Military Situation In Syria’s Afrin On February 2, 2018 (Map Update)


The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured the town of Bulbul and the villages of Ali Kar, Za’ra and al-Ham from Kurdish YPG forces in the area of Afrin. However, the TAF and the FSA failed to secure the area of Hemame into which they had entered earlier.

Military Situation In Syria's Afrin On February 2, 2018 (Map Update)

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  • Promitheas Apollonious

    at the pace they go, I am sure the turks by the year 2080 will be reaching the outskirts of Afrin…. if they still exist that is.

    • Barba_Papa

      I can live with that. Can you? ;-)

    • dutchnational

      Believe the Turks killing 10% of the defenders in two weeks? By the end of february, mid march, acc to Turkish info there are hardly any defenders left.So acc to their propaganda, TSK will take the region at the latest in april after killing each and any defender. Right?

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        well wishing and reality, never go hand in hand. What the turks manage to do is take a small piece close to their borders. If they make the mistake and they will, to attempt crossing the mountain range towards Afrin it will also be their last mistake. Luring the enemy into your battle ground of your choice is an art of war.

        And no I believe nothing turks are saying.

        • dutchnational

          To a certain extent any side will use news for propaganda. This goes also for SDF. As for Turkey, the extent is such it is not propaganda anymore, it is plain lying and fake news.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            I don’t disagree. But then one of the strongest psychological weapon in war it is propaganda and lies, that is the only base for propaganda, after all. Is just the turks been too limited in brain power especially the one that leads them and give them the line, to follow, does tent to go overboard in this area. It happens to all who seem to live an illusion, in a make up, believe world.

          • underocntr

            Its really funny hearing these things from a Greek. What did you served to world in last 100 years? Nothing is the true answer.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            I am sure you trying to say something, just did not understand what you mean to say. Try again and be more coherent this time.

        • Eric Holt

          You are correct about luring into own war zone. The kurds are not stupid. The FSA could never beat ISIS yet they are supposedly winning all this ground??? Turkey forgets how many kurds and how widely distributed there actually are and I think they are not looking at what the repositioning and such that the kurds did actually was. Reinforcements are moving! The kurds havent started to dish out yet. They approach this cautiously. Its not like the kurds havent faced tanks before. They actually have a few of there own and in time, they will also turn up. Turkey can capture and hold areas adjacent to the border where they can flood them with forces to hold them, but venturing further in is thinning the crop and going to get harvested well and good at end of day. Already happened a few times already. Now I am betting, the moment the kurds take an upper hand…Assaids will interject and help curds in order to teach turkey a lesson. he is a little cautious at moment and also tied up in other areas. Things will then take a real turn for the worst when america runs out of excuses and actually targets turks from its two carrier groups offshore simply because turks moved on american personel. Turks will never win this. Turkey wants all the land the kurds with american help are holding, 1/3rd of all syria actually, to be under its control with the fsa. This is not an intervention…its a full blown invasion to control the outcomes of syrias war. Most of this FSA have at one time or another in this war been fighting alongside ISIS. I think turkey is why isis has been able to hold out so long, now.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            you think right is how I see it as well, more or less.

          • underocntr

            Come on. Its a country versus an organization. YPG, PYD and PKK can hurt Turkey by killing Turkish soldiers. But they have no chance to keep Afrin. Its strategy. Turkey has no only tanks and UAVs and even armed UAVs.

        • Timur Atalay

          You didn’t get it, did you? Turkey is not worried about territorial gain! We’re counting heads! We’re after the skulls! We’ll finish all the terrorists deployed by the Americans! whether they belong to PKK or ISIS or call themselves by any other name!

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            I got it c ouch and keyboard warrior. For the moment the heads you are counting is of your own. And last I checked isis was and is your partners. But then you come here and prove your name turk (donkey) in such a clarifying way as well your ignorance of reality.

          • Anony Mouse

            You can talk tough, but this campaign so far has been a total failure. You’ve captured a couple of villages and hilltops. Sultan Erdogan said Afrin would be captured in one week!

            Meanwhile, 5 Turkish soldiers got cooked today in a tank near Bulbul, with many more to come…

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


    • Timur Atalay

      At least 400 kills and 600 wounded, absconders etc.
      make 1000 out of action a week! After 10 weeks 10 thousand out of
      action! And between week 10 to week 20 at least 2 thousand a week out of
      action makes another 20 thousand! In 20 weeks 30 thousand out of
      auction! No worries, no problems! Everything is under control! You can
      light your cigar!

