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Military Situation In Syria’s Mayadin City On October 7, 2017 (Map)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in Syria’s Mayadin city on October 7, 2017. Pro-government forces, led by the Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces, took control of Mayadin Airport and further advanced inside the city against ISIS terrorists.

Pro-government sources claim that the army and its allies even made more gains inside the city and ISIS is preparing to retreat from it. However, this still has to be confirmed.

Military Situation In Syria's Mayadin City On October 7, 2017 (Map)

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Zainab Ali

shrinking terrorists/mercenaries and its inevitable collapse is in the russian led coalition’s hands …. it will be a great 2018for syria and her true allies


There’s nothing better than wake up in the morning, and whatch the news about fucking terrorists being killed. Ohh, that’s so nice! make me happy for the whole day! :) I just hope more terrorists enlist before the war ends, so the world gets cleaner of such trash.


And what about Sukhnah, Qaryatayn and north Hama situation? Does that make u happy?


CERTAINLY ! SUKHNAH IS CLEAR, and all ragheads fucked in their butts. Qaryatayn IS going to be CLEAR, and all terrorists will be in HELL. North Hama is a mere distraction, while MAYADIN (the REAL strategic point) is falling… Hhahahahaha. Suck me you idiot. NOTHING CAN FACE THE RUSSIANS.


Soon these fronts will end in victory for the SAA. Real soon.


Mayadeen bridge still functional?

Lone Wolf

I may be wrong … but I thought I saw pics of that bridge being destroyed … most probably by US air strike before ….

John Whitehot

yeah sure, show us the pics.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Let’s hope the claim of the Boqurs Tahtani area are true that would make a great way to flank from that side of the river.


If I were in ISIS right now I’d be getting worse hydrophobia than a rabid dog

andy l

I think the US destroyed all bridges over the Euphrates. Heres a link saying the Al Mayadin bridge was taken out along with others. https://www.geopolitica.ru/en/news/us-bombing-bridges-deir-ezzur-stop-syrian-army

John Whitehot

fuming heap of zio propaganda masked by russian analysis.

sites like that have popped up like mushrooms in the latest months.

Jens Holm

Well, there has been several bombardments before and well descriebed. Those are all older then latests month.

Just masking them as You do doest make those facts go away. Bridges blown away or almost has been like that for a long time and are normal warfare procedure. Sometimes some are left and used for traffic control.

You might take Your own masking away or at least open an eay a little. Its well known many beidges has been blown away.

John Whitehot

that the USAF was bombarding Syrian infrastructure since the start, in 2014/15, is beyond doubt.

What s**ks is trying to imply that the USAF actively performs missions against the SAA currently, in autumn 2017, to prevent them from eradicating the wahabist cancer.

This implication has been made by you and other tr.. pardon, users, and is one of the cornerstones of the current zionist propaganda worldwide

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Think it was alleged to be bombed by the US on the September 27th, this just shows the US is pulling out all the stops besides they can build a bridge in no time. Today is Putin’s Birthday he turned 65 , don’t think anything is going to ruin his birthday.

John Whitehot

alleged by who?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Jens posted a picture in the Russian Aerospace Force article, not sure if it’s the correct bridge, but easy to cross as there is an island underneath it.

John Whitehot

Jens lies as usual: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6c4b42a18e443e17a5b7f42a99d4a4866aa30d2ae8d56ab0317f49083fec0be1.jpg

this is a pic from Google Earth dated 9/September/2016 that shows this bridge already hit exactly like in the pic he provided.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Like I said an easy fix, just break the rails one side and build alongside and the repair can be done easily to fix it permanent later. The supports are still there so within a week in it can be repaired permanently.

John Whitehot

yep but i wanted to underline the possible propaganda pointing at the US bombing bridges while they arent bombing them, which seems aimed at claiming that the US attacks Syrian forces, so to undermine the morale of Syrians and possibly a couple other things too.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

True it can be very misleading as there is always a lot of trolls trying to make everything sound worse than it actually is. Still glad there was no other major damage to the bridge, just that one section shouldn’t take long to build a detour until they make a full repair these Russians are good engineers.

Jens Holm

According to him its and old pic. It might be true. If so the bridge today is worse or gone.

I just copied the pic and didnt look for age. I was happy for having a pic of it at all.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

It’s from when they were bombing all the bridges in 2016, the article is last years in katehon.com , nothing you would read too critical of the situation. They use the cross within a circle a Teutonic symbol.

