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Military Situation In Ukraine On May 12, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Ukraine On May 12, 2022 (Map Update)

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  • Russia attacked military assets of the AFU near Novhorod-Siverskyi with a high-precision missile;
  • Russia attacked military assets of the AFU near Odesa with a high-precision missile;
  • Russia attacked a ammo depot of the AFU near Krasnopavlovka with a high-precision missile;
  • On May 12, 320 AFU members were killed and 72 armoured vehicles were destroyed by the Russian Armed Forces, according to the Russian MOD;
  • Russian air defense systems shot down 13 Ukrainian drones near Velikie Prokhody, Velikaya Kamyshevakha in Kharkov Region, Panteleimonovka, Avdeevka and Dolya in Donetsk Region, Oknino and Fabrichnoe in Lugansk Region, Glubokoe in Chernigov Region, Barvinok and Vladimirovka in Dnepropetrovsk Region;
  • Russian air defense systems shot down 14 Ukrainian Smerch multiple-launch rockets over Zavody, Sukhaya Kamenka, Pimonovka, Izyum, Malaya Kamyshevakha in Kharkiv Region.


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And yet another RU ship was hit.


Ukraine king of fake news.


Where is the Russian MOD getting these AFU losses from? I mean realistically according to them, the Ukrainian armed forces should have been destroyed several times over during this conflict. It’s almost like they’re taking their own losses and doubling them in order to show the boss that the enemy is losing more troops and material than the Russians. But the situation clearly shows that the AFU is gaining terrain as the weeks pass, so the AFU loss numbers presented by the Russian MOD are surely taken out some general’s asshole and presented to Putin.

Last edited 1 year ago by πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

How do you figure AFU is gaining terrain? Sure around Kharov, but Russia was not seriously attacking there. Do you see what’s happening around Severdonetsk region?

Russians are world famous pathological liars. And Ukies are exaggerating also heavily RF losses.


Ukraine king of fake news lol.

Are you retarded? A few hundred people dying a day in this war is nothing, it’s probably near even on their side. It’s a war, all your racketeers regardless of allegiance are some stupid motherfuckers

They stolen data from Ukraine top secret documens lol.

After any action that happens be it in garrison or field – there is an after action report to be written – two of these lines are always allied and enemy losses, material losses, how many and who exactly is missing etc… that is overlooked by the military intelligence who also reports up towards its ranks..


So many strikes with precision weapons which are not cheap just to destroy some AFU groupings? I don’t know, but this seems like a big waste to me. This task is better suited for air force but there is no significant operations of RuAF any more. One starts to question himself if Russia ever had air supremacy over Ukraine because now it looks like their Air Force ceased to exist. There are just dug-in troops and front lines which move nowhere. It’s an attrition warfare, just like WW1, which costs a lot while bringing no benefits.

Meanwhile, the Russian forces are retreating from Harkov, AFU has already reached the Russian border and shelled Russian settlements again, according to the map, there is a long stretch of border where the Russian forces retreated, leaving Russian soil exposed in those areas. Ukraine has closed a gas pipeline, there are NATO forces fighting under the cover of “volunteers”, but looks like the Russian military commanders seem not to bother. Seriously, what’s going on?

Last edited 1 year ago by Russia
Lesco Brandon

Seems like they are very concerned with Severodonetsk. If they get that then like Mariupol, it will free up soldiers to continue west


Look like NATO general want Russia to do stupid plans.

Tom Bombastadillo

Severodonetsk/Lysichansk, then Kramatorsk.


”and shelled Russian settlements again,”’says it all doesn’t it !

Muhammad your Prophet

What’s going on? Seriously? The Ukranians are beating the shit out of the ruskies. That’s what’s going on. Those military commanders are all dead.

Last edited 1 year ago by Muhammad your Prophet
Muhammed Allah Ψ¬Ψ«Ψ« فاسدة Ω…Ψ΅Ψ§Ψ΅Ψ© Ψ§Ω„Ψ―ΩŠΩƒ

Confused, good.

There are NATO-dominated Ukrainians as well.

It is called war tactics that cause NATO to lose the war.


What’s going on is a dozen Western countries sent tons of AT and AA equipment and they’re not flattening Ukraine for both this reason and the fact that wasn’t their immediate goal, which at this point was a dumb choice for them. They literally sent in a simple like 60-100k conscripts, militia-grade guys with the crappiest crap and are letting them bleed dry. Do with that what you will

Tom Bombastadillo

From what I have read, none of them are conscripts. All are professional soldiers.


At lease it make Ukraine run out of fluel around their country.


You are not thinking it clearly. Are you suggesting air planes are cheaper than firing missiles? Russia developed missiles.

Did not ‘retreat’ from Kharkiv, left. pulled out it was all part of the tactic, draw out troops, respond. Allowing access to Russia is likely just to draw them in and expend themselves.


It’s like they just gave up. I think the failure in Kyiv broke them. If they had invaded Odessa within the first few weeks they’d be in a better position right now, but they were too pre-occupied with the doomed campaign in the north. Putin got greedy and tried to take the whole county when he really should’ve just focused on the south east.

Tom Bombastadillo

It looks to me like Russia is like a cat playing with a mouse.


Also, I’d like to point out that the biggest problem of all with this invasion is that it happened too late. If Russia did this in 2020 around the height of covid hysteria the result would have likely been much better. The western media apparatus can’t do two major psyops campaigns at once. If Putin was smart he would’ve attacked during the final month’s of Trump.


The psyop campaign to push the vaccine mainly was almost completely a 2021 psyop. Though censorship, hacking, covering up treatment methods such as ivermectin, addressing vit D insufficiency, etc and flooding the airwaves with nonsense was in full swing already in by June 2020. But you make a good point. The optimal time may have been right after Trump stepped down. The media would have struggled addressing election irregularities/recount/audit + vaccine psyop + propping up azov nazis and the junta regime.

Tom Bombastadillo

I think Russia has waited doing preparations until it was fully ready.


I think you are right, but what if it was planned this way? Putin is also building the NWO, he pushed vaccines too. Now this is meant to be a long war and it can drag on until Nato has Finland and Sweden and so on..btw the Finnish president is a CIA stooge, elected with ridiculous numbers that could never be true. Now he sold us to Nato “to defend democracy” but did not the the finnish people to take even a rigged referendum. Oh well..it is no good living between east and west, here empires can send weapons and not fight themselves, like the UK crown does. (Canada, Australia, USA really too and the EU)


All things considered, Russian army performs very poorly. Russian politicians and bean counter General Staff are too cocky and refuse to properly bomb bridges and supply lines. This is one of the primary reasons they will lose war.


Russia tactics are bomb Ukraine a little but long time 1-20years ,Russia isn’t in hurry.


You sound like an idiot.

Tom Bombastadillo

But you ARE an idiot. (just kidding)

Johannes Ekhman

Well, like the country, like the army, and vice versa – like the army, like the country. Failures in the war against Ukraine are rapidly depriving Moscow of the remnants of its world position and international prestige. As a result, Russia is losing all the prospects for its revival as a “great world power”.


Russia still occupy Ukraine land ,how say they are fail, Russia isn’t in hurry ,their tactics are bomb a little but long time 1-20 years.


Enough with your dumb tactics. War isn’t fun. If you have to make war, so be it. But you should never drag it out.

Kvass Boss

A nuuuuuuu cheeki breeki v Ukraine v damke!


Boris is a nazi supporter.

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