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JUNE 2023

Military Situation In Ukraine On May 10, 2023 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Ukraine On May 10, 2023 (Map Update)

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  • The Russian Army destroyed an ammo depot of the AFU near Belokuzminovka;
  • The Russian Army destroyed an ammo depot of the AFU near Preobrazhenka;
  • The Russian Army destroyed an ammo depot of the AFU near Kizomys;
  • The AFU destroyed an ammo depot of the Russian Army in Krasnohorivka;
  • The AFU reportedly destroyed 3 manpower concentration areas, 2 ammo depots, 3 other important targets of the Russian Army in the past 24 hours;
  • Russian forces destroyed 2 armoured vehicles, an Akatsiya self-propelled artillery system in the Kupyansk region;
  • Russian forces destroyed 2 armoured vehicles, 2 motor vehicles, a D-20 howitzer in the Krasny Liman region;
  • Russian forces destroyed 3 armoured vehicles, 4 motor vehicles, a Gvozdika artillery system in the Donetsk region;
  • Russian forces destroyed 7 motor vehicles, 1 Msta-B howitzer in the Kherson region;
  • Clashes between the Russian Army and the AFU continue in Mariinka;
  • Clashes between the Russian Army and the AFU continue near Kupyansk;
  • Clashes between Russian forces and the AFU continue in Bakhmut;
  • Russian air defense systems shot down 10 Ukrainian drones near Avdeevka in the DPR, Kuzemovka, Varvarovka in the LPR, Zherebyanki, and Rovnoye in the Zaporozhye region;
  • Russian forces reportedly struck at least six targets near Kharkov, including three of them in the city and in the area of CHP-5;
  • Russian Iskander missile strike struck an industrial enterprise in Kupyansk, Kharkiv region;
  • Russian missile and UAV strikes were reported in the Zaporozhie and Dnipropetrovsk regions.


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UAF conquered 6 sq km neqr Bachmut

john MonkeyPöksyläinen

They themselves said 2km (of empty mud fields) but you stupid cocksuckers are always even worse liars than your loving Banderats.

They also lost more areas in the city, but keep farting little bitch.

Markus Kallio 🇫🇮👍🇺🇦

Russian military incompetence surprise hardly anybody except most brainwashed Rooskie lovers.

Kjetil Bjarnesen

Russian army and bastards of Wagner are offspring of sick Russian society.

Kjetil Fakefagsen SBU whore

You are a sick bastard of a dead pig raped by 10000 Nazi dogs and Goering himself 🐷

Markus Kallio🇫🇮👍🇺🇦

Roosky wanker seems to be pissed off when RF military sucks very bad. 😂

Gerd Trunschka

Your trolling incompetence and absolute idiocy surprise hardly anybody, coz you’re just a brainless sewer rat faggot with a single digit IQ.



Yes, it’s amazing.

Bakhmut … flanks …. 72th Brigade is running … disturbingly https://t.me/supernova_plus/19968

Seems as if indeed the Fagners are the only fighting force from russia that is able to fight. Reason is likely that they (the illegal Fagner prison-mercenaries) are doing the fight more or less by free-will ( wanting to end their prison term and get back into freedom. Wherefore most of the russian soldiers (aka drafties) got forcefully drawn and put into this “be a soldier”-situation against their will, and have no clue why they should take part in an illegal raid on a neighbor country, and risk being killed or maimed.

And that’s a good question. If spainiards get oppressed in USA, does that give Spain the right to invade the USA ? About 80 years ago Germans where oppressed and even massacred in Poland. But did that give Germany the right to invade Poland ? Or if somalians are oppressed in China, does that give Somalia the right to invade and bomb into stoneage China ?

Simple questions – that if answered, show clearly the legal situation of the current Ukraine-Russia conflict !

Btw. not all russians abandoned that Bakhmut flank areas free willingly. Lots of them where just overrun within the last 48 hours, so that the rest decided to flee before getting overrun and killed too. See: https://funker530.com/video/nsfw-ukrainians-assault-russian-flank-near-bakhmut/

Last edited 21 days ago by Svetlana
Markus Kallio🇫🇮👍🇺🇦

If military history tells us anything one thing is sure: using prisoners as combat soldiers is risky business and on average they are not stable, determined and good soldiers. If Wagner hoodlums are best Russia can offer then situation among Russian military is really bad. And it is bad and becoming worse later.

Gerd Trunschka

“What should our children and grandchildren do? Future of Russia? And how to win the war? If suddenly by chance, I just guess, it turns out that this grandfather is a complete asshole?”

-Jevgeni Prigozhin 🤣🤣🤣

Yamil Perez

Good thing you autistic inbred loser faggot don’t have children: your inferior degenerate monkey genes end in your basement 😃😃😃

Last edited 21 days ago by Yamil Perez

What greatest military counter-offensive doin?

Alexander Pöksyläinen

So it has been confirmed by many independent sources that Ukrainian forces managed to push Russians back from some sectors of Bakhmut. The main Ukrainian counter offensive likely starts later in June.

William White

Russia never hurries, it doesn’t have to, they hold all the cards.


It is been confirmed you are a dumb shiteating nafo-mofo troll. What “sectors of Bakhmut” you pathetic lying twat?

They took one empty field and lost even more in city itself.

Markus Kallio 🇫🇮👍🇺🇦

I have no idea, I can’t find Bakhmut on the map. Or Ukraine. Or the map.

I’m just some lame dumb loser paid to change names and spam imbecilic crap from my stinky basement for 0,00001 eurocent per day.

They also gave my this shit VPN for fake upvotes so I don’t look so pathetic as usual.

hans raus

That is all true.

