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Military Situation In Ukraine On October 9, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Ukraine On October 9, 2022 (Map Update)

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  • Russia struck the 14th Mechanized Brigade of the AFU near Redkodub with high-precision missiles;
  • Russia struck the 81st Airmobile Brigade of the AFU near Zaporozhye with high-precision missiles;
  • Russia struck the 92nd Mechanized Brigade of the AFU near Kharkiv with high-precision missiles;
  • Russian air defense systems shot down 6 Ukrainian drones near Snegirevka in the Nikolaev region, Novomikhailovka, Novomayorskoye and Blagoveshchenka in the DPR and Ustinovka in the Kharkiv region;
  • Russian air defense systems shot down 4 HIMARS rockets near Novaya Kakhovka in the Kherson region and 5 Uragan rockets near Olkhovatka in the Kharkiv region and the city of Donetsk;
  • Clashes between the AFU and the Russian Army continue near Pervomais’ke village.


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Ukrainian “Azov” neo-Nazi by the name of “Zhorin” showed footage of the massacre of the civilian population of Kupyansk. These civilians were pro Russians and they were killed for just that reason. Rumors that Zhorin is among those freed last month and sent to Dubai in a first class flight.

Pro Russian Axis of Resistance

That’s disappointing, maybe these Azov scum will die a mysterious death in the near future.


The video is fake, which was proved already. These were no human bodies, but puppets.


so then it was not as claimed? because it was said from the metadata it was shot today by the very Ukrainian guy who released it. That these people were killed for being pro Russian but you found out it was puppets! So which is it ? Ukrainian nazis killed these people or it was nato puppets used to make a video that Russia claims shows the murder of civilians? Or do you just run around posting horse shit because the latter seems like the most likely.


Ukraine killed them as it is their speciality

Where is yuri?


Dick Von D'Astard

Seems to me that ‘full-fat’ thermobaric warheads from Iskander tactical ballistic missiles are going to help decide how quickly the Zelenskyy regime capitulates.

Last edited 3 months ago by Dick Von D'Astard

Out of curiosity do you actually believe that? That after seven months, attacks on Russian cities the killling of Russians via bombs and hit squads deep in Russia the sinking of flag ship of the black sea and the Crimea bridge that still Russia is just waiting for the right time to unleash its military power? Not trying to mock you I thought the same until maybe a couple months ago…

Dick Von D'Astard

In terms of wiping out large concentrations of Kyiv-Nato Axis forces, yes.

Those seven months has seen a vast number of Nato led Ukrainians liquidated and the destruction of a vast amount of heavy weaponry. We are now in the phase where Kyiv run Ukraine is throwing what it has left (resources) against consolidated and reinforced defensive lines.

Next six months totally favour the Russian operation. U.S. has thrown as much as it can into propping up Kyiv Ukraine, preventing inevitable defeat and the strain is now obvious.

Last edited 3 months ago by Dick Von D'Astard

war to long. scam war. 1984

Shit country makes shit military

Another Russian MoD nonsense report. Their troops are retreating/escaping.


JIzz-rag, how much of the orange-red territory that the Russians took has been regained in the great Ukrotard offensive? Keep in mind, the Ukrotards had eight years of NATO assistance to prepare during their provocation of Russia, and the result was an unimaginable loss of territory to the failed Ukrainia CIA project. What disaster for the Ukrotards!

Master Mong

Your mouth and Head is full of Crap. Russia has no chance in this War. You see it every Day. You are just delusional. Russians should stay in Russia and give everyone a bullet in the Head who state otherwise.That includes you. The Russians best bet is to red rid of shittalking Wankers like you.

Deathto Nazis

Russia is going to mop the streets with the ass of those murderers and you’ll be eating crow for a long time after.


Nah, they are pounding ukraine with high precision missiles made by southfront.


The Saker blog keep on living in fantasies that everything is OK in Eastern Front. Incredible denialism so common during late Soviet era: “what we don’t have we don’t even need”.

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