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JUNE 2023

Military Situation In Ukraine On October 14, 2022 (Photos, Videos)

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Military Situation In Ukraine On October 14, 2022 (Photos, Videos)

Offensive actions on the Ukrainian front

The situation on the Ukrainian front remains tense for both sides of the conflict.

Kharkiv direction:

In the Kupyansk sector, units of the 14th Branches and the 32nd Integrated Troops Battalion once again unsuccessfully attempted to storm Russian positions at the Kislovka-Pershotravnevoje line. The enemy had sustained heavy losses and retreated.

Luhansk direction:

In the Limano-Svatovsky section, the AFU servicemen increase the grouping at the line Torskoye – Terny. Soldiers of the 208th Cossack Regiment of the Russian Armed Forces are fighting with Ukrainian units near the village of Terny.

A similar situation is observed in the Lysychansk sector, but in this case it is not about supporting the offensive of ground units, but about defense. LNR mortar men are constantly firing at the AFU, thereby preventing them from gaining a foothold on the ground.

Donetsk direction:

Russian forces hold defenses in the vicinity of Novosadovoye, preventing the 111th AFU brigade from gaining a foothold in the area.

To the south of Bakhmut, Vagner PMC assault detachments are engaged in fierce fighting in Opytne. In the Soledar area, the sides are fighting near Spornoye.

Military Situation In Ukraine On October 14, 2022 (Photos, Videos)

Results of the shelling of Russian troops near Bakhmut

People’s Militia take part in artillery duels in the area of Opytne and strike at the positions of the enemy. After hitting each target, the guns are camouflaged and the crew withdraws to cover. Part of the AFU units, having suffered losses, withdrew from Otradivka to Kleshcheevka.

Ukrainian formations once again shelled Donetsk, Makeyevka, Yasinovataya, Dokuchayevsk, Aleksandrovka and other surrounding settlements, no injuries or casualties.

Zaporizhzhya direction:

The Ukrainian command continues to prepare for a large-scale counterattack along the entire front line in the Zaporizhia region.

The Russian Armed Forces struck facilities in Zaporizhzhia using the Geran-2 kamikaze drones. A fire broke out at the site. A fuel and lubricant depot was reportedly hit.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces also fired more than ten munitions at Energodar, the outskirts of the city and the coastline. It is symbolic that the attack by Ukrainian Nazis took place on the eve of the celebration of Zaporizhzhya’s liberation day from the Nazi invaders.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces attempted to strike Melitopol with kamikaze drones. Kiev sent two drones with explosive devices attached to them. One drone collapsed and exploded, while the second was shot down by the air defense system. The information about the destruction is being clarified. There were no casualties or injuries.

Southern direction:

In the Andreevsky sector, two platoons of the 18th and 137th battalions of the 35th Marine Brigade of the AFU attempted to storm the positions of Russian units north of Bezvodnoye. The Russian Armed Forces managed to repulse the enemy attack, forcing them back to their initial positions.

Russian forces continue to conduct sorties against AFU strongholds in the direction of Sukhoy Stavka.

In the Beryslav area, Ukrainian formations again shelled Russian military positions in Pyatikhatki and Polyanka.

Four explosions are reported in Kherson. Presumably, an air defense system went off in the city.

Air defense assets intercepted 15 drones and 14 rockets over liberated territories.

The Russian Defense Ministry reports that over the past 24 hours, high-precision weapons were used to hit a large foreign weapons depot in Brody, Lviv region, as well as energy and military facilities in Kyiv and Kharkiv regions.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled Belgorod, and the air defenses were active. A hit on a local substation was recorded, due to which electricity was lost in some areas of the city. Ukrainian formations shelled Voznesenovka in the Belgorod region. Air defense forces also intercepted several enemy shells in Novooskolsk District.

In a series of unsuccessful attacks, the AFU lost more than 160 men, three tanks, 13 armored vehicles and 11 pickups. In addition, the Russian Armed Forces carried out strikes on the location of foreign mercenaries and the 59th AFU brigade, destroying more than 170 fighters and 13 pieces of equipment.

Also struck 2 AFU control posts, 63 artillery units, 156 areas of unit accumulation, 6 ammunition depots. A Ukrainian Air Force Su-24 was shot down over Bereznevatiy.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal said that the country’s power supply system had stabilized after the October 10-12 missile strikes. However, he added, the capacity of the energy mains has been reduced due to significant damage, and therefore the load on the networks must be reduced.

The growing number of reports on the successes of the Russian army in the absence of recently mobilized Russian citizens at the frontline indicates the gradual depletion of the AFU. Strikes against energy facilities can only bring Russian successes closer.


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Have we won yet and why not?


