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JUNE 2021

Military Situation In Syria’s Afrin Area On January 1, 2018 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in the Syrian area of Afrin where Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch against Kurdish militias is ongoing.

According to the Turkish General Staff, at least 78 Kurdish fighters have been neutralized in the area over the past 24 hours. The Turkish military claims that at least 790 ‘terrorists’ have been neutralized since the start of the operation. The number is still unconfirmed by photo or video evidences.

In turn, pro-Kurdish sources say that at least 47 civilians have been killed and 76 have been wounded as a result of Turkish military strikes in the area so far.

Military Situation In Syria's Afrin Area On January 1, 2018 (Map Update)

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Syria insider

It will be a slow and bloody battle for both sides. It will becomment image a stalemate just like the Manbij crisis in the previous year because of Russian intervention or a lack of communication between the FSA and Turkish military.


Think you got it wrong as FSA has started to disengage.

andrew pheony


Mihai Dumitru Ignea

It is February 1, just a mistake…


I have thought from the beginning that, given the volatility of the region, a long campaign by turks in Afrin was likely to collapse before the region was completely taken.

Causes could be TFSA disengaging because of internal strife or too high lossess, developments within Turkey or a crises with either or all of Syria, Iran, Russia or the US. and that likely this fight would cause both Idlib to fall to Assad and TFSA largely wiped out.

It seems that the population of Idlib are in agreement with that last part and yesterday there were large demonstrations against TFSA there, where the people demanded fighters return to Idlib to fight against Assad and not against kurds that never attacked them while Assad does.

In response, as AMN – pro Assad – noted, at least TFSA forces have started disengaging from Afrin, travelling southward or back to Turkey.

One can assume they take at least a large part of their materiel with them.

This will mean that at least some of the pressure on Afrin will be gone and we will have to see how many of TFSA will back off and whether this will give SDF enough of a boost to kick out turks from their incursions.

At the least it will mean that TSK will have to do more of its own fighting and their lossess will increase rapidly.

Deo Cass

The only false claim in this narrative is that the people of Idleb want the foreign terrorists of FSA back to fight their Syrian government forces. On the contrary, the people are protesting to urge the Syrian government forces to liberate them from these foreign mercenary scum who have invaded their land and kept them hostage for so long. In fact, the Idleb campaign would never have succeeded were it not for the active support of the Idleb inhabitants who are providing the Syrian govenment forces with valuable information about the troop movements of these Zionist terrorists posing as Islamists.


Possible. I have repeated the words of AMN and I do not see any reason why AMN would be misinformed about this as they are pro Assad themselves. One must not forget many of the civillians there are refugees that either fled for Assad or for bombings and shellings in general. It may well be some people are completely fed up with all the violence and just want it all to end.

Imo the general population now deserves to be given rest, peace and reconstruction. I can imagine many have lost their appetite to all sides in this conflict and imo there are no real winners, only differences in level of lossess. The only party to have gained at least a bit are the kurds that have, at least for the moment, gained some measure of autonomy, but at high cost.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Patently false statement with claims of TFSA being required back to fight Assad. The protesting as it was stated only as being against a southern front by the IDP in the region. That would have been a field day of media if they tried to do anything to start a front.

The Groups were ordered to withdraw to slow down the advance of the SAA as all attacks have of theirs have been lightning advances. Turkish assessment has SAA actually being in the rear of the HTS/FSA and TFSA by the end of February. This doesn’t look good for the Turks if their proxies would attack the SAA, they wouldn’t be able to help them and would have to withdraw, which they will be forced to do anyways.

The Russians and Syria Govt play the long game and you can only do so much in this situation, as the original idea was to split the SAA an launch terrorist attacks by ISIS in At Tanf and from North Eastern Syria and Jordan with IDF coming from the Golan.

Sometimes things just never work out the way they are intended.


What kind of stuff are you smoking ? Is that what YPG propaganda told you ? Is the disengaging of FSA what YPG kurds are nowadays hoping for, brcause they are such a pathetic fighting force and are losing every battle despite 5 years of preperation ?


did you watch the video released by Turkey showing a tank firing dozens of rounds against 2 immortal Kurds that just didnt want to leave the place?


Well I only know these:

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