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Military Situation In Ukraine On March 17, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Ukraine On March 17, 2022 (Map Update)


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Johnny Rico

The Dniester should be one of the new borders.


No the border will be further west

Neo Galt

Should be west of Kiev along the Zhytomyr-Vinnytsia line.

Dr Cruel

I wonder if the Germans in 1941 sounded like this.

Gay Boy Zelenskky McZioNaziJew Dick Lover 69

Ask the Nazi’s in Kiev






The fact the defendants at the Nuremberg Trials were not allowed witnesses nor lawyers is a solid indication the court was a farce. They were barred from forming a defence and were not allowed access to their documents refuting their captor’s charges laid against them.

Besides the fact the Soviets, Anglos and Americans were all violators of international law, Geneva Convention, and the Atlantic Charter introduced two years after World War II, they were unabashed liars when persecuting Germany for war crimes they themselves (Soviets, Brits, Americans) which they were shamelessly guilty of themselves.

Last edited 8 months ago by HansGunther

These keyboard warriors are too lazy to investigate beyond what they are told by the hidden hand ✡️

Last edited 8 months ago by HansGunther

No, because that means to share the river. Nothing to share with the NATO nazi’s.


No, that means sharing the river. No share with the NATO nazis

Brad Weiss

Let’s go Moscow…..Make Russia BIGGER Again!!!! Love from NYC.

Dr Cruel

Ya well. At least the Russian graveyards are getting bigger. I suppose that’s something.

Gay Boy Zelenskky McZioNaziJew Dick Lover 69

Keep pushing your Nazi propaganda zionist dog.


Doesn’t look good for Russia, stalemate since more than a week now. Maps from the eights on show little change whatsoever.

The initial moves being stopped, the moves against Kiev still being the most dangerous, but successes there are costly. Will they prove to costly in the end? Well, since three days Russian diplomacy seems to have to address the reality and stopped their ultimatums, even if that could still be a delaying tactic.

One thing for sure, Ukraine invasion didn’t work out as expected. Despite Russian troops seizing a city, people were protesting against the invaders, until Russian troops made them stop, that’s not what liberation looks like. 🤫

Anyway, Southfront will spout more propaganda anyway. 🤷

Norma Snutz

The plan was never to take over the country, just listen to putins speeches. He is just there to punch ukrianes head in to bring them back to earth. Poor fools, America blew too much hot air up their asses, “go start a fight with russia, we got your back” yeah right.!.

Gay Boy Zelenskky McZioNaziJew Dick Lover 69

Nazi Ukrainians are preventing people from leaving major cities. Even shooting people for trying to leave Mariupol.

You mean like the theater, where Southfront is accusing Ukraine to kill citizens? Too bad that the shelters below the theater actually survived the Russian air strike. Now those soldiers accused of killing the citizens are rescuing them instead.

A propaganda narrative falling apart. 🤷

johnn nudo

What happened to the probe going west to Voznesensk?

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