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Military Situation In Ukraine On March 12, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Ukraine On March 12, 2022 (Map Update)


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That war scenario has been the same for 5 days man, wake me up by sending me an email when there is any change!


I think they have reached the point of high enemy resistance because of how concentrated and dug-in the forces have become over the past eight years. That, and the evacuation of civilians from the cities is the highest priority right now.

Once the cities in the east are cleared the Ukrops will find themselves overwhelmed, particularly by the lack of communication and support by a central Ukrop command. It will be a turkey-shoot once their in the coming cauldron.


The best (and only) way to save civilians is to end this war quickly. Banderists are not going to let people leave combat zones, they are hiding behind civilians… and nothing CNN likes more than dead civilians.

Timmy Temperance

Exactly that. UK media is angry because they have decided that Russia will use chemical weapons in the future, and every building the Russians blow up is a kindergarten, nursery, school, hospital, teddy bear factory etc.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Sounds like what the UK and U.S. did in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria, Yemen in the past 20 years.


I agree but there is no particular rush, and if there is a possibility of saving russian-sympathisers then they really should find anyway they can of rescuing them. As for the western-half…..

Icarus Tanović



“to end this war quickly”… i dunno you but i hope we agree that that war is ongoing since 8 years. The numbers says in 8 years there have been more than 16.500 civilian dead. Since the military intervention of russia there have been 500 civilian dead (UN source). How to prevent more civilian to die in the future ? At that point i’dd say… let the russian go ahead and finish what they are doing, with the aim to reach a long – standing treaty.

Timmy Temperance

Zelensky is one of those people that as soon as they start talking you think ‘oh why won’t they just shut-up!’ Like the Johnson, Biden, Psaki and pretty much everyone in UK and US politics. Now Zelensky is saying that the only way the Russians can take Kiev is if they kill everyone. He is an irresponsible ass. This is what happens when people elect a clown as president. I hope that when a few more key cities fall the Ukrainians will shake him off like a tick and let grown-ups negotiate with Russia to end the conflict.


He’s just deflecting for the benefit of naive sheep in the West that believe his nonsense.

Timmy Temperance

Latest reports from the media in US and UK say that Russia are likely to destroy Chernobyl, a large nuclear power station stone’s throw away from Russia, and that 1,400 civilians have been killed but only 42 children. That would mean that 0.03% of civilian casualties are children, yet children account for about 15% of the Ukrainian population. The figures they quote are completely random.


I think the naive in the West should be pretty exhausted from the disparity in the information they hear. That should be all the West needs to lose the information war from here on out. Any military provocations from NATO will be met with destruction that aim to discourage any further attempts.


The information war won’t be won in this early stage. The Americans and English play a very long game with lying to the public. The UK government still pretends their Northern Ireland policies and military actions were just great, and there was no problem with the US killing 20% of the North Korean population in three years. Reality is completely irrelevant to the Anglosphere.

Andy Lee Lowell

Initially, Western media reports focused on Ukrainian soldiers completely and utterly defeating Russian soldiers. That was noteworthy about Western media accounts: lots of Ukrainian soldiers, and all of them allegedly victorious.

Now, Western media reports say NOTHING about Ukrainian soldiers. The new narrative in Western media is Russian soldiers slaughtering and killing Ukrainian civilians. That’s all. It’s as if the Ukrainian troops somehow disappeared in Western media reporting.

Western media has zero credibility. It’s all just one giant public relations tool in the service of US/NATO/Ukraine governments. It’s impossible for anyone to get an accurate idea of what’s happening in this war by relying on Western media.


You are absolutely right! That’s why I stopped watching propaganda media very fast. Trust no one there.

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