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Military Situation in the Area of Manbij, Syria on August 23


The map below depicts the military situation in the area of Manbij, Syria on August 23

Military Situation in the Area of Manbij, Syria on August 23

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  • Aquartertoseven

    Excellent progress, do you remember how painstaking it was for the SAA to take single villages around Kuweiris? I don’t see how the YPG expects to keep any of this territory once the Turks jump across the border, which is inevitable. 40,000 v hundreds of thousands.

  • Jens Holm

    06.45. Turks and Friends can have many plans. First they have to dig out ISIS lines and defens system. They might not break as easy as some think and can retreat to – lets say Al bab. After that the plan could be to help Aleppo and not defeating any kurds at all. Third is if Turks dare to cross Eufrat or the borderline to Syria or/and the kurds.

    And dont underestimate the kurds. They are bright and clever fighters. But You are right about the terrain. Im sure they will try to make an elestic defence and the´n go behind Eufrat.

    I cant compare SAA heavy armed unorganized troops with the well organized light armed first class kurdish infantery. Agree about open terrain. The small river could be some defence line if they have enough mines for minefields and they can have more and better antitank RPG`s than we know – else – its seems bad for them.

    My hope is Turks “rebels” go for liberating Aleppo after defeating north og Manbij and north of Al Bab. That would change very much for Assads and many others.