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JULY 2022

Military Situation In The West Bank And Gaza Strip On May 20, 2021 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In The West Bank And Gaza Strip On May 20, 2021 (Map Update)

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  • 227 Palestinian including 64 children and 38 women were killed and more than 1630 were injured in the Gaza Strip by the IDF strikes since the start of conflict, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza
  • Palestinian resistance groups fired more than 4000 rockets into the Israeli territories and controlled areas since May 10
  • Israeli warplanes have carried out more than 1800 strikes on the Gaza Strip since May 10
  • On May 20, Qassam Brigades targeted a bus carrying Israeli troops near Zikim base in north of Gaza Strip.
  • An Egypt brokered ceasefire may be implemented from noon on May 21st, according to Israeli sources


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Spokesman from the Hamas HQ in Washington D.C.

– A lot of Israeli bombs failed to detonate. This will be recycled for future rockets.

– Iran and Turkey will help Gaza even more in the future, as the US loses interest in the middle east.

– The Israeli economy became stagnant as everyone is rushing to the bomb shelters. The Israeli stock exchange went down by like 30%.

– Due to HD cameras, and the internet, Israeli atrocities became even more apparent to the west and mainstream media. For the first time ever, several Democrats in America spoke out against the Israeli genocide of Palestinians in the US House. Meaning that the overton window is shifting in the Palestinians’ favor.

– Iran and other countries got to witness the effectiveness of the Iron Dome. I’m sure that Iran is taking notes from the drone footage done by Hamas.

– Huge protests around the world and Arab world, showed that the Palestinian cause was not dead. Leaving the countries that normalized with Israel recently, in a very awkward position. Big miscalculation.

– Israelis didn’t expect a reaction from Gaza, because of something happening in Jerusalem; as they thought that the Palestinians were not unified. Big error in Israeli strategy.

Last edited 1 year ago by Spokesman from the Hamas HQ in Washington D.C.

Not Turkey

Spokesman from the Hamas HQ in Washington D.C.

It’s in the Muslim Brotherhood plan, and Turkey is in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Arch Bungle

Please include:

– Several Billion dollars worth of bunker buster missiles were expended on empty sewage tunnels, artificial acquifers, electrical supply tunnels and other civilian infrastructure.

– However no Hamas military transport tunnels were affected.


Muslimeen and Christians will finally win against the satanic joos, yes. But only if they realize the lastest israeli, worldwide massmuder-programm called “Corona”-Vaccinations. Corona-Vaccinations are deadly-poison !

Poison made by the Zionists joosish large medical pharma corporations. It destroys you from within, it alters your DNA, and makes everybody die, who gets injected with that M-RNA stuff. Dying within a maximum of 2-5 years. Now even Netanjahu, openly admitted it. He said smiling, while standing in front of two glass-boxes, which had models of a gun bullet a rocket and a syringe in it, the following words (quote): “First we kill the Muslims with the bullet, then with the rocket and finally with the corona-syringe” !!!! (quotation end)

So beware Muslims and mankind in a whole ! An unheard of mass-slaughter is already happening worldwide, and you don t realize it. Wake up ! Never ever get vaccinated ! Vaccinations are a jooish weapon of massdestruction and massmurder in order to eradicate all enemies of Israel worldwide. Beware !

jens holm


Vaccination against almost anything is done all over the world and with greart succes. The main problem is the few in % or as about corona o/ooo which dies by the vaccination. It has to be compared with the % which dies with no vaccine.

You speak for massmurder. 2% dead in the whole world of 7 billions are 140 potential victims of yours.

Even most Chritians and Muslims are not against Jews, so they will kill them. Thye also are no majority of the world. Your kind of Christians are not which lives here. We are sekulars with a Christian touch.

Klaus Schwab

In my talons, I shape clay, crafting life forms as I please. If I wish, I can smash it all. Around me is a burgeoning empire of steel. From my throne room, lines of power careen into ze skies of Earth. My whims vill become lightning bolts that raze the mounds of humanity. Out of the chaos, zey vill run and whimper, praying for me to end zeir tedious anarchy. I am drunk vith zis vision. God: the title suits me well.

Last edited 1 year ago by Klaus Schwab
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