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Military Situation In Syria’s Afrin Area On January 30, 2018 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in the Syrian area of Afrin. The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are now advancing on positions of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) northeast of the city of Afrin. According to pro-Kurdish sources, the TAF and the FSA are now working to consolidate their gains along the Turkish-Syrian border northeast of Afrin and to link the villages, which they had captured.

Military Situation In Syria's Afrin Area On January 30, 2018 (Map Update)

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Turkey: long time expert in setting up “Islamic” terrorist organizations, SDF: Zinonist mercenaries. Both shameless and for sure doomed.


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Wars of this age are weird.People are killing people whom they have never seen.There is only one enemy yet you can never see it on the battlefield.

Angelo Cinarelli

Incredible, I can not believe that the Kurds are American allies. But do the Kurds know that Ocalan was arrested in Kenya thanks to the CIA and then consigned to the Turks? Do the Kurds know this? Then the Americans allied with Kurdish fighters of Communist ideology. But do Americans know that YPG and YPJ are Communist ideologies? Does the American people know this? AH I understood why. Because for Americans the most inportant thing is sell their damn weapons. Nice. This is why on the back of their dollar they have written: IN GOD WE TRUST. SHAME YOU AMERICAN!!


America never cared for the Kurds.It used them against Saddam and Kurds bled in Halabja.Now another decade same story.But from the Kurdish point of view,they didn’t have much alternative on their way to have their own country.

Angelo Cinarelli

you are right. I would like to see the Curds in its land in peace but the American are using the Curds just because they wanna stay in Syria. The Curds Do not know this.


Ocalan was hunted down in Africa and kidnapped by the Mossad, not the CIA. They delivered Ocalan to turkey by plane. It was not authorized by Kenya, they knew nothing.

Angelo Cinarelli

Ocalan was arrested by American CIA. 100% SURE. I cant tell you more. Bye


Yeah its paradox. In the cold war all communists were bad and US didnt want a communist terror state at its border (cuba). Now they are supporting communist terrorists at turkeys border their long time ally who sided with them against communists. Now they expect turkey to stay silent, whereas they nealry started a nuclear war with russia about the cuba crisis. They were willing to destroy the whole world because of cuba. This is american hypocricy at its fineat!


Look at the map holy fuck. Is there anything other than mountains in Afrin?


And the American troops, got to make are boys are safe from these cockroach turkish!


US SOF are illegally occupying north east Syria – they have no international remit to be there.


If you want to deceive people and try to trick them into believing that you are american (and definitly not kurdiah;) and support the “kurdish cause” for obvious propaganda reasons. Then learn some proper english first. The profile image wont make you appear as an american, when your english is broke like the one of a kurd.

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