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JUNE 2021

Military Situation In Syria’s Afrin Area On February 7, 2018 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in the Afrin area on February 7, 2018. The most intense clashes between Turkish forces and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) were reported in Haj Bilal and Shaykh Khurus.

Military Situation In Syria's Afrin Area On February 7, 2018 (Map Update)

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So why does SF not report that turks lost both mentioned fights, SDF even capturing a turk tank, destroying some, taking the village and surrounding and killing many invaders? See youtube?


Because SF is not a media wing of the YPG – it is not a clearing house for every media snippet released by YPG.

Bill Wilson

Because they cater to these whack jobs with hopes they’ll provide monetary donations to run their website.


Who are ‘they’ catering to exactly?


The Turks must be waiting for something. Or they’re not doing that operation correctly.

Deo Cass

They’re doing nothing in Afrin and everything in Southern Aleppo and Idleb against the Syrian government forces.


So the question to be asked is, why does Assad let them do this?


He is busy with killing and clearing other areas.

After all let the Kurds and Turks kill each other. He can wait


These other areas got filled up with the turkish Führers al-xy-bullies. Hope he didn´t misjudge…

azad ahoramazda

Turks are not waiting for anything. They are fighting really hard and that’s all they can do abt it. Kurdish ypg are very determined in their fight. They will not be defeeted so easily. They are gonna give turks and their fsa jihadists the same lesson they gave isis.
God bless ypg
God bless kurdistan
God bless humanity

Bill Wilson

Inept leadership on Turkey’s part. Erdogan purged his military of experienced officers and generals so probably is surrounded with yes men that will go along with any fool idea he comes up with.


And that´s the way we like it! ahaha… ;-)


They are mostly using proxy forces (FSA) and the Kurds seem to be dug into tunnels based on captured areas so far, so the air and artillary support will only be of limited benefit.

Theyre also having to be sensitive to extreme bias in the western media and keep civilian casualties down to a minimum – especially against a militia army that has frequently claimed its dead fighters (including child soldiers) are civilians.


YPG and child soldiers? Come on…



The have been notorious for it over the years – often taking children without parents consent, for example


This scum have been polluting our cities for decades – almost every ounce of heroin sold in Europe is sourced by Kurdish groups – and we laud them as heroes.

Deo Cass

Come on guys open your eyes! This so called ‘Olive Branch’ operation has nothing to do with the Kurds or Afrin and all to do with protecting Turkish supported al-Qaida terrorists in Southern Aleppo and Idleb. All the rest is simply deception and hollywood drama to cover the true intentions of the Turkish invasion of Syria. This is ‘Plan B’ in the making with the US invading all of the North East of Syria and Turkey the North West as planned. Of course to make it look real they might kill some civilians and PKK fighters for P.R. purposes since for the Zio/NAZI tyranny civilians are expendible.


Exactly, just look at the bottom of the map – every day the Turkish salient expands, from Atmeh to Anadan, their allies HTS already straddle one main route out of Aleppo city north, pretty soon Turkish battlegroups, re-inforced day by day will be poised to attack Sheikh Maqsud or even west Aleppo itself. This has been in the planning for years, battles in Afrin are just diversionary skirmishes so far, if Turkey really intended to sweep thru Afrin they would have advanced west from their bases at Marea, Kal Jibrin to Tal Rifaat. I say again look at the map.


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Only the turks are free to attack the kurds seeking to steal land and resources from syria. Do you have a better alternative how to strangle those armed punk kurds to force them on a debate table?

No u dont. Than just sit back and think.
What did the syrian government gain from the turkish move? A lot.
Idlib is collapsing the us is again sellling the kurds out and nato is cracking.
Kurds are being forced more and more to talk and negociate with the syrian government.

Pls at least think before you write anything. Ofcourse after the kurda are done the syrian government has to face turkish backed jihadis but its much better to face them rather the us backed punk kurds.


It is too early to say what the final outcome would be.

SAA has to finish their main focus on terrorists in other areas first.
Let the Kurds and Turks fight it out .. either way , Assad would know now to handle with it given his allies are far stronger.

Just do not think any country can take any territory from Assad the great LOL….
Not the US nor Turkey .

Note the Russians have reinforce with S400s and soldiers.
Something is going to happen soon.


It’s plausible that you are correct – in some aspects. ‘Right’ because Turkey has always sponsored terrorists in an ongoing bid to overthrow Assad; ‘Right’ because Ergogan talks from both sides of his face as the cliche goes “have cake and eat it too” applies; ‘Right’ because they have yet to acknowledge the sovereign government of Syria and acts if there is no government to respect; “Right’ because Turkey is a NATO stooge implanted to disrupt any peace process; ‘Right’ because he feels immune to Russia and Iran confronting him about his clear intentions. That combined with the well known intention to recreate a neo-ottoman empire is no secret. Yes, “eyes” should be open – at least to have the guts to acknowledge that the enemy is embedded in the peace process. Lastly, Russia should know something (and better) as Putin shuttles between Turkey, Iran, Syria and Israel and seems to be begging for an affirmative recognition from the the American empire in the form of dividing the spoils.

Epsilon Eridani

I dont understand why Turkish Army did not firstly cut the supply line between Afrin and the SAA held norther aleppo countryside in the direction of tel rifat?


That would have appeared as act of direct war against the Syrian state – with implication of Turkish ambitions to annex Afrin and brought TAF/TFSA dangerously close to Aleppo city. Given the longstanding Syrian-Turkish issues over Hatay – which is arguably Syrian territory in Turkish state – that was not a good strategic idea.

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