Exactly. The reporting is so one-sided, it’s ridiculous and useless. Every report is almost the same: AFU attacks, are being repelled. Russian forces hold (something), inflict heavy losses on AFU, while Russian losses are never mentioned. They kill lots of enemy soldiers, no Russians are ever killed. They destroy or ‘annihilate’ material (people are killed BTW, not destroyed). No Russian material is ever destroyed. I know Russian news outlets like SF are being told to report that way. Reports on Russian casualties is considered inimical to the Russian cause. What nonsense. It’s best to be honest about it. But warcors (war correspondents) never were (allowed to be).

Russia doesn’t want or doesn’t have the means for an all-out offensive. It would certainly result in much higher casualties. These the leadership wants to avoid. Despite all the “hurray” and approval, the war isn’t popular, obviously. People are seeing what SF and so many others surpress: body bags, they know soldiers die every day. Further, I think Russia doesn’t want to destroy Ukraine. They want it as intact as possible. Wear down morale. Perhaps have a negotiated peace after all. Russia could do more militarily, but must be aware of potential new fronts opening up. There might well be a spring offensive with troops coming down from Belarus to achieve a decisive victory.

Last edited 7 months ago by Dave

You have the wrong intentions. For Russia it is a success that AFU is not advancing as fast as it did last month. It seems the frontlines have stabilized. This is a good news for Russia military. But in spring we will see you will have got more material and men power for the next turn. Everything is still open :(.

For example in the USA the mood is changing. First questions about the cost arise. E.g. Elon Musk has limited the support with starlink. At least Russia can start to hope for a change in the western support. Maybe this will get Natos next Afghanistan defeat if they lose the interest to support Ukraine for a longer time. This fear is real. If US Republicans gain majority US will stopp investing Ukraine and EU states are not able to do it alone.


“The wind of change”.

Everyone knows it's the Jews.

Don’t count on the Republicans. There is no war they don’t like.


Some are diehard neocon’s this is true, but what opposition to giving Ukraine endless billions exists only in the Republican party. They should get both the Senate and the House unless massive fraud stops them from getting the former. Then Biden will be impeached. Ukraine has all of Biden’s dirty laundry that can aired at any time. Thus, he is tied to Ukrainian Junta too. A mutual parasitic relationship.

Florian Geyer

I agree with you, but have you considered why Sleepy Joe was anointed as president?

If the Dems vote rigging fails in November the Republicans inherit the presidency and with that comes cries to prosecute Sleepy Joe.

Obumblers hands are pulling Bidens strings on behalf of the Aipac crowd. Biden will never see a prison cell or a fine, this is because Biden has dementia and is unfit to defend himself.


Correct, you described the coverage of the Russian forces quite well. Mere successes, only here and there some casualties and a tactical retreat. But we (as outside observers), like the Russians, know very well what war is: killing, slaughtering, raping and suffering. That’s why everyone hates this war and just wants their normal life. Therefore, there will be no new spring offensive, just as there will be no decisive victory.




So, if Russian forces are doing all this, why do they not win the war?


Because a war is not a sprint. It is more like a marathon. Look at Afghanistan: the NATO was dominanting all the years but at the end the Taliban underdog gained upper hand.


Russian army is doomed


The longer this conflict continues the higher the financial cost will be for the Western nato countries to support the regime in Kiev. They do not have the support of the public in West Europe only the Western government controlled media continues to push the narrative of a pro Kiev agenda but in truth most people here no longer listen to this . Most want this conflict to end as soon as possible with a peace deal but the vassal states in West Europe are on a Washington D/C dog leach


Any national elections due across the EU?

Florian Geyer

There could easily be an election in the UK due to the Liz Truss government being in serious trouble, LOL.


At such Ru reporting rate of killing, Ukraine and West will run out of weapons and soldiers very soon. There will be no more Nato, Ru will occupy EU & US after winter.

Die Grünen sind Kriegstreiber

no need to occupy US – monkeypox country, nah


Russia shall not occupy IS ,Russia soldiers will infect with monkey pok.

mike l hutchings

I am an American that does not want his country corrupted by a NAZI- GLOBALIST war. the US is going down the tubes. our military is little better than corporate mercenaries. this saddens me

Joao M...

Go Russia!!! The REAL Free World is 100% behind you!!! Long life and health to the world’s greatest leader, Vladimir Putin!!! 🇷🇺🇧🇷🇷🇺


The more NATO ukr cannon fodder would be consumed, the better for real civilized (not western) world.


Still stinks, where is the Russian army? Does Russia have an army or is it all just Wagner and Cossack militias?


Uh-huh, lol!



Last edited 7 months ago by PEDRO EL GRANDE


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