed by an airstrikes in the Al-Ghawiah district;
  • 7 airstrikes were reported in the Wasab Al-Saffel district. A civilian was allegely killed;
  • Airstrikes were reported in the districts of Ketaf and Zaher.
Military Situation In Yemen On January 31, 2019 (Map Update)

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  • Sakaramanga

    Such civil wars – airstrikes have little effect. Fuck saudi air force and their allies. The world is a mess and Yemen is taking the worst of it…and who is causing that is the bully state that sanctions whoever she wants.