Jens Holm

Ok, but I didnt see any cross on my. I asked google for a Maydeen artcle for bridge and they gave me the new article and that pick.

http://sn4hr.org/blog/2016/09/27/international-coalition-forces-targeted-al-mayadeen-bridge-deir-ez-zour-governorate-september-27/ http://syriadirect.org/news/us-led-coalition-destroys-two-bridges-in-is-held-deir-e-zor-leaving-civilians-in-the-lurch/http://www.syrianobserver.com/EN/News/31715/US_Coalition_Strikes_Destroy_Bridges_Deir_Zorhttp://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?501767-A-holes!-US-bombs-(another)-Deir-Ezzor-Bridge-(again)


That is the max condition of the Maydeen last year. After that it has been hit again, so it should be worse.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Crosses aren’t Nazi symbols they have misappropriated them just as they took the symbol for their Fascism from the Chinese and Asians as it is a symbol of good luck predating any Nazi or Zionists use.

Jens Holm


John Whitehot

so you asked google. I’d stay clear of that dude, he’s a known liar and opportunist.

Jens Holm

Yours are manipulation too. Fx SDF has been blamed they hardly fight at Khabur river. Thats mainly Assdads and Erdogans screeming and shouting that.

If so, its obvios those many lacking troops cross the river at Maydeen for Sukna reinforcements. Isnt it. So the russians have use of it.

You can indicate that by hard airstrikes by USSR at ferrycrossings at least twice killing many people whenever they were civilians not reaching the SDF lines by that or troops.

You might use a less selective filter next time.

John Whitehot

I don’t understand 3/4 of what you wrote, but one thing’s for sure, I don’t manipulate nothing. I also remember you reppin for “Turkish FSA” some months ago while your favor seems to fall with the SDF now – that would clearly indicate which side your hailing from – the one that “Assad must go” at all costs – the same that were hoping ISIS and Nusra to reach Damascus and put up sharia-law.

Jens Holm

My favours has never been like that at all. Im able to divide things and fx take out the diffrent armies and see if they are dooing their jobs well or not. When I see good things I mainly says – Yes, well done. I they are low and ineffective I study that and in the same way evaluate the results. Winning isnt enough for me, because when You loose to much equipment and too many soldiers, You win a battle, but can loose the whole war having nothing left or being low.

War is very expensive. ……………………………………

So I might have commented FSA positive if they have done a good job. Some of their troops actually has done that during years. I also explain things neutral. FSA I have written several times, that because Bathistas systematicly has killed all opposition, the only one left is the ones, which are not afraid of torture, jail and death.

Who is that. Thats the Jihadists or most of them. And which struckture do they have. Well Your 3 written main things in Islam. Those do work. Dont they. I can see that. So I dont support Jihadisme by that. I explain why they use it and why they have succes and dont give up. ………………………………………

I dont expect You to follow me. Many many are writing here. But I have all the time supported peacefull solutions in the “Kurdish World” and those, which can give a realistic way to it. ………………………………………

To me The Great big Kurdistan is out. The Barzani one state only with kurds from Afrin to Sulaimania is out. Any unification of Kurds in Syria and Iraq is not possible, even if Kurds was a big minority in northern Syria. They are not. You cant deport more then 2 mio. others or give them no influence.

Where do You see that: Well, Old Syria or AKP. If they do the same, they are not better then them and more like kind of worse making major rule. …………………………………….

So the Syrian/Kurd solution most be joining all others, where they want more influense and share it with them. That also say the Damaskus top running eben in very important matters has to be, where people are and those people also learn to be no sheep anymore.

They get the power and the gains of it, but all of them also are responsible for it. You cant blame Damaskus for, whats Yours.

Damáskus only give help to the upper-upper things, which is practible and sensible by that, where You share same solutions. It could be the well known oilprodution, electricity, water cleaning and a modernized irrigation and agriculture system, it could be parts of themain roads.

Its also the face to the reast of the world. Parts of the trade selling the same products by being known for fine quality and being known at all. It could be diplomats. It could be the same tax at all borderline and fx no tax at the intern borderlines unless You have diffrent taxes. ………………………………………………….

Here the PYD socialism give much higher taxes. Thats to pay for free and more education and also secure all old people a good life or at least they have a room, food, clothe ,water and a little extra for free for TV, Internet, chocolate or if they smoke.