Limp dick Putin was not chess master

American right wing fascists are furious when their loved Putin has shit in his pants. They were lured to think he was genius. He’s far from it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Denys Devydov


my name is Denys/Penys Davydov and I am a proud Ukrainian propagandist like you or Sarah Ashton

Both 100% pro-LGBT and 100% pro-Azov

Find me on PayPal :


✈ Denys Davydov Telegram or Youtube

Last edited 21 days ago by Denys Devydov
Limp dick Biden demented potato master

Joe Biden only shit in your mouth 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Degeneration Of The Nation

War in Ukraine is becoming to Russia a nightmare like Vietnam War was to America. Russia can’t win it because enemy has far more better will to fight.

Markus Kallio 🇫🇮👍🇺🇦

That is exactly why AFU terrorist meat hunting squads hunt down men on the street, beat them, push them into vans and send them to die in Bakhmut. Because they are so eager to die for Bandera and Joe.

hans raus

All true. Great will to fight.

One fine example, Ukraine today:



@Markus Kallio

I can only repeat what was said here already many times by several intellegent persons. We cannot trust or built on promises of our politicians to do good decisions and make peace not war, as nearly all of them are eighter jewish, crypto-jews or evil pedophiles and other criminals, collaborateurs and traitors on the payroll of the jews.

So if we want peace and our lifes to get better, economy to flourish and increase and have good life and future on earth, we ourselves need to make peace bewteen each others and need to unite in god, and in the name of God Almight start hunting down the jews, and eradicate these demonic creatures from the face of the earth !

Only then the so called “golden age” will start and bright future laying ahead of us !

Last edited 21 days ago by Svetlana
Hans Richardt

Anybody that fights willingly for the Zelensky-regime, needs a psychiatrist urgently. Most of the Crests are drug addicted after “re-education” to fight for Zelensky-regime. Like the real nazi’s were on Pervitin for Hitler’s Blitzkrieg.


@Degeneration of the Nation

You are right. But we need to see the over-the-top scenario behind it all. World Jewry shifted it’s money and investments away from the West aka USA and Europe to China. The model for the new Jewish world tyranny aka NWO-JWO is China with its brutal anti-civil terror system and social-credit-system.

Hence jewish masters have set up the stage long before they started this whole Ukraine-Russia war. They – with their jewish and crypto-jewish communist, leninist and marxist agents, like Klaus Schwab, G. Soros, Gysi, Habeck, Trudeau, Macron, A. Duda, Ignazio Cassis (Switzerland president), Wladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Biden, Trump, Baerbock, Kahane, Barbara Lerner-Spectre, Josef Borrel, Bill Gates, Marc Zuckerberg etc. etc. infiltrated all the western countries from USA to EU. China bought up most of the US largest harbours, and they did so in Europe too. Just recently they bought large part of the Germany, Hamburg harbour, for example. All the main politicians in USA and Europe are jewish or at least crypto-jewish pro-communist worms and parasites who secretly – and recently even more and more openly work to destroy these nations from within. Therefore they do as if they are supporting Ukraine, and they deliver weapons and do everything to inflame and instigate more hate and problems with Russia – when in fact they are just harming and destroying the host nations they – as jewish communist parasities have order to destroy.

So within the next months the economy in USA nd Europe will go down more and more (because of the utter destruction the jewish parasites have caused inside these nations) and hence the capabilities to support Ukraine will shrink, and the jewish medias will start to speak in their typical double-speak, still supporting Ukraine but demanding to down-grade the support because of the “severe economic crisis” in USA nd Europe. That will result in demands for unfair peace talks in which Ukraine will be asked to give Russia (this country with already the biggest size on earth) part of ukrainian land. Ukraine will reject the proposals, and peace talks will collapse once again.

Then after significant territorial gains made by the ukrainian counter-offensive, but afterwards less support from the USA and EU, Russia will feel in strong position and go on the offensive again stemroll again – and gain back some of the territory which ukraine freed with its counter-offensive months before.

Finally this whole shit will escalate into World War 3, hundreds of millions of christinas will die for nothing, and jews will be laughting, rub their dirty hands and count the shekels they made from all the bloodshed.

And that’s the real problem. Neighter the US-people nor the Europeans nor the Russians or Chinese are wake enough to realize their real enemy so far. That’s why the jews are still laughting and instigating war after war everywhere. Their holy books say that they are the only humans on earth and all other people on earth are none-humans and are instead cattle resp. animals with human-like bodies, which can be exploited, enslaved, raped, and killed according to need.

The hebrew word for none-jews from their holy books is “Goyim”. Their books demand that every true jew needs to help eradicate the none-jewish people and that when done far enough the jewish messiah will come, and then every jew will have 2800 none-jewish slaves.

So that “rich jews got away in ww2” is no coincidence, and also that Russia seems unable to win the war is no coincidence. We need to realize that it was them instigating the war !! (Not them Russians, or them Americans or Germans, or Poles – but them Jews !!!) And they are also behind the corona-hoax and the evil mRNA injection global genocide. The aim of Ukraine-Russia war is not winning it but to prolong and escalate it into World War 3 !

Last edited 21 days ago by Svetlana
Shit country makes shit military

Russian military seems to crawl to its own Chaos and Collapse. Well – it deserves it.

Last edited 21 days ago by Shit country makes shit military

Russia is going to HAVE to strike at the NATO nations sooner or later. China and russia have to make a plan together. Iran and Syria will need to be equipped to take on Israels nukes and Africa should declare themselves to be neutra, refuysing all NATO US and Russian bases over there. The Americans are very lucky that Russia does not hate their people. They are also unlucky as much as Joe Biden and their deep state does hate them.

Hans Richardt

When will the Akhmat fighters join the fight in Bakhmut? Time to stop the Ukraine spring offensive in the mud tracks.

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