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Military Situation In Ukraine On March 1, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Ukraine On March 1, 2022 (Map Update)

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Selensky is making a Fool of himself on TV. He sacrificed his coountry and did the bidding of America like good puppet. America got Nordstream 2 cancelled but did not expect offensive retaliation from Russia. This was not part of the expected resoponses. However they must save face and will double down and dig deeper into this conflict. Selensky will learn the hard way there is no NATO invitation at the end of the rainbow.


He is a fool. A bad comedy actor hired by CIA to play “president”… his best previous roles were playing piano with his genitals and dancing in high heels. I’m serious, he really did both.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Zellerboy will throw the last ukrop baby at a Russian tank before departing to Langley to his well earned pension.


“well earned” … not likely. He behaves like a criminal. He has betrayed his country and sold them for his personal gain to the US. He did not earn anything.

AM Hants

Yats taught him well and no doubt there is a mansion in Florida, close to Yats, with his name on it.


I was not aware of his previous stints as Gender Warrior. He is a good example to stick a gun in every Ukraine citizens hands 18-60. No wonder many are fleeing to safehavns In other Countries. There is No Honor fighter for a Cross Dressing faggot or Drag Queen.

AM Hants

I have no desire to see the images, but, cannot imagine what type of comedy show, or the audience, he kept entertained. No doubt, old Boris will be looking at ways to outperform the clown in Kiev.

AM Hants

Meanwhile, Zelensky, can always going back to playing the piano, and keeping his new audience captivated. I thought Boris was one of the most pathetic leaders going, for what he would do for a headline image, but, he is an apprentice, when it comes to Zelensky, playing the piano, in the latest NATO Pride Uniform.

Bob - Enough

He and the “rest” has done the bidding of the UN agenda 21 and 30 and the WEF – The Great Reset = “UKRAINE AGREES TO MONSANTO LAND GRAB FOR $17 BILLION IMF LOAN” …. look at the date = https://popularresistance.org/ukraine-agrees-to-monsanto-land-grab-for-17-billion-imf-loan/

You are seeing the transfer of wealth from the people and sovereign nation to the elite and it is happening globally.


Thx Bob for getting me up to date. I stopped following Monsanto for over 6 years. I guess they will finally get a foothold in Europe thru the Ukraine backdoor if they enter the EU. Evil doers never quit…do they?


The Russian advance east of Kiev is not depicted on this map.


There is obviously a troll here. Why doesn’t southfront censor trolls.


It’s better to let these guys roll. It makes it painfully clear that the NATO sponsored Ukronazi propaganda machine is as incompetent as the rest of NATO’s blundering operations.

Hunter Biden

Poor troll Yamil suffered a complete nervous breakdown… imagine his pain when Kiev falls, he’ll just die in agony :D

Yamil Perez

I got three Putin cockroaches up in arms. This just gets better and better.


You have plenty of cockroaches in your skull: eating what is left of your brain.


In the Ukraine that ceased to exist you would have been considered an Untermensch (subhuman in German)

Pops Joe

Attn: HunterBiden@cokeandmethhead.aol.com

Priority: Urgent MSG!!!

Please, get a sober assistant to double check you took ALL the brown paper bags of cash from your hotel room in Kiev! Also get them to double check you didn’t leave ANY of your laptops in the hotel room, taxi or airport lounges! Get them to check and respond to my advisers ASAP. And please, stop offering US State Dept visas to your favorite coked up Ukrainian whores who want immediate flights out off Kiev! I don’t have time to sort that right now!

See you on weekend.

Best regards, Pops Joe.

Last edited 1 year ago by Pops Joe
Marcelo Rodriguez

Las sanciones económicas y la posibilidad de expulsar del sistema financiero a Rusia no le afectarán de manera catastrófica ya que Rusia viene recibiendo sanciones desde el 2014 así que ya estaba preparada para este tipo de escenario. En cuanto a las sanciones por el Nord Streans no deberían preocupar ya que Rusia debe dejar de mirar a Occidente como su principal consumidor de gas y petróleo y enfocarse en una relación más estratégica con China y los países de Asiaticos ya que son estás economías las que más crecen y por ello demandarán mayores cantidades de energías en los próximos años.


⚡️Artem Zdunov, who heads Russia’s Mordovian Republic, reported the death of Russian Colonel Viktor Isaikin.

Zdunov said that Colonel Isaikin was sent to Ukraine on a “military assignment.”

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

350 dead ukrobot soldiers in one day. New record:) More cockroach extermination today :)


Please tell your mother to Stop feeding you Red Bull Energy Drinks. You have been posting nonstop nonsense for over 7 hours. I believe you are a Bot that automatically copies Fake stories from MSM Fake News and Post Comments on Pro Russian🇷🇺 sites⁉️


Link Crimea to Transnistria. Link Transnistria to Kiev-West.


In Kharhov what’s left of UAF are burning the city offices of UAF military records and registration papers, UAF officer’s are scared of being caught for war crimes in east.

Last edited 1 year ago by BarbaryCorsairs
mike l hutchings

Ukraine was a cash cow for American politicians. creepy Jo and his pathetic son most of all but watch how fast they throw them under the bus

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