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JUNE 2021

Military Situation In Uqayrabat Pocket Following Liberation Of Huwaysis (Map Update)

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On Monday, the Syrian Army and its allies liberated the important village of Huwaysis from ISIS terorirsts in the area of Uqayrabat pocket where a notable number of ISIS terrorists had been encircled last week. The map provides a look at the military situation in the area following this army advance.

Military Situation In Uqayrabat Pocket Following Liberation Of Huwaysis (Map Update)

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Johnson Malarkey

Red Army is unstoppable :-O Go SAA, make Syria Great again :-)

Solomon Krupacek



Close the walls and shrink the pocket around Uqayrabat, and make the pocket RED.
Then the front line would shorten releasing valuable military resources, then we have a repeat operation for the second pocket.
Maybe allow an opening to drain ISIS sewage from the pocket, only to be obliterated fro the air.


Drones, target acquisition, and bombing.
That is how hunting is done in pockets
If it moves, the drone sees it, and the drone operators send the data feed to the RuAF who then either uses anti vehicle bombs or anti personnel bombs. This is how the pocket is managed.
Good Job….. Keep it up!


The eastern pocket will collapse in a few days. The E-Hama pocket will take a bit longer. I would push the rats to escape north and allow them to run away to Idlib across the ithiriya highway! More beaten insurgents escaping to the jihadistan to demoralise others!


This is so awesome!
I wake up every day rubbing my hands together thinking, “I wonder what gains the SAA may have made since yesterday”.
Then I wake up and I see these pockets forming and then shrinking!
And I just can’t help but enjoy thinking about American NeoCons and Zionists getting massively upset! I just fucking love this shit!
This could be the turning point in history! The wheel was broken here, in Syria!
Now to roll it all back and CONTAIN ISRAEL (little America)!
See how they like having anti air missiles defence shields, ballistic missiles, massive war games right on their borders!
Fuck them! Its time we put our boots on Israel’s neck! change the Reserve currency to something else so America can’t print its own wealth and then watch them TRY to pay back 20 trillion in debt whilst their citizens are at each others throats screaming for socialism!
Thats how u destroy powerful nations, u destroy them from the inside!
But they destroyed themselves, stretched their empire too far!
Without America, Jews are fucked! TOTALLY FUCKED!
Sheep amongst wolves!

Wahid Algiers

Right. Israel is only living on US’s power and that comes from the huge influence jews built up in nearly all corners of the society. Always playing the holy holo-card. If you change the currency or throw all US-Dollars on the market within one week, the US will definitely anwser with a fatal war – aggressive like a wounded bear.


They already are wounded!

martin aguilar

100% right Justin !! Yanks Brits and Israelis are fucked in Middle East !! NATO ( North Atlantic Terrorist Organization )has lost the war !!!! I´m so happy !!!! Hurray !!! Just ca´nt believe it !! I´m from Argentina and now worried with Venezuela. because NATO needs wars. N Korea is too difficult and China is too powerful. So they will come to invade Venezuela. So please help us !! Don´t wait like in Siria till ISIS grow ! We have to start moving before the war starts.!! The moment is now !!


Argentina, what a great country! Im old enough to remember the famous saying “As rich as an Argentine”! Because u were once the richest nation in the world Per person (PPA)
But America and Britain FUCKED THAT UP!
Read the book “confessions of an economic hitman”!
When a nation figures out a way to Flourish, it is disposed of!
This is the way of the Jew!
Im not anti-semitic, but its true!
Foreign policy of the USA is 100% Jewish!
American politics is Jews at work!
South America needs to unite against America. Best possible thing to do is to ally with Russia and China in this situation!
Poor Venezuela! So much oil yet so many problems!
America was its biggest market! This was the problem!
its time the USA was Sanctioned!!!!
Fuck em!

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