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Military Situation In Ukraine On February 28, 2022 (Map Upadate)

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Military Situation In Ukraine On February 28, 2022 (Map Upadate)

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Does anyone know how likely conscription is if NATO goes to war with Russia? I’m not dying for Zionist

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Highly likely. Up to age 55.


Well l guess I have to take 5 years then. I hope they give me the choice to deport me to Lebanon or take prison time.

You think a lot of people will resist conscription, like people like us who know the truth?

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That war will last about 2 hours with all communication and electrical grids destroyed.

Barba Papa

There is no chance whatsoever of conscription ever being reintroduced. It takes years for such a mass conscription army to be trained and/or outfitted. Even more since defense industries, especially in Europe are geared towards slow and small production runs. Retooling them for mass production would take years too. Now if NATO still had a lot of Cold War era weaponry stashed away somewhere to equip a new conscription army in short notice, that would be different, but…. all the Euro NATO countries ditched their Cold War stock within years of the Berlin Wall falling. The Netherlands alone went from having a tank fleet of 900 tanks to having like a few dozens today. Borrowed ones from Germany. Which exported all of its old stock and having nothing in reserve either.

And that’s excluding how if NATO were to go to war with Russia the nukes would be ending up flying LONG before that.


you are free to joint in, but you can decide which direction to fire in


I’ll only pick up a gun if it’s to defend south Lebanon, but yea you’re right i guess

un nato dogs

just take kiev already and sent those stinger missiles back to the eu at mach 4


I’m assuming the yellow areas mean something like ‘presumed axis of advance’? Not included in the legend


Yes yellow is how they thought it will be the first day


Where are the Kadirovites, did they eat all the pork yet?


Don’t you ever meet one of those Chechen warriors in real life. Of course behind the key board, fire away

Jacob Wohl

They are with your mama :)



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Barba Papa

It’s no longer a case of a Russian Deep Strike blitz when not even South Front is posting much articles singing of how the Russian armed forces are advancing. If I were NATO observer I’d be taking notes on the performance of the Russian armed forces against a low tier opponent. I don’t know where Putin is hiding the good divisions but he better send them in quickly and finish this war, before NATO does something stupid. And the longer it lasts, the greater the chance for stupid people on the NATO side to do something stupid. Like getting involved.

Abu Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

The Russian reconnaissance force has had clashes and some losses. They have orders not to shoot at civilian targets. The main force is on its way and is only a few kilometers from Kyiv.


I’m not sure why everyone keeps repeating how Ukraine is a low tier opponent (even pro-Ukros). They have tons of military equipment both old Soviet hardware and new given by NATO, like almost no other country in Europe. They are second largest country in Europe. Most of their population is heavily indoctrinated after years of Maidan rule and war with DPR (or even before). Countless NATO instructors and advisors spent years training them. They have 8 years of war experience. Yet everyone, from Russians to the West keep underestimate them again and again, like they are tiny Georgia or something. That’s the biggest problem with Russians here: they still are not fully committed, they still don’t understand this is a serious war. Sending only 30.000 soldiers, not using airforce (they somewhat started today), protecting civilians, it’s not the way to win the war. Speaking of Blitz, Germans almost always avoided attacking heavily defended areas and just moved on, leaving them for second echelon troops. They failed to do this in Stalingrad, and they lost. Yet, Russians are trying to take Kharkov (with small units) instead of moving on.

Ukrainian tactics is simple, nothing new or surprising, DPR used the same tactics in 2014/5: hide artillery (Grads mostly) in city areas and bombard enemy positions outside. They know exactly where are Russian columns because everyone film them. Russians can’t take them out, unless hitting civilian buildings.

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New South Front video, please.


No payment can be made in Russia. Master card Visa card nothing works in Russia. Bank run has begun in Russia. The total economic colapse of Russian Communist systems is inevitable. May God help normal citizen. His rich oligarchs will come after Putin to kill him,I have no doubt about that. All European and Non European countries have agreed on completely removing Russia from the world financial system. It is unprecedented in history. Even North Korea will have more than Russia now. Population of Russia will wake up and Anihilate Putin. This is inevitable total regime change. Putin just destroyed everything what he created everything is crumbling for him because he become to greedy. Greedy destroying everything. O my God.. But he deserves totally what is coming to him. It will be the quickest defeat of Russian Communist Party in the history of this world.

Abu Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

You do not need money when you have your life needs met. In times of war, this is the case. The West will have bigger problems if the war comes there.

Brother Ma

How dumb are you ? Putin is not Communist nor is his party.


Map doesn’t show Ukrainian positions.

Retired Troll

Like any major battle-plan, after some initial glitches the Russian armed forces have regained the initiative. They have built-up supply lines, reinforced troops and have adequate logistics to liberate Kiev. Now they should process with a EMP attack on all Ukrainian infrastructure and cripple electricity, internet, TV stations and radio. Ukraine always as a Nazi and drug peddlers base but now foreign terrorists are making it into another Syria. Russia needs to hit any country where these terrorists are coming from. It is a fight for the survival of Russia and no quarter should be given to the terrorists and their sponsors.

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Brother Ma

I think Russia needs to win the war before NATO is brave enough to do something stupid. So Russia must bomb every airport so nothing can be flown in and. Every vehicle checked coming East from any major town.

They probs doing that already.

CryptoAlchemist BurnEye

at this rate, it won’t be an April fools joke when Kiev falls within a month. The Comedian Zelinsky jokes on twitter of victories using video game footage and claims of nato air support. meanwhile the world’s left him all alone in a countryside full of wolves and Bears!

BurnEye Minds3rdEye ScienceGuy

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