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JUNE 2023

Military Situation In Ukraine On March 11, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Ukraine On March 11, 2022 (Map Update)

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Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

The map is behind the curve.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

CIAtrolls and ukrobots are crying and raging 🤗🤡

Trevor Lorenz

I don’t know about that, there have been more Russian casualties and equipment losses in two weeks, then the American lost in 20 years defeating and occupying Iraq. Lol

And it looks like they completed the job quicker aswell. 20 days to capture Baghdad. Another 20 to declare mission accomplished.

No maternity hospitals were bombed, only 7 soldiers surrendered, they came out looking professional, organized, and competent. Russia 🇷🇺 n the other hand, is looking more like a paper bear. A lot of growl, but pushback and they abandon their tanks and run, or surrender.

I don’t think NATO has much to worry about in a conventional war.


We all know about Bush’s mission accomplished joke. It took 40 days to take Falluja and that required flattening most of the city.

In the crumbling empire

The Russian military is trained differently and has different tactics so you can not judge success or failure based on US/NATO standards. Also, the US/NATO do not care about human suffering and will bomb everything and kill everyone in their way.


Dozy Yank don’t know shit…

Some U.S. history for y’all:

1. Entered WW1 late, did fuck all of any use

2. Entered WW2 late, biggest achievements: Patton breaking out against 3rd rate German divisions (recovering from stomach wounds, etc) and dropping two nukes on innocent civillians in Japan

3. Korean War: pulled out as the front line ended up where it started four years earlier

4. Vietnam: pulled out after 15 years as could’t even defeat a rice-munching insurgent militia with fruit baskets for protection against napalm

5. Iraq: took two attempts to defeat a 3rd World army equipped with old Soviet junk from the 1960/70s, even then the ground troops were too afraid to enter the warzone during GW1 until they bombarded the place for 100 days, they then robbed the place and destroyed the world’s largest seed bank.

6. Afghanistan: Took 20 years to fight another insurgent militia equipped with sandals and old sheets for body armour, then fled in 24 hours in a “controlled panic” and left billions of dollars of equipment behind

On top of that, your airforce couldn’t even shoot down three civillian aircraft when they went rogue in your own airspace and flew into some fancy office blocks that then collapsed like a house of cards.

Biden, the old cunt in charge of your good old U S of A can’t walk up the stairs without getting on his knees and his thinks Putin has invaded Russia. What a cock.

And don’t mention the trillions of debt that has been drummed up by all these failed wars. Your infrastructure is failing and your military has been infiltrated by a load of faggots, queers and transgenders.

Sounds like a bankrupt failed 3rd world country to me.

Icarus Tanović

Sorry mate, it was 27 years of saturated bombardment of Vietnam.


When an asshole LGBTQ botoxed lunatic compare the 2000 miles of FLAT PLAIN desert with north hemisphere Ukraine, then we are sure that the sorosist deep state of the Satan ‘great whore of the world’ will be destroyed.


Everytime I read something you write it’s bullsh*t and full of lies..your just a troll that spears false info..paid troll..just a pathetic jack arse of a tarded troll..momma should have swallowed you or maybe she turkey based you in her and that’s why your as dumb as a piece of dead bird meat



Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Slava Rossiye 🇷🇺

Icarus Tanović

Slava Rossiye, saliva Fuckraine.




There are a strange thing. All successfull operations are make into south of map. Crimeea based troups and independent republicks are trained and serious military. But all the northem half of the map look to be a totally chaos and waste of time and resources.


I think it was meant to be a head fake to keep a large part of AFU in the north. Taking Kiev can come if needed after achieving the main objectives, clearing of the Donbass region and destruction of military infrastructure.

Andy Lee Lowell

For several reasons, it’s hard to understand what’s going on in this war. For one, all of Western media is functioning as a pro-Ukraine public relations tool. Western media treats Ukraine as an extension of US/NATO. So forget about Western media as an accurate source of information.

Other information outlets – including many in Western MSM – are getting their information directly from the Ukrainian defense ministry. What’s the value of information coming from that source? Zero.

As for the independent military blogs, they’re publishing information taken directly from the Russian defense ministry. So, anything coming from that source has to be taken with a grain of salt. A big one.

But I can think of four issues that should be big clues to all of us about what’s really happening.

1) Why is nobody (aside from Russian ministry of defense) publishing no information about Ukrainian KIA, WIA, and prisoners lost? I find it suspicious that nobody online is talking about this. For all we know, the Ukrainian military may have lost at least as many troops are the Russians. How much punishment can the Ukrainian military take?

2) After two weeks of war, why haven’t any Ukrainian counter-offensives occurred? If Russia is doing so poorly, and if the Russian army is gutted by casualty losses, you’d expect the Ukrainian army to have been able to counter-attack. But this clearly is not happening. That may tell us something big about the condition of the Ukrainian army.

3) If the Russians are being defeated so severely, why are they still making major advances in several directions? Today Western MSM admitted the Russians are finally closing in on Kiev. Ditto for Russian advances in Donbass.

4) Allegedly the Russian side is going to start pouring kontraktniki mercenaries into Ukraine. Those Russian mercenaries are known for their toughness and cruelty. So far Ukraine hasn’t had to deal with these kontraktniki.

