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Military Situation In Yemen On January 23, 2017 (Map Update)

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The map shows a military situation in Yemen on January 23, 2017

Military Situation In Yemen On January 23, 2017 (Map Update)

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Richard M

The map is out of date based on local reports. There is now fighting going on in Mocha with Hadi’s forces holding some (all?) of the Mocha Expressway and Houthi holding the inner city. Also, Hadi’s forces have made advances in Hajjah, Jawf, the Nihm district of Sanaa, and Dhamar.


Sources please.


Why don’t we just take out al-Qaeda right now?

northerntruthseeker .

Because “al Qaeda” is and always has been a fraud.. They are nothing more than US bought and paid for mercenaries,operatives, and murderers…. It will be up to the incoming Trump government to decide if they will finally curtail this CIA led group…


It ‘aint that simple. Al Qeada was created by US and Saudi intelligence services as a Sunni muslim militant force/ proxy asset, whose leadership subsequently went rogue under Bin Laden. They were originally created, financed and handled by US and Saudi intelligence as proxy paramilitary in Afghanistan, against the Soviets for a decade from 1979 – 89. Al Qeada only became a problem when its handlers had nothing to direct it against – it was then that it turned and bit the hand that fed it. After US and Saudi’s first 1991 Gulf war, that saw US troops on Saudi territory that offended Bin Laden, it turned on both the US and Saudi states. Al Qeada militants later became a problem in Iraq, after the US invasion in 2003, operating as insurgents against the US forces and the Iraqi state security and in sectarian capacity against the Iraqi Shia muslim population. But, Al Qeada in Iraq was on ropes by late 2000’s – but it found new stimulus with the NATO/GCC support for the Muslim Brotherhood’s armed uprising against Syrian government in 2011. It’s members crossed over into Syria and resumed sectarian activities aligned with the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. In that capacity it was once again broadly in alignment with US and Saudi intelligence services agenda, after two decades at odds. Intelligence services are masters of the game – my enemies enemy, are my ally (for now) – so Al Qeada in Syria was not subject to any serious US assault from 2011-16, in fact, John Kerry’s State Department and Pentagon refused to formally separate them from the ‘moderate rebels’ during the 2015-16 negotiations withe Russians. That is why Russians stopped dealing with US, as latter are de facto aligned with objectives of Al Qeada in Syria (remove Assad and create Sunnistan) – and was Al Qeada who until their recent defeat, made up largest sector of militants in east Aleppo, that the US tried to protect up until the very last moments.

Ho Pw

Teach the wahhabi salafi a good lesson so that they will think not twice but thrice about committing aggression against others.

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