You therefore cant use people from the low tax zone to work in the high tax zone. Then there wont come money in to the retired. ………………………………

And thats the next. The Counsils represent all not only party members of Baathistas or fx PYD. All has a vote from fx 18 y.o. all has equel right and jobs are paid by hours after education, skills and hard work – NOT by FAMILY RELATIONS. Those are unfair for talent and also reward lousy ones.

If You want to improve a state or a region money and honor and respect is for what You do and not for babling and mingling a lot with Your old people, so they give You a car and none others are rewarded or rewarded by a bicycle or women only with som flowers and chocolate.

John Whitehot

appreciate the text wall, but I labor to get any point. I understand the support of “doing things the right way”, but in general, jihadists don’t do things that way, no matter what western, israeli or saudi media say.

And kurds? they became like jihadists. Opportunism isn’t the way to do the good of your people. The greatest opportunists will also be the last to fall and to fall most miserably.

Everybody must be prepared to sacrifice something for the good of the most.

Jens Holm

But Kurds and SDF do “sacrifice” something but as an investment. They have plans for most religion is replaced with something better, which can unite their are and is named as sekularism.

An opportunism is grapping the moment. I like fx strawberry. What do You prefare – green or rotten. Thats not steeling but be active and take them, when they are there.

Peshmerga in Iraq are almost famous for their warfare and SDF has done the same. They advance till they meet resistance and try too keep it by deep defence- retreat-advance. But they also has the knife. The last was reaching DEZ suburbs fast. Did ISIS stop them. No some morons of SAA with artillery.

You forget Von Clausewitch, Molkthe, Israel, USA and others win wars by that.

They go in where the enemy is week or cut and go round.

Look how strong the russian army in the DEZ region is. They are tradition, when its worst. Its based on a toal different enemy and something like – If we are 10000 and the enemy is 800, we win because we will have 200 or a little more left.

Its very analoge compared to digital and small dots of SDF sudenly are like Zips.

And they have known the risks all the time and are riskcalculating all the time. They do mistake. A big one could be YPG alone trying to take Al Bab.

John Whitehot

“Look how strong the russian army in the DEZ region is. They are tradition, when its worst. Its based on a toal different enemy and something like – If we are 10000 and the enemy is 800, we win because we will have 200 or a little more left”

that’s the typical western mil-media propaganda stereotype that couldn’t be more wrong. And they know it, but don’t want their mil-buffs to get doubts, god forbid.

Jens Holm

Dont call me a lier. I bring an articel from a totally fresh article. And if its given extra explosives sept 27 doesnt matter.

WHAT MATTERS is if its intact for vehicle transport. That was what it was about to me and people asking wondering. All knows those bridges has been striked more then once. I add: None bombarde a bridge once again if it already totally out of order. So it wasnt until sept 27.

A minimum from before that could be people on foot such as soldiers could pass without swimming.

John Whitehot

I didnt call you a liar for saying the bridge is damaged, but for saying that yanks brought it down in these latest days.

I don’t know if it’s you that started that particular racket here, but take a look around the web and you’ll see lot of folks stating that the USAF is CURRENTLY bombing bridges to stop the SAA.


Doesn’t seem too bad! Still very usable id say!

Jens Holm

I did.

Jens Holm

I got a sept 27 pic. I dont know who did it. Im sure they only can transport very light tanks over it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/89cac86808bd26541ddd34f69e66e3f21b30358c3d79dadf0b34d5aeed280507.jpg

I saw it in for me random article, so I dont know who did it. Some persons might say the ususal stuff like USA did it to prevent SAA to take it. Well SAA is hardly there – Russians, Hebollah and Iran are and by that might be the oilgrabbers as the 3 Mosqeteers og Mullah Omar.

samo war


John Whitehot



Russians are recoverig, at the moment they are killing 180 rats per day, the previous days average was 150. The top performance was the 20 of september with 850 big rats in 24 hours. Force Russia.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That attack on September 19th was Russian and Syrian Alliance at work.


SAA has been advancing to Mayadin very rapidly, bypassing the river valley. Well done.

Now, if it has to mean anything, they will have to advance towards the river and there seem to be heavy, and partially successfull, counterattacks.

SAA is at the moment not even close to an bridging site and likely do not have pontoonelements available unless they de-install the existing bridge.

Given building time of two days, they are at least some four, minimum, days away from a functioning bridge.

By that time, SDF will have taken Omar fields.

Both sides well done.

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