That’s how I see it.


Perhaps the Russians don’t want to advertise much of the gains and losses so as to not draw in sympathisers who want to fight for the Ukrainian side. If there is a lot of confusion then maybe it keeps them on the side-lines?

I presume the Russians are advancing in a general direction, but through a path of the least resistance in order to create cauldrons. The fear of getting caught in one should force the saner members of the Ukrops to automatically retreat back, creating less overall resistance for the Russians so they don’t get bogged down at every small town.


Absolutely correct. The majority of those ‘kontraktniki’ are old foxes of war, previously fighters from many warzones, especially from the middle east. They are very tough guys. Once unleashed against the stoned ukronazi CIA whores the game is over.


The treatment of Russia at the UNSC emergency meeting on the biological weapon research conducted at these labs and the seizure of assets worldwide of anything Russian including Russians not associated with any political entity warrants a strong and ruthless response from Russia.

After 11th March 2022 C.E>, UN has shown beyond question its no better than the League of Nations.

If Russia does not respond in the appropriate fashion to this latest Act of War against its existence on the world, it will only give the green light for the western demon trash to proceed with depopulating the globe.


If these lawless acts aren’t reversed soon, it should be considered to nationalize much of the infrastructure such as power plants, into an account of new Ukraine, but held by Russia as collateral against illegally seized Russian assets, with dividends from operations going to Russia until everything is returned to Russia.


Based on this map I would venture to guess Russia is zig zagging across Eastern Ukraine with a general northerly direction.

Going back and forth across Ukraine, with this latest heading to Dnipro (thicker arrows I believe means the bulk of the forces) to potentially create another cauldron.

This is in answer to those who think Russia should have gone straight west to Moldova and close the gap


The Saker map produces a different appearance.


I agree. I think their basically following the path of least resistance to bypass the Ukrop forces that have dug-in.

If they take regions bordering NATO countries then that means they also have to guard them which requires additional forces, and as we all know NATO loves to try sneaky tactics.


‘f they take regions bordering NATO countries then that means they also have to guard them which requires additional forces, and as we all know NATO loves to try sneaky tactics.’ Perfect logic and usually used by the covert CIAOps.


Going to Moldova isn’t good from at least 2 perspectives: 1. military will be too stretched and vulnerable on flanks 2. politically that is grist to the mill for globalist satanists to renew the propaganda Putin’s going to attack Europe.


It is really strange that the Ukrainian military is slowing down the Russian military advance that much.

Part of the reason may be that the Russians do advance slowly is that they do not want to destroy Infrastructure (as little as possible) and keep the administration working.

But: Especially in the east the nationalists are deeply entrenched and I guess that most administrations are infiltrated by control groups who will kill anyone not willing to fight to the very end or willing to destroy as much infrastructure as possible.

I guess that the US who is controlling the Ukrainian Government knows that there is no military chance to stand up to Russia, but the declared goal is to make the invasion as costly as possible while they have no interest to minimize civilian casualties. On the contrary: Families with dead or severely wounded members – that is the hope – might not accept Russian rule even if they are economically better off afterwards.

All I am stating is obvious. The real question is: Is it better for Russia to steam roll the Ukraine in an US style of military advance? Or is the slow and sometimes stalling advance the right way to continue. Honestly I do not know: Militarily both methods will lead to the same military result: The Ukrainian military will be defeated. The key is: What happens afterwards? Will the US and the West accept that the have lost vital strategical territory? I guess not. Will Russia be able to remove their army and at the same time ensure that history does not repeat itself (another military coup a government controlled by the west? I guess not. Will it be costly for Russia to rebuild Ukraine? This seems very likely to me.

In my opinion the only people really in deep trouble is the Ukrainians. If their infrastructure is completely destroyed and in addition they are suffering from sanctions from the West as long as Russia controls the Ukraine they cannot rebuild the country effectively. If large parts of the population of the country are fleeing to the west and if there are lots of casualties, there is definitely a labor shortage to rebuild. The only way to stop or mitigate that would be to come to terms with the Russians. But the western controlled government does not show any interest to capitulate militarily and in turn get some say on the political future..

Why exactly is the West caring to cause as much death and destruction as they can? I do not think they believe they can avert the the military loss? Do they think driving up Russian casualties puts them in a better bargaining position in Ukraine? I guess not. Then what is the goal? I guess the US know pretty well that we are in a cold war that is not just going to be fought in Ukraine. I guess they will try to invade as many key countries not under their control as possible. Bogging down Russia in a war hampers it to hinder these developments elsewhere. I guess Venezuela will see enhanced efforts of the US to overthrow the government to lay their hands on their oil out of sheer necessity. Will they try to control as many South and Middle American countries. Obviously they will try. As long as they have free military that is not involved in wars, they do have these options.Will Russia be able to counter that?

I guess only with military help from China – who will be the big winner in this: a) they have a large military that is free and not involved in any war right now. b) they have access to large quantities of natural resources from Russia. c) they have the man power and the military and economic clout to achieve their goals.


So Russia becomes a third world source of natural resources for a paternalistic China who acquires this huge gain without firing a shot.




Oh I meant to say Russia has this in the bag if you disagree you’re lying to yourself.

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