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Military Situation In Yemen On December 18, 2018 (Map Update)


This map provides a general look at the current military situation in Yemen. It sees that the ceasefire agreement reached by the warring parties in Sweden has resulted in no progress in the peace process so far.

Military Situation In Yemen On December 18, 2018 (Map Update)

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  • Pave Way IV

    Oh FFS…

    UN sets Hodeidah ceasefire date for December 18: Houthi official
    Truce brokered by UN between pro-government forces and Houthi rebels set for December 18, Houthi official says.

    …”The Houthis received a message from the UN, setting the date to begin the ceasefire between the warring parties in the city of Hodeidah on December 18,” the Houthis spokesperson told Al Jazeera.

    At the Sweden talks, the warring parties also signed an agreement on a prisoner exchange. The swap is expected to be completed before January 20…