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Military Situation In Western Aleppo On February 9, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Western Aleppo On February 9, 2020 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in western Aleppo. Government forces have liberated several settlements and are now storming the area of Rashideen 4. MORE HERE


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Tim Williams

SAA continues to advance … it is critical for the ALLEPO CITY forces to hold their lines at KLARIYAH in order for the final decisive phase ….


SAA now just 2 KM from KLARIYAH

You can call me Al

I have decided that you are a jolly good fucking chap, even though I have never come across you before, (have I ?).


The next step after securing the M5 should be to advance north via Kafr Naha, Anjaraha, Qabtan al-Jabal and link up to government forces at Bashamra, thus FINALLY securing Aleppo from potential Jihadi attacks. Which should have been done in 2017, although I grant that the SAA had a lot of other fish to fry at the time.

The fact that it will net two more Turkish holiday resorts is of course icing on the cake.

Tim Williams

you’re going to enjoy the final phase …

GordyMan Lopez

What if turkey is actually doing recon for russia and syria in idlib while seeming to be doing other wise in exchange for keeping sdf pkk ypg all in check at the northern border. It seems like these turkish post get put up and a little after SAA comes knocking and taking those towns. All the turkish armor coming into idlib seems to be the distraction none seem to be being used against ??. I’m glad if it really is what’s happening behind the scenes

Tim Williams

with the TURKS … anything is possible, they would sell their sisters and stab their own mothers


Even if you’re completely wrong, it’s good to consider all the possibilities.

Chris P

This is not what Arrogant wants. Double edged sword starting a fight with Russia. Then, there is no Nat Gas or Russian Tourist for Turkey. Can Turkey afford this? Can Arrogant afford to have his people complain about dead Turks coming home from Idlib? These are not Kurd they are fighting against, thus there is no real hate toward Assad. The popular vote is not something Arrogant can afford to play with. The economy is bad, refugees, the Turks are getting sick of this endless war.

The Turkish voters do not have the heart to go to war with Russia in Syria. Russia know this. Patience pays. Putin slowly eroding Arrogants ability to fight. Additionally, How good are Turkish troops? They are likely a lot like Assad’s army at the beginning of the Civil War. Not all that great, This means a lot of Blood. Fighting the SAA and Kurds at the same time is not good politics, Bluffing works until someone calls your Bluff. This will go on for awhile, this is far from over. But, slowly the terrorist are losing ground and the Turks too. $$$$$$$$$ No Jobs and Body Bags.

You can call me Al

Arrogant wants a friend that could be in Russia; I would not discount it the above idea + it would certainly be good for Syria.

Tim Williams

The JIHADI refuses to report the facts and when he does, it’s usually 24 – 36 hour old now …


Tim Williams
Tim Williams

Rumors of counter attack coming


HEZ forces will light them up


M5 is getting recaptured quickly, good work.

Tim Williams

weapons caches continue to be discovered


You can call me Al

Keep up the good work Tim, cheers.

Tim Williams

Magic World theme park and zoo under SAA control now

Grain silos near WADI ABU SHAYLAM under SAA control

Tim Williams

Great analysis of the mess ERDOGAN has created, the broken agreements he made with PUTIN


Tim Williams

SAA forces pause … waiting for Western flanks to move up … sold red line now all the way up to ABU SHAYLAM now … pushing forward soon.

SAA colonel killed


Tim Williams
You can call me Al

That’s good right ?. Nice site thanks.


good news!! :)

Tim Williams

The SAA forces coming up from the south have now linked up to the forces in ALLEPO CITY … mass battles now going on north of ALLEPO CITY with SAA forces moving on multiple fronts … RATS have no idea of what is going on or where to run as the RAF drops bombs on their skulls …

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