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Military Situation In Ukraine On March 15, 2023 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Ukraine On March 15, 2023 (Map Update)

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  • Russian Army shot down a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter near Zaporozhye
  • Russian forces destroyed 3 ammo depots of the AFU in the Donetsk People’s Republic region
  • Clashes between the Russian Army and the AFU continue near Kupyansk
  • Clashes between the Russian Army and the AFU continue near Debrova
  • Clashes between the Russian Army and the AFU continue in Mariinka
  • Clashes between the Russian Army and the AFU continue near Ugledar
  • Clashes between Russian forces and the AFU continue in Bakhmut
  • Russian air defense shot down 7 Ukrainian drones near Okop, Dvurechnoye in the Kharkov region, Pervomaysk, Pokrovskoye in the LPR, Yegorovka in the DPR and Balochki in Zaporozhye region
  • Russian air defense shot down 15 HIMARS, Smerch Uragan and Olkha projectiles in the DPR and LPR


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USA #1!

russia is still being bled and there is no end in sight…USA will make sure AFU can continue its job… heheheh


How many dead Ukrainain soldiers since the US overthrew the Ukrainian government in 2014, Chuckles?

jens holm

Sure. Soon Russia only will be some autonomes east of Ural too.

They have lost 1000s and 1000s at the Bakmut front.


What Job you saudummes hurenkind? Loosing 500 ukros daily kia, wia, mia and pow? Do you mean this bleeding or the one for the americunts in korea, vietnam, Somalia, Irak or Afghanistan?

jens holm

We see exact the same numbers of more from the fark side.

Russian love only trick themselves. Maybee dead Russians mean nothing for You.

Gneaus stapo

Actually we dont see real numbers at all…all fog of war so to speak.

Just indications, pattern of previously reported looses and a history of being on spot, when it comes to reporting about the conflict.

Last edited 9 days ago by Gneaus stapo
jens holm

Thats what I mean. But We should see both sides everytime and now and then, we can see who the winner is or are told and believe.

Most of the Russian hooligans still are in the old days by Russian attack warfare. they ignore the sometimes exelent deep defence by the Ukras and not even understand the Russians cant attack, because the ukras has decimated soldiers as well as equipment. .

Gneaus stapo

I agree with u. I am harsher than u,but thats probably Differenz between u danes and us Germans.

V for Victory

You and Holm are boy friends, right? The most idiot dumbassess of the whole site. NaziGay of course.

jens holm


Unfortunatly we dont control what You make below Your belt. A microscope might help.

jens holm

Its about political oppnions and how You vote here.


Here the photo of the diary the ru officer did:



@jens & gneaus

Even though Bakhmut might fall in the end – the muscovites have lost so many troops approachingf that town and now fighting directly for it, that indeed it is likely to become their Stalingrad but this time in the position of the former 6th german army.

The losses are so high that whole battalions including commander are not only complaining but even openly refusing to further attack in this way. Dozens of videos from all kind of mobik formations of ru conscripts from all over russia are popping up on the internet where they say they are done, and prefer to be sent to jail for 5 , 7 or 15 years – instead of continuing to participate in these unorganized assault groups.

And even the Wagnerites are exhausted and afraid that they would have better stayed in jail. Bakhmut is a meatgrinder and can be hold and refreshed by Ukraine – if needed – to be holding out for another 2 – 8 weeks. Depending what amount of troops one wants to invest. But even if Ukraine retreats, with the new bombs JDAM and soon also the famous US MOAB GBU-43/B it is even possible to let the Orcs come in take the east , wait till sustancial amount is over the river in the western part of town and then throw some carpet layers of JDAMs and MAOBs onto the eastern part of the city, making it look like Hiroshima back in old days.

Causing catastrophic loss in the russian forces again, including destroying most of the temporary ammo depots etc. Then you counterattack the west and eradicate the troops that were stupid enough to set over the river. Then again Russia needs to bring new troops – and if they finally manage to take the western part, you repeat the thing. So that what they will have in the end is nothing but a skycraper-high pile of dead wagnerite and ru troops laying in a near to earth-level flattened former city. With are death ratio of 1 to 16 or even 1 to 24 for the ukrainians against the ruskies. Which would be even higher than what ukraine managed to achieve while defending Vuhledar against the neo-soviets onslaught half a month ago.

A diary notice book of a russian officer fell into the ukrainians hands where he listed the situation for the assault group under his command.

That diary of a russian officer captured near Vuhledar states: March 1: 100 soldiers undertook an assault; 16 remained. March 3: out of 116 soldiers 23 remained. March 4: out of 103 soldiers 15 remained. March 5: out of 115 soldiers 3 remained

So actually the situations all-in-all isn t bad for the Ukrainians right now. And I really wouldn t want be a russian led alone a wagnerite trooper nowadays. As they get slaughtered really big time, see for example here:


Last edited 9 days ago by saint53

Thanks, Ghost of Kiev. Play him off, Keyboard Cat.

Gneaus stapo

Job: Endlösung der Russenfrage…ist doch nicht schwer zu verstehen. Nur ein toter Ivan, ist ein guter Ivan. Es steht an jeder Ecke, Ivan verrecke. Horrido johoo, dran drauf drüber

jens holm

I made my own: 10 russians in their graves is betyter then one on the roof.



I have nothing against russians or ukrainians but I dislike godless creatures like jews, communists, bolshewics, transhumanists and greens, social demo(c)rats and other collaborateurs with international jewry.

Troll detector

Awww look at this sad little troll coming out of his cave again 🤣🤣🤣

Gneaus stapo

Suck gas u subhuman assclown.

Gneaus stapo

Hehehe totaly agree.


The RF offensive has collapsed but no one in the Kremlin echo chamber dare tell Putin the truth.

V for Victory

The only thing that is collapsing is the hooked nose of your boss Cocainlensky. Say Ya!

Troll detector

Awww look at this sad little troll coming out of his cave again

jens holm

highieled shoes might raise Your level


You’re getting lazy, you rascally li’l Hasbaranik. You didn’t even try with that nonsense.

jens holm

all mens wer born bi. rusticas non rusticas we al My country Danmark was the first who alloved same sex marriage

jens holm

Yuri gagalagarin wrote this.

Its true we have changed a lot about gender to private matters lookingless into otheers haouses by the windows.

It includes equal rights for gender too.

It has had a very positive effect including all like that. It has been inplmented by many small steps.

And the results is all over. More work better. More are well educated and has raised their livingstandard as well as having a longer life.

e also prefare abortion and contraseption instead of unwanted children the next 18 years. Old men (and vome)dont decide what the young ones do. Its not needed, becsuie we raise them to very responsible persons from the start.

And that goes for eudcation too. All are independent from parants and decide their own destiny helped by the state. By that a part of the younger get education later but the one, they wish instead of being boxed.

Chris Gr

Living standards on cultural marxist West are declining.


Explain “cultural Marxism”, with references to anything Marx wrote or is known to have said. 3,2,1 go, Golden Shower Child!

Chris Gr

Not Marx but the cultural hegemony of Gramsci.


Clyde is such a shitskin closet commie 😆😆😆

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