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JUNE 2021

Military Situation In Tal Afar Area In Northern Iraq On August 24, 2017 (Map Update)

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The Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have entered the ISIS-held town of Tal Afar in northern Iraq and are now clashing with ISIS terrorists inside it.

Military Situation In Tal Afar Area In Northern Iraq On August 24, 2017 (Map Update)

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Whats the difference between peshmerga and sdf?


Peshmerga, Iraki Kurds are in general very conservative Moslems, you could say islamist and their elite is befriend with Erdogan’s islamist Turkey who buys oil from them (after they took over this oil business with Turkey from ISIS.

SDF and Syrian Kurds are in general less conservative Moslems and support the PKK which are considered terrorists in Turkey.

Both don’t get along.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Then the Kurds are split in Iraq between various political groups, something you don’t realize exists in SDF as only the YPG/PYD/PKK are focused on there, the opposition groups do exist but are ignored by US Military and media.


How did both do so well against isis? It is well known isis got halted by iraq and syrian kurds? Was it tactics? Motivation? Terrain? All of which?


Kurds in iraq vs kurds in syria/tukrey?

Montenegrin ??

YPG/SDF? There is neither groups in Iraq, then again this was probably just a copy and paste chart so I don’t blame SF too much. But please check to make sure quality stays high

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