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Military Situation In Ukraine On June 29, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Ukraine On June 29, 2022 (Map Update)

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  • Russia struck the AFU 92nd Mechanised Infantry Brigade near Pokotilovka with high-precision missiles;
  • Russia struck military assets of the AFU near Kharkov with high-precision missiles;
  • Russia struck military assets of the AFU near Nikolayev with high-precision missiles;
  • Russia struck military assets of the AFU near Lisichansk with high-precision missiles;
  • Russia struck military assets of the AFU near Spornoye with high-precision missiles;
  • Russian air defense systems shot down 9 Ukrainian drones near Vesyoloye, Ilyichyovka, Shestakovo, Pitomnik, Liptsy, Ternovaya, Sulinovka in the Kharkov region, Tomina Balka in the Kherson region, Stakhanov and Kantemirovka in the DPR;
  • Russian air defense systems shot down 7 Tochka-U missiles near Peski-Radkovskiye, Kapitolovka, Chervoniy Oskol in the Kharkov region, Tyaginka, Novokondakovo in the Kherson region.


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Dick Von D'Astard

I’d bomb every bridge capable of supporting heavy road and rail haulage from the 48th parallel and above, along the Dnieper River to the Belarus border.


Where are the trapped Battalions at severodonetsk and hirske?


Captured of being in the process of being ground into hamburger meat. LPR is report 1/3rd have surrendered in the last few days and multiple columns trying to get to slayestk have been attacked in the process. Basically, its mass confusion on the Ukranian side in the east.

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Assad Defeated Zionists

I hear Russians are letting them writhe in agony, die of their wounds and rot in the sun.


probably many switch side, maybe that number even exceeds russian losses. effectively growing the army on a daily base


Probably true


these nato folks really think they are fighting russia only? that is unrealistic. these folks are delusional. here is a deal. if there is a war in europe, there will be a war in asia.


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Last edited 1 month ago by Anglia

make shit just shitting. Occasionally I pee and call it rain. Once I sold a bumblebee to a blind kid. Told the poor soul it was an f35. Made 1.1 million $ just like that.


Here is one nobody thought of–the UK has threatened to cut OFF its gas interconnection to Holland & Belgium if the UK gas supply gets worse -sanctions on UK ?


little UK or little england? dog eats dog world out there. everyone has gotta do what he gotta do.


Petrol and diesel in the UK now double price £2 a ltr milk at ASDA supermarket one of the US biggest 1.45 for 2 ltr up 25 pence this week alone. Everything up in price all dairy products chocolate especially up in price. Transport costs for haulage firms double. And it’s going to get worse come autumn time. Idiot British politicians on 100.000 salaries plus expenses telling the rest of the population here . To get used to higher prices and put a coat on during the winter months. ….


Politicians in Western europe don’t give a shit about their own citizens. They have become dictators who do but one thing, and that is brainwashing. One sided ‘news’ is what the people get. They will even let those who will not be able to pay the gasbill this winter, freeze to death.

John O'Groans

WHEN gas supply gets worse !


We send them gas then? UK has no gas storage.


5 gas storage facilities exist -all in England -Hatfield Moor is one.


Ok, fine, but how many Nazis have been neutralized since yesterday?

John O'Groans



Another day in the meat grinder. Ukraine is pouring more untrained troops into the Donbass meat grinder. The Russians will continue to slaughter 1000 plus AFU troops, destroy 100s of millions in hardware on a daily basis and inflict billions in infrastructure damage on Ukraine on a daily basis.

One thing I just don’t understand. Why are the lights still on in Kiev?


Why? So that everyone can watch the NATO shit show in technicolor of course!


And keep the freak show going. Ain’t seen the cannon ball man yet. Not to mention the bearded lady. Oh .. wait .. they still did not pushed the lbgtq+ warriors in the meat grinder yet. And the meat cannon is present. At least they throw a good Bidenopolis the magnificent seeing cards show. Not to mention BoJo the clown…

Just put another bag of popcorn, the show is quite rare.


Russia will be in ukieland forever—it may entirely cease to exist…..zekinksjy demands 5 million$ per month—the moron amerikans will pay and zinkinsky will buy mansion in Tel Aviv and Monaco—halfwit Boggs lgbt and tranny Sawyer bbq lizards in oklihoma trailer park…jens too senile to be trusted w fire provided a special used condom flavored cheese

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