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        day dreaming and reality is not the same. In the mean time back to earth, you are having your ass kicked and we are laughing but not lighting a cigar.

  • Merijn
    • You can call me Al

      Yep, very interesting, thanks for the link.

      I only glanced through it, so I’ll have a full read in a mo.

      • Merijn

        You are welcome my Friend

        • Your quoted link – the piece from “neo,” suffers the same blind spot as is consistently on display in ALL of these putative assessments – a total blackout of any mention of the role of srael in every aspect of the muddled eastern developments which they pretend to ‘analyse.’

          As a result, not only are such pieces from far away authors such as Salman Rafi Sheik inaccurate – they also leave the reader with no insight into the dynamics at play.
          “Turkey has new & powerful allies” says the subheader in his piece.

          Yes, it does. Apparently he is shy to mention who they might be!

          • Merijn

            Perhaps you are right….. but many people trying to get all dots connected every bit of information or obvious facts from the field…. will bring down Emperors that want to rule us….. and I bet we don’t want to be ruled by anyone those days are over. Common people are the ones that have dug up all the gold, they build everything, from bridges to houses, teachers teach kids…. we don’t need rulers to make us do these things. My point is more: why do the common (poor) people fight eachother? That is because rulers make’m fight eachother with treacherous games & lies. I prefer to shake hands and change things…… otherwise we are on a dead end street…… and follow the suicidal AngloZionistic course of self-destruction….. the choice is up to humanity…..

  • dutchnational

    It seems that SF largely takes its info from Daily Sabah, Yeni Safak and other Turkish propaganda media.

    ANF disclaims thse reports and states clearly that Bulbul district has not been taken by TSK and Hamman still under SDF control.

    One can be sure that Turkish media are overstating gainst and inflicted lossess and understating setbacks and their own lossess.

    As Turkey claims to have killed some, by now, almost 900 “terrorists” they would have killed about 10% of the alleged defenders of the region. One could expect in a regular battle that defenders would collapse if losing some 10% of their total force, which should mean over 50% of the fighters of the actual fronts.

    This clearly demonstrates one cannot trust Turkish reporting. No surprise there.

    • Merijn

      Did you read the article…..? Because in fact this is the game that is being played. The Opponents of the big zionistic empire know very well how to play this game almost checkmate….. so sweet……. they are a lot smarter and more profound than the headchopping lying numbnuts…..and deserve to win from the Lying Western Snakesssss……besides that I’m Full Blooded Dutch too so I know what I am talkin’ about…..Rutte with his smooth smile…… hehehe

    • Dutch, your disdain for my ‘anti-semitic'[sic] politics is blinding you to the fact that I have consistently provided the best, most incisive interpretations of events from the Turkish side of the fence… for going on two years now.
      Old platform ending… new one begun.

  • dutchnational

    How correct is Turkish propaganda, as reported by SF :
    Gilgo Robespierre

    2h2 hours ago
    Kurdish resistance forces in Bilbile village whom Turkish media, Turkish army, jihadis and their twitter cheerleaders declared under control yesterday.

  • dutchnational

    Gilgo Robespierre‏
    Follow Follow @PapaGilgo
    Turkey’s proxy jihadis break into a civilian house in Afrin, insult and threaten to kill him, insist he is with YPG, then force him to read some islamic prayers.

    TSK jihadis attacking civilians

  • Hide Behind

    WTF do you expect Turks to say, “Ah we ain’t hardly killing the enemy, they are killing hundreds of our troops, destroying our vehicles, but we are winning worthless wastelands?
    In war truth is gone, and remember all of Europe and Israel/US are in states of permanent continuous war, one has to read or observe reports no matter the source, dig outside mainstream for tell tale movements on geopolitical actuality, and decide for oneself the truth. No damn good just yelling religious, political, and only military gore dogmas, that carry no real weight or reality.
    I trust that most responders are above the norm in ability to find those truths no matter the barrage of propaganda B’S thrown at them.
    We know Kurds are dying and looking territory. And why nut pick about nu.bers of dead, they are dead wether a hundred or a thousand, there are thousands more replacements just waiting to kill and die.