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JUNE 2021

Military Situation In Yemen On January 29, 2018 (Map Update)

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Forces backed by the Saudi-led coalition are pressuring the Houthis in northern and western Yemen. Especially intense fighting is ongoing in the area of Taiz. Meanwhile, clashes between factions backed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE have erupted in the city of Aden. MORE DETAILS

Military Situation In Yemen On January 29, 2018 (Map Update)

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Don Machiavelli

Charlie Hebdo insulted me less than Saudis do now. Disgrace for Muslim world, colonial whores. Pardon my lang.

Astar Roth

After Charlie portrait illustrations of Zionist kiss with Hitler, we all, know what, happens. So, who wahabies working for?

Don Machiavelli

Wahabis and Zionists are children of the same mother.

Richard M

Wahhabistani Orcs with all their US and Israel supplied weapons are stymied!

Astar Roth

Seem like Aragorn bust their asses well.

Matt Lazarus

Saudis are not doing the fighting. Fighting is by Sudanese and other mercenaries. Saudi military forces are incompetent. Saudi regime has never been willing to provide Saudi people with proper educations, and never provided Saudi military forces with proper training, out of fear that well-trained military could turn on the regime (a common pattern in Arab States).

Astar Roth

Nevertheless, they’re dying there too.

Shuja Pasha

Guys keep this in mind, Ansar’Allah (aka, incorrectly, the Houthis) and their allies control atleast 85% of the population centers….minimum. With the onset of the war many people migrated to the major cities Ansarullah control.

Furthermore, whatever physical presence Saudis and their allies (prostitutes essentially) have is going to get over-run by the ACTUAL Yemeni gov’t led by Ansar’Allah as soon as they stop the war.

Here’s a population density map to put things in perspective. comment image

Astar Roth

Well, they, basically have plain desert.

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