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Military Situation In Syria’s Afrin Area On February 6, 2018 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in the Syrian area of Afrin, which is a target of Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch. The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) are aiming to defeat Kurdish militais (mostly the YPG and the YPJ) operating in the area. However, they have achieved only limited gains so far.

Overnight on February 6, a large column of YPG and YBS fighters reportedly arrived Afrin through the government-held area east of Aleppo. The column allegedly included over 1,500 people. [Some sourcecs said that up to 5,000] These reinforcements may mark an important shift in the military situation in the area.

The isolation of Afrin was one of the key advantages of the TAF and the FSA over the YPG. Now, they may lost it.

Military Situation In Syria's Afrin Area On February 6, 2018 (Map Update)

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Several of the villages marked as occupied by TSK on this map have been declared either retaken by SDF or not taken at all but attacked with attack having been repelled.

Seems this map is overly optimistic as far as TSK progress in concerned.


The border between Afrin and Turkey is 155km long. We have secured 115 km of it and entered Afrin at 10 km inside. in 18 days. That means every day we are proceeding 20 km at least. thats good in military term. at least 1000 pkk has been killed the ammount of wounded is way more. only 13 Turkish military has been killed and 81 light injured. FSA have 36 death and 160 light wounded. Within few days the entire border with turkey will be secured. The hills and mountains will ve secured than we will proceed way faster till Afrin city centrum.


Simpel arithmatic : 115 kms by 10 kms is 1.150 kms is 50% of Afrin (some 2.400 kms2) while guestimates say TSK forces only took some 3.5% or less than than 90kms2.

So your calculus is off by 1300% (base 90kms2) or 92%, (base 1.150kms2) depending on the base of your calculus.

SHOR reports less than 100 SDF forces and over 100 for TSK and TSF.

Seems you read to much Yeni Safak and Daily Sabah. Better not read turkish state propaganda or at least be so smart as not to repeat it outside of Turkey.


no you idiot. in length is 150 km. Afrin is 40 km by 40 km 1600 square km


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Deo Cass

The so callled ‘Operation Olive Branch’ has nothing to do with the Kurds and all to do with confronting the Syrian government forces and preventing them from liberating Idleb and the rest of Aleppo from the al-Qaida HTS terrorists and their allied so called FSA. This invasion and occupation of Syria by the Zionist Turkish forces is co-ordinated with the US and is exactly the execution of the so called ‘Plan B’ devised in 2015 by the Zionist colonial imperialist terror coalition. Kurds are simply a cover and a smoke screen.


Might even be correct but, somehow, I think that YPG being kurdish was the cherry on the pie in the decision to attack Afrin.

It might well be that the ultimate goal is to take Aleppo city and countryside. Latakia might be nice too as there are supposed to be large natural gas fields near the coast.


Zionist Turkish forces? OMG…


I think Turkey is trying to draw Kurdish fighters into Afrin from other parts of Syria with the goal of degrading their fighting forces there where they can use local Sunni militant groups as cannon fodder–essentially–to attack the Kurds. I would suspect that now that potentially 5000 Kurds have shown up that Turkey will increase military activity and perhaps launch a strike to attack them.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Sorry but Turkey is losing as they made a false claim of CW attack nothing new for NATO groups when they lose and yet no photos to back it up. Turkey like assumed is over it’s head and militarily inept and advances are slowed or repelled as fighting is still ongoing in most areas. The SAA has taken 300 km2 in less than 24 hours , what can be said of Turkey and it’s